Xiao colchicine still calm sword to resolve the situation.

As soon as they moved their sleeves and opened their mouths, they saw a fire and a black water pointing directly at Xiao Qiushui.
Even if Xiao Qiushui retreats, don’t come; If you jump forward, you will die-then Xiao Qiushui disappeared.
The scholars and couples felt that Xiao Qiushui had disappeared at the moment.
At this moment, Xiao Qiushui hooked his feet on the edge of the rock and "swung" back.
Shili and HuangFuXuan quickly reached into the waist Jin Lan bag.
No matter what weapons they take out and hidden weapons Xiao Qiushui have not given them a second chance.
It was the "broken gold and jade palm" that struck him with his palm. Before they took out their bags, they pressed their foreheads-
But I didn’t take it.
Then Xiao Qiushui floated to the ground outside a somersault, saying, "Let …"
Shi Li and Huang Fuxuan "fortunately" have no face, otherwise their faces must be extremely ugly … The other party defeated them both with one hand.
After a while, it was slightly drizzling, and the scholar said, "Are you … are you the only one?"
Xiao Qiushui doesn’t want to make more killings, but still respectfully tunnel "Xiao Qiushui, the younger generation"
HuangFuXuan still indecision tunnel "you … really not officer gens? … then … then what are you doing here? ……”
Xiao Qiu-shui’s governor is suspicious, so he said, "I don’t know each other with the official clan, but I’m here because my friends and brothers are trying to force your family to capture Huashan … but I’ve met them all the way! Kill to seek self-protection and fight many people … "
Shi Li heard that sigh has always been his wife’s painful tunnel "wrong! Wrong! His lordship is wrong this time!
It is necessary to deal with the hardships of the official people and provoke Xiao Qiushui! "
HuangFuXuan mournfully said, "Master wants to provoke Xiao … Xiao Daxia came out as a’ heroic order of the day’. With this token, King Zhu will help us to recover our home and deal with the official people …"
Shi Li said sadly, "Now deal with a fart! The old enmity has not been settled, but it has provoked strong enmity, which makes people take advantage of it … It’s already done, and where is the support from King Zhu? Fighting by people will fail. Eating by people is an asshole! Dad! How can you be so confused! Isn’t it enough that we have been wrong once? !”
HuangFuXuan tearing her husband sleeve also cried "day-home disaster how not poor …? !”
This can make Xiao Qiushui and Qin Feng Chen’s damn crazy girl stand in the classroom. I don’t know what this "faceless" couple is doing, which always makes four people feel like Zhang Jingang, scratching their heads
Xiao Qiushui earnestly tunnel "two … we are really not official family … what on earth is going on?"
Shi Li resolutely and resolutely said to his wife, who also has no face
"… officer race will come driven and will harm people again? We don’t have to stay here and let dad do his duty to Dongfeng … "
His wife mournful nodded to Xiao Qiushui, "Your friends are trapped in Nanfeng laojunmiao …"
He took a bunch of keys and said, "The place has been guarded by the enemy. You can go in by yourself … I have destroyed the machine there to save lives …"
Xiao Qiushui took the key and everyone else was very happy, but his heart was attracted by the injury of the "faceless" person.
"What is it? ……”
"What’s the family official’s holiday …?"
They all said that Xiao Qiushui sincerely asked, "This friend of Shi Youen’s autumn water is impressed by the five senses, but I have found that someone is following me all the way …"
Words haven’t say that finish ShiLi nervous disease way "is it five people dressed in different colors wearing bamboo hats? !”
Seeing the couple’s body swaying and stepping back three steps, they hissed, "They are coming!"
"Dad is dangerous!"
He was eager to prey on Xiao Qiushui’s potential, and the couple put their bodies in a condensate and looked very hostile. Xiao Qiushui said, "What’s going on …? Please tell me or do your best to help me. "
The couple looked at each other, but they had seen Xiao Qiushui’s kung fu. Huangfuxuan trembled and asked, "You … Are you willing to help us?"
Xiao Qiushui flatly said, "That depends on whether our friend is ill."
HuangFuXuan urgent way "sick … torre tackled them is to force you to come out’ day hero’ … absolutely didn’t hurt them"
Shi Li sighed, "The faces you and I don’t have are not born this way, but easy to operate …"
Xiao Qiushui said quite first, "I can see that, but what is it?"
Tu Li said, "Because we are ashamed and humiliated, and we have not reported our blood and blood, we will swear that we will not be true. People are afraid to ask for death because they hope to make amends and make their homes more powerful."
HuangFuXuan way "this is a blood feud …"
Shi Li said, "If the chivalrous man is willing to help me, I will tell my grandfather that he was defeated by Qiu Muke 20 years ago, that is, he will concentrate on training his disciples to look at my dad … that is, the nickname’ first-line lead’ can revive his family, and my dad will try his best to usurp his family’s uncle … after the poisoning, my family was in full swing at that time … at that time, it was the time when the official family faced genocide by the Tang family …"
Limiting emotion in scholastic tone
"At that time, it was forced by the Tang Clan of Guanwang to kill more than half of the butler’s masters, namely, Guanwang, Guanyu and Guanjinglong, four of whom were Taishan … At that time, they came to take refuge in us and said that two families jointly sought help from their families, but it was not destroyed by Tangmen. At that time, the chief of Guanwang personally came to ask me for my heart’s desire, and A Xuan went to beg Dad to promise … but unexpectedly ..!"
ShiLi sad wordlessly said HuangFuXuan also excited body shaking duo.
"We saved the butler from genocide, but we also offended the Tangmen … At that time, Tang Yaoshun, the first master of Tangmen, defeated my father in the once-in-a-decade family competition in Wulin … and the official family had taken refuge in’ Libang’ at this time and cheated many of us by prying into the wall while the family was depressed … When we found out it was too late, Guan Wang also took people to kill him … At that time, the’ Four Little Unique Skills’ had become the’ Four Great Skills’ in Wulin.
Shi Li trembled with excitement.
"So the family collapsed again, and the officials looked forward to the beast’s face constantly harassing us. They helped us to support us more … We had to take refuge in Zhu Tianwang to protect ourselves, but we offended the help and instigated the official family to destroy my family quickly … This caused the desire to seize the’ Heaven’s Heroic Order’ and ordered the heroes to come to our aid, only to find that Shaoxia became a sacrifice of Zhu Tianwang …"
Xiao Qiushui sighed with regret
"Oh, so that’s it. Then we also suffered from the official family’s profit and the striker broke your position …"
"That’s it, and the officer looks forward to taking it in because our couple recommended it; Therefore, we hate him so much that we know that he is a sinner, and we don’t expect to forgive him for staying alive.
In our family, however, the face is no longer true because of the mask; Real yan to heaven and earth, parents, friends … "
HuangFuXuan sad way "but don’t forgive me at home … so my husband and wife lost their status. From then on, my family disdained my husband and wife to talk and became suspicious. This time, they stuck to Huashan … only handed over the responsibility of guarding the prisoners to us …"
Richard cut way "that should be! Who wants to believe us again? ! Who will believe us? ! ….. We are sorry for the housework, but we can’t stay because knowing the family seems indifferent, but we need manpower badly … We can’t leave! "