Soon after, it was said that Zheng Dan arranged the first move to replace Guanyin’s siege of Zizhulin in the South China Sea and was replaced by Zheng Dan of Cihang blade master.

Then, on the journey to the West, I met the powerful people from all walks of life, but the bodhi ancestors cleaned up Sakyamuni through Sun Wu, and all the forces were the first generation.
In the past, Sun Wu was caught in an alchemy furnace by the old gentleman, but refining was a tacit understanding between the bodhi old zu and the old gentleman, and the old gentleman was the old three laws. Isn’t it easy to refine Sun Wu?
Tailaojun, the first group of the second generation cooperated with Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva to dig out the people who lurked in the first generation one by one by going west to learn from the scriptures.
Halfway through, Sakyamuni seemed to perceive Sun Wu’s abnormality.
So Sakyamuni sent liu er macaques to disrupt the audition and beat it upside down. No one could tell the difference until it reached the tenth floor of hell.
However, Tibet has also been oppressed by Sakyamuni, and I dare not say if I listen carefully, but this is superficial, but bodhi old zu has already joined Tibet.
Liu er macaque and Sun Wu killed all the way to Da Lei Yin Temple.
Sakyamuni trapped Sun Wu and killed liu er macaques.
Liu er macaques killed Sun Wu and swallowed Sun Wu, pretending that Sun Wu continued to learn from the scriptures.
A game of the first and second ages continues.
Sakyamuni has everything under control. Don’t you know that liu er macaque and Sun Wuyuan are one person?
The outcome of this battle is not expected.
Niu Mowang and the lion camel king also entered the human world, and Sun Wu, the demon king, became sworn, which was also part of the arrangement of bodhi old zu.
This conspiracy war is too complicated and needs to be designed slowly, so I won’t elaborate on it.
Get the first Armageddon of Heaven at the moment of the Western Classics, and finally win the final outcome of Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva.
Now recapture the holy land of Lingshan
Jiang Tathagata once again became a giant in the underworld, and hades regained the throne and unified the foreign continent after a hard time.
At the moment, many dissenting Confucian, Yellow Emperor, Ying Long Tianjun and Jiang Tai are fighting a big battle.
Chiyou and Huangdi fought again, and finally Qin Huang won. Jiang Tai also took revenge on Jiang Burning Heaven.
At the moment, what Jiang Tai is facing is already a family name. After the Jia Fuxi family and the old Taoism experienced some battles,
Jiang Tai finally turned Buddhism into an equal among the top powers of Buddhism.
A group of religious leaders gathered to form a great tacit understanding. When Buddhism first fought in the first and second dynasties, a group of religious leaders passed through the passage and entered the first period. In the first period, Pluto stirred up the wind and rain, and the witch and demon roads also reached the same height and entered the first period together.
Fuxi, Yandi and Jiangya, who disappeared earlier, are earlier pioneers, and they have been mixed into the first period.
Pluto continued to penetrate the territory, and even in the first period, Pluto was a strong man, and the demon heaven became stronger and stronger.
The underworld gradually became the territory of hades.
And the celestial world fought all the way slowly, and Jiang Rulai and his party defeated the strong in the first period, completely destroying the first period and eliminating hidden dangers. In the first period, many strong people finally took refuge in Pluto.
Tathagata Buddha sits in heaven.
The keeper of heaven sits in the underworld.
The two giants have their own affairs and everything is peaceful.
But at this moment, a channel suddenly appeared, but the tertiary people actually killed the channel.
Moreover, the tertiary period is too fierce, and it is many times stronger than the first period. They want to eliminate hidden dangers and destroy the second period.
The world is in crisis again.
Hades, Tathagata must be united in order to be superior to the tertiary strong.
Then the two BOSS had a big battle, and who was dominant in consciousness?
Very intense
In the end, Pluto chose to sacrifice himself and became a Tathagata.
Then the Tathagata swallowed Hades and defeated the third strong.
However, the passage between the two worlds has become a way for the tertiary world to find a way to reunite.
Hades and Tathagata split up again, and then two people occupied the second period and one occupied the third period. Since then, his wife and children have lived happily on the kang!
Zhenjun, please calm down.
Zhe Zhang Lao Xi
brief introduction
Military strategists have entered the WTO, refined evil spirits, forged sports schools, fought against evil spirits, protected their homes and defended their lives, but they have not repaired their lives. However, Wang Xuan’s soul has worn the realm of repairing the true world, and military strategists can rely on the popularity deduction plate to deduce the military tactics to compete for a chance of survival. Since then, they have stepped on ghost holes, smashed demon nests and cut down mountains and temples
The first chapter is a captain’s deduction of the military way.
In September of the 4th year of Emperor Xianqing of Yan Dynasty.
Bing Zhou Dao Yong ‘an County Town Evil Army House
The fire in the backyard wing is burning red, and the medicine pot is gurgling.
On the bed lay a nine-foot-tall man with a face like a crown jade, with a strong edge and a strong edge.
Is unconscious, eyes closed, chest full of silver needles
In front of the bed, an old man in Tsing Yi Road is leisurely applying needles skillfully.
Two soldiers squatted at the door, their leather armor was worn and rough, and their faces became bitter gourd. From time to time, they looked at the house and their brow was full of worries.