Yang Xiu and others rushed into the ocean again, and I don’t know how deep they dived down. They only felt the pressure coming from the "Four Elephants Array" defense cover was increasing. The monks of Nanling Sect had to constantly increase their aura to persist.

With such a dive of more than 10,000 meters, everyone finally saw a ray of sunlight.
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Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Lingyuan
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Lingyuan
,! See the flowers inside. Rockery and flowing water set each other off and become interesting, and the spirit tree grows into a lamb.
Among them, there are both people who know and special aliens who have never seen before.
Just whatever these flowers and trees used to be. But in this palace with unusually rich aura. I don’t know how many years it has grown, and no one has been mining it, so it is the original ordinary lingmu, and now it has become a good refining material.
What’s more, it can be planted in this fairy house. How can there be anything!
It’s just that it’s surrounded by colorful flowers. However, it was unusually quiet and lifeless, so it was obviously gloomy, and I felt that the air was filled with an inexplicable sense of depression.
But at least tens of thousands of years have not opened the palace, and of course, people don’t expect to be able to present insects such as butterflies in it, otherwise even if there are, they will even become monsters by now.
Just being careful is inevitable!
But now, they didn’t stay in the "four elephant arrays" any more, but spread out separately, picking and choosing the different species in the forest garden in succession.
These materials are rare and precious in front of the outside world. Even if they are not used, they can also be exchanged for lingshi and instruments. Therefore, of course, they will not let go and immediately conduct a carpet-like search.
Yang Xiu mixed in the crowd, of course, is also the joy of searching specially.
Because most of those trees are extremely hard. Even magic weapons can only leave a hole in them, and everything can’t be broken.
Therefore, he mainly laid hands on those clever grasses and exotic flowers and pulled them out with mud and soil. Throw it into the hands of Gan Kun and prepare to transplant it.
Otherwise, it would be a waste to kill these fairy grasses. After all, a lot of things are outside. I haven’t seen it. It may be extinct.
Anyway, Gan Kun has the adult Polygonatum in his hand. Although it has no attack power, it is good at managing and cultivating spiritual plants such as Lingcao and Lingmu.
So he just needs to put these things in Gan Kun’s hand and leave, and he won’t have to take care of them at all in the future. Why not?
However, his behavior falls in the eyes of others. It’s a little weird.
After all, Gan Kun doesn’t have everyone’s hands. Most of us take a piece of tree trunk or pick a few flowers and plants and leave to save the space of the storage bag. How troublesome it is to put flowers and trees in the mud like him.
It’s just that people are confused in their hearts, but they won’t point it out clearly. Everyone just got together temporarily, not how familiar they are, and of course they won’t be cut off.
And Yang Xiu also happy focusing on making a fortune, let these people want to break their heads, and never thought that there would really be a magical space in the world.
During this period, he also found several tea trees. Even if they were not refined, they could clearly feel the extraordinary fragrance scattered on their leaves, which was many times better than the original "fragrant tea", and of course they were all transplanted.
So after a wick of incense, although people choose Jin. Keep, this piece of things in the garden haven’t how to see less, just listen to her tendons to all clear voice said:
"Dear friends, we have been delayed here for a long time. Although these things are good, they are for this fairy house. It’s just its peripheral plants, so we really don’t have to waste too much time on it. Otherwise, if other monks have entered this passage, we haven’t checked it yet, and it’s not worth the loss! "
Yang Xiu smell speech, in the heart to her tendons to sit up and take notice, when he bought a "transfer token" on the right hand, thought the other party also belongs to the category of "bitter" monk, fix for is high, but not worth.
I didn’t expect the other party to be able to withstand the temptation now. It seems to be a bit of a doorway. It is no wonder that Tianxuan reality chose the other party to be the leader instead of his apprentice Shen Fang and others.
After listening to others, of course, I also know that what Ji Jin said is true. Although I haven’t had time to touch most of the Lingcao in the garden, I feel a little sorry, but naturally I won’t slow down for these things.
Therefore, I had to reluctantly look at Lin Guo, and then walked into it nonstop.
I want to see so many spiritual objects outside, but I don’t know what more surprises are waiting for everyone.
Therefore, a group of monks can afford to put down their umbrellas.
After walking through the forest garden for about a quarter of an hour, my eyes suddenly lit up and the scenery finally changed again.
I saw a large pavilion standing in the far end of the forest garden.
The people couldn’t help but flash a smile on their faces, and immediately their body accelerated a few minutes. In a blink of an eye, they reached the end of the forest garden, and then their respective looks stopped.
See in front of everyone is a tall city wall, like a beast’s mouth, and in the moat outside the city wall, not water, but a pool of scarlet rolling magma, hot gas, as if to bake the air, they had to open their own defense shields to resist.
The whole castle was shrouded in red light. You can tell at a glance that it’s not good when the dragon pinches the phoenix on the red light.
In the position of the city gate, the gate is half empty and half hidden, but it is blocked by a mass of red clouds, and only countless pavilions can be seen faintly.
They cast a glance at each other, only to hear Dacheng Sword School’s filed Sichuan say in his grinding voice

"Let’s start to break the array, there will be something waiting for us to know right away. However, the light curtain that protects the city wall is not easy to mess with. So we only attack the red clouds at the gate.
"Fish friends are right, let’s do it together!" Director Yunlong of Qingyang Palace agrees.
When the monks were ordered, they couldn’t help releasing magic weapons, as if they were tempted by Hongyun over there.
"ah!" Just then the net began to attack, and someone exclaimed. I saw a Jin of little monk in Yangxintang, the first to stab a flying sword braved the frost to Hongyun.
However, before he could use the magical powers such as the ice of the flying sword, he felt that the flying sword suddenly lost its induction in his gods and was contained in the hongyun, so he couldn’t help but be surprised and anxious.
Yang Xiu see is also a great heart, I didn’t expect this seems to be humble hongyun, should have such a high temperature, a fly sword handle unexpectedly melted in an instant, if the other party careless with a magic weapon, which also come on!
Just as everyone was planning what magic weapon to use to deal with this red cloud. Suddenly I only heard Lin Pei of Yangxintang say.
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