Mu Feng looked at the reception room, wondering whether Hanyue deliberately found a separate room to see himself, because there were two chairs in the room and no other outsiders. Mu Feng felt Hanyue was up to no good, but he sat down in the chair calmly and said with a deep voice, "You came, but what about your sister Ji Yin? I want to find her."

"Uh-huh, she looks exactly like her sister. If you look for her, you won’t look for me," said Han Yue in pettish.
"Cough …" The appearance of coquetry and adoration made Mu Feng embarrassed. She seemed to say that she was both twin sisters. The owner of the nightingale auction house found her sister herself in front of the cold moon. Everyone knows that Mu Feng must have an affair with Ji Yin. Mu Feng also thought of this and felt embarrassed.
"I had a few things auctioned in your auction house as early as that cold month. If you give me an idea, I won’t look for your sister." Don’t let the cold month doubt that Mu Feng quickly stated his purpose
Cold moon, oh, and then the path "tell me, my sister is sleeping, I dare not bother her, then she will kill me."
"Uh …" Mu Feng spoke for a while and then took out the night cloak. At the same time, he shared the attributes. After reading the attributes again, Hanyue said, "It’s very simple. Orange is suitable for shadow killers and some swordsmen. You can buy hundreds of gold coins in two days."
Listen to the analysis of the cold month, Mu Feng is the boss at the auction, and the beauty player should know so well. This night cloak is indeed the only additional skill of the orange-packed slag equipment, and it is also the kind of passive skill that triggers stealth from time to time, which makes this equipment greatly discounted. Ten thousand gold coins should be the limit.
However, Mu Feng’s coming to the Nightingale auction at this time is not as simple as auctioning the night cloak. He wanted to think about it. Mu Feng took out the demon wolf cub and rolled around on the ground. Then he ran to the cold feet and read the attributes. Suddenly he was startled.
"Mount cubs? Where did you get it? "
"Well, don’t be nervous. I’m making a deal with you, not robbing the auction house." Looking at the cold moon’s eyes, Mu Feng hurriedly spoke to appease it. Isn’t it just a cub? It’s the same as who wants qj? Her expression is the same.
Hanyue also thought of one thing in astonishment, that is, it was the first killing in South China that said that the boss demon wolf elder Gnila demon wolf elder demon wolf cub turned white in an instant, and Hanyue returned the demon wolf cub to Mu Feng at the same time.
"I did kill the Elders of the Demon Wolf. If you are brave enough at the Nightingale auction, shoot this demon wolf cub out. This cub is a warrior who needs a mount most when he is an adult. It may also be the first mount of the ball, and it can grow to a level mount. You should know better than me about the impact and temptation on your auction value, my interests and all players. Now let’s talk about this huge deal."
Chapter 17 Dally with Cold Moon and go back to the road
"I did kill the Elders of the Demon Wolf. If you are brave enough at the Nightingale auction, shoot this demon wolf cub out. This cub is a warrior who needs a mount most when he is an adult. It may also be the first mount of the ball, and it can grow to a level mount. You should know better than me about the impact and temptation on your auction value, my interests and all players. Now let’s talk about this huge deal."
Mu Feng’s face has never been forced to be confident. He is full of confidence in this demon wolf mount cub. He also believes that this cold month will not refuse himself and will definitely help him shoot it out. After all, the appearance of a mount cub at this stage will definitely stir the whole soul, and their auction will be as good as the soul.
However, if Hanyue picks up this mount, it means that they know the first player who killed boss, the demon wolf, the elder demon wolf cub. You can know a place by looking at the name. If this news goes out to the Nightingale auction, I’m afraid it’s hard to get a foothold in Hanyue. They are not being hunted and asked about the source of the demon wolf cub.
On the one hand, the present benefit of the auction site, and on the other hand, the future benefit of the auction site, whether Hanyue accepts the auction of the demon wolf cubs or not, will have an impact on the auction site, because even if they don’t auction Mu Feng, they will auction it elsewhere.
