"Oh, forget it. You two go to sleep and leave me alone …"

"Ah … oh …" Fu Yuechi was somewhat absent-minded.
"Dad, you also go to bed early and it’s cold at night."
Ching Fung heart said 1 and then Fu Yuechi walked out of the room.
"Sister, what kind of person do you think General Ning is? Are all these people killed by Ning your legend? That’s more than 2,000 lives." Lu Fu Yuechi looked at Ching Fung and asked, "Do you think General Ning is a good person or a bad person?"
"How do I know that I haven’t seen it before?" Fu Qing duct "besides, which one of the generals will kill less, and this time, Qiu Hai and Murenfu deliberately murdered and died."
"So general ning is a good man?" Fu Yuechi looked at Ching Fung’s face with some surprises.
"Well, this …" Ching Fung was puzzled when he thought about it, and then there was a citrus look at Fu Yuechi. "Why do you think that General Ning is a good person or a bad person?"
"Ah … which have …"
Fu Yuechi face a red surprised way Ching Fung is eyes moving at Fu Yuechi this performance that still can’t see what indecision way-
"You don’t like general ning, do you? You’ve never seen anyone before …"
"Who said I saw General Tsening when he went to town?" Fu Yuechi retorted, but when I was joking, I felt that Ching Fung’s eyes turned red and his face turned low. He went to the novel and said, "Sister, I’ll go to bed first. Good night."
"The night is already deep, isn’t the empress going back to the palace?"
On the other side of the general’s court, Ning Caichen was dressed in white and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, staring at De Fei.
"Is General Ning so anxious not to see my body?" German princess is ying ying smile staring at Ning Caichen beautiful eyes like a curved colchicine.
"I am worried that it will be bad for the empress if she stays here for a long time."
"Why is General Ning afraid?" Ning Caichen’s words fall on Princess De, but it seems to be provocative to pick a beautiful eye.
"Are you seducing?" Ning Caichen looked at Debei in front of her eyes and had to say that Debei was very beautiful. No wonder Zhu Ji was fascinated by her. She was in her thirties, but she looked like a young woman in her mid-twenties, with a Chinese robe and a delicate facial features. Liu Yemei’s skin was white and her lips were as delicate as fire. A pair of phoenix eyes had a kind of charm. She was plump and tall, and her breasts seemed to burst, especially her body exuded a belle’s extravagance.
"Do you dare?"
De Fei corners of the mouth a beautiful eyes look at Ning Caichen directly threw a glad eye.
"Lady Wang’s imperial concubine is really attractive." Ning Caichen’s eyes turned to Princess De’s eyes and became aggressive and reckless. Princess De’s towering chest swept a few eyes. I have to say that Princess De is really welcoming and has a young woman’s amorous feelings, and she is charming and charming, especially the imperial concubine’s identity stimulates people’s hormones. For men, women with high status are always easy to arouse their desires.
De Fei’s beautiful face showed amorous feelings and smiled at Ning Caichen, but for a moment her face froze.
"You go, I don’t like women who are scheming for me." De Fei’s face froze and Ning Caichen words exceeded her expectations
"I want a woman’s body and heart to belong to me." Ning Caichen turned and left the hospital again
Princess De stayed in place for a while and watched Ning Caichen disappear. Suddenly, the corners of her mouth were raised and a smile appeared-
"What an overbearing man. You don’t like me, but I’m interested in you."
"General De Fei is gone!"
A few minutes later, a bodyguard in the room came in and reported to Ning Caicheng
"Are you gone? Well, you go to rest, too."
The bodyguard returned to the hospital again from Ning Caichen, but he had an ancient book with purple light in his hand-the Lei Di Fa Jing.
Chapter 253 Zhu Ji turn to wake up
This is an ancient sutra with purple light, like Lei Guang. Ning Caichen concluded that this is the original opening angle practicing Leidaofa. It is definitely an ancient sutra. Remember the monk’s practice and some thunder control techniques. In the ancient sutra, you can control the heavens and the earth …
It’s amazing. It’s beyond imagination. Even at this moment, Ning Caichen can’t calm the horror of Lei Jie. He had a personal experience when he was in Du Jie yesterday. He almost escaped death, and Tsinghua, two great monks of Yuan Shen realm, dared not break in. Who can guarantee that this is the most powerful Lei Jie?