Cold month sitting in the chair leng for a long time, a pair of big eyes didn’t even blink for a cold month. This sample is also good in Mu Feng’s view. Besides, her chest shrugged and slowly danced with shortness of breath to form a ditch. It’s really not beautiful. This kind of scene that makes men’s minds explode, Mu Feng can’t see in Ji Yue and Su Xin, but it’s hard to see precisely.
Mu Feng Uh-huh. Then she put her hand in front of Hanyue’s eyes and waved it. She also wondered how long this Ni was going to be silly. Mu Feng was still rushing to sleep. Hanyue was awakened by Mu Feng and suddenly realized that she was frustrated. When she looked at Mu Feng, Hanyue’s face turned red because she saw Mu Feng staring at herself.
"Well … if you can’t come up with an idea, you can ask your sister to talk to me about this mount. I want to shoot it at twelve o’clock this afternoon." Mu Feng chuckled.
"ah? Today? " It’s already past one o’clock in the morning, and it’s less than 12 hours away from twelve o’clock. How to prepare for the cold month when it’s so short? Besides, she doesn’t know whether to auction this mount. Although her sister said that Hanyue could manage the auction, including some emergencies, the appearance of this mount cub was really handled by Hanyue Law, and Mu Feng also said that he would auction it this afternoon.
"I …" I don’t know what to say, but I don’t know why. Now I don’t know what Mu Feng has to say that he can make the Nightingale auction lose a year and make no profit. Now it seems that he really has the money.
"Ah, it seems that you nightingale auction house dare not take this single business. Forget it. I’ll look for someone else’s ghost town, but there are several strong auction houses …" See that Mu Feng can sneer at the cold month without any advice.
Just as Mu Feng got up, Hanyue grabbed Mu Feng with both hands, and her face turned red, biting her pink lips. Hanyue decisively said, "I … I’ll help you auction!"
Hanyue dare not say much because she is afraid that Mu Feng will go back on her word. What’s the problem with this mount cub first? Wait till the day. Her sister is working on it. If Hanyue lets Mu Feng go now, the ghost town auction will not be there after today. It will be a nightingale auction.
"You … are not decisive." Mu Feng also said in a tone of learning her meal by meal. Now Mu Feng seems to be unwilling to trade this single business with Hanyue.
"Mu Feng, I will help you get the best price, and I will charge you 2% auction commission at the transaction price. Besides, our Nightingale auction will keep your information confidential and will never reveal anything. If you are in danger, you can contact us at any time, okay?" Seeing that Mu Feng’s expression has changed in a cold month, no matter what, there are two attractive conditions directly.
In that auction house, the owner of the auction house will charge 5% ~% commission after the auction is completed. Mu Feng knows this, but Hanyue now says that he will charge 2% and promises to protect Mu Feng’s safety. Isn’t this equivalent to helping Mu Feng auction this cub? Even the ace customers in the auction house may not enjoy this condition.
Mu Feng came here to think that Mu Feng was happy when Doby Hanyue said these two conditions, especially when it was dangerous, so that Mu Feng could call the nightingale auctioneer out to deal with anyone who offended him. However, Mu Feng didn’t need to rely on women to play games, and the second condition was directly abolished by Mu Feng.
Mu Feng glanced at the cold moon again and said lightly, "You said forget the two conditions, and the commission will be charged at 5%. In addition, you must keep my information confidential. I don’t want anyone to bother me. If you do well, I will continue to get along with you. We will never disappoint you."
Although the expression is cold, Mu Feng speaks very warmly. Although he feels a little arrogant, it is difficult for Hanyue to get angry. This man Hanyue really can’t see through a pair of people who want to take advantage of others, but now he says that he will not reduce the auction commission.
Han Yue made a small mouth, and then she saw Mu Feng send the live demon wolf cub to her. What Han Yue wanted to say was that Mu Feng first said, "You can put this cub here. It’s up to you to decide how to auction it."
"Then you are not afraid that I will take it away and not auction it for you?" Cold month did not take the demon wolf cubs and slowly asked.
Now the cold month is so cute, with a black head and a pink face slightly red, and her big eyes still stay in Mu Feng. She has never moved her little hands and put on a skirt, which is very charming. It seems that two people are fighting for the cold month a few days ago. Even