Lei Jie, the most violent and destructive force in heaven and earth, absolutely owns conan the destroyer, especially at the beginning, Zhang Jiao’s figure left a great image on him. Bathing thunder is like a statue of reviving Raytheon.
Ning Caichen has long been jealous of this ancient scripture. After he found himself crossing it, an incredible transformation happened to the whole person. The theory is that the body and spirit will change. In the previous period, he mainly cultivated his Chinese spirit and martial arts. Because of his literary spirit and martial arts breakthrough, his strength will be upgraded, and he will have greater strength and self-confidence to cope with all crises. It is difficult to make a big breakthrough in practicing martial arts for a short time, which has little effect on his strength. However, now his literary spirit has broken through to the realm of martial arts and magical powers. It is difficult to make another big breakthrough unless there is a big adventure.
Wen! Wu! Tao!
In addition to monsters, ghosts, monsters and ghosts, the world’s three major practitioners can be regarded as Wu Xiu’s monsters absorb the aura of heaven and earth like fighters to refine their bodies and achieve physical communication. The ghost spirit is a monk who almost practices the soul body …
In fact, there is a Sansheng Sutra in addition to the Lei Di Fa Jing. Ning Caichen guessed that the ancient sutra was related to Buddhism in the past, present and future. The Buddhist theory of causal reincarnation is very similar, but this is just a guess. Because the ancient sutra is so complicated that he can’t understand it in many places now, and he found that it is incomplete, not like a Dharma, but it is not deduced completely. He will not study this situation slowly later.
Read the Classic of Lei Di Fa again to make sure that there will be no omissions. From the newly recovered ring, I would rather sit next to the stone slab and practice the method according to the surface. As the old monk sits still, his face is peaceful and his spirit reaches its peak. Ning Caichen’s eyebrows gradually converge with a little fluorescence …
"This is my soul …"
Slowly, Ning Caichen felt different. He saw a big halo in his mind, like a ball surging constantly. He knew it was his soul. This was when he saw this halo, he made a judgment in his mind.
"Sure enough, my soul has undergone a qualitative change, and the speed of monasticism is not slower than that of martial arts, and it may even be faster. According to the Reddy method, monasticism depends on talent. Many people are destined for life because they can’t feel their souls. Some talented ordinary monks mostly feel their souls for more than a month, but it takes more than ten days for ordinary genius to feel their souls. But now he has only practiced for a long time …"
"I feel that the soul cultivates the soul force to trigger the aura of heaven and earth to refine the soul and form the soul!"
The friar firmly believes that people have three souls, namely, soul, ghost and yang soul, which is soul taxiing. However, at this time, the soul is still fragile, and the ghost has a certain ability, just like ordinary ghosts, but it can be detached from the body at night, but it can’t be seen at night and it can’t be too far away from the body, otherwise there will be a dead end if it can’t fly back. The yang soul is a successful soul, and even during the day, it is not impossible to travel hundreds of miles. Finally, it is the three souls that unite to survive the disaster of heaven and earth and
What Ning Caichen has to do now is to break through the friar’s first realm-the soul of life!
The next day, Ning Caichen woke up from practice and felt refreshed. There was a kind of comfort, which came not only from the body but also from spiritual enjoyment.
"Master!" "Master!"
Soon Chen Gong and Wang Sheng came to Ning Caichen. Chen Gong was still dressed in a blue Confucian shirt, and Wang Sheng was dressed in black. His eyes were calm and he could not see any fluctuation.
"Are the two Emei female monks here?" Ning Caichen looked at Wang. It was yesterday that the two female monks in Emei were arrested. Ding Minjun and the female monk in red were given to Wang by him because he wanted to get some news about Shushan and Emei.
"Killed by me" Wang Shengdao
"What did you ask?" Ning Caichen looked calm and said that Wang Sheng would kill Ding Minjun. He wasn’t surprised at all. If people in Shushan and Emei had been sentenced to death in his heart, what really made him mean was the news of Emei in Shushan.
"According to their description, there are two great monks in Emei, one is now the leader of Emei, the extinct teacher, and the other is the invitation to the moon. However, according to the other party’s news, it seems that the invitation to the moon is not in harmony with the eternal sword, which has been in a state of seclusion. But now the master’s hand has been invited to take charge of the moon, and it is said that the invitation to the moon has also received a male brother named Xing Tianzong …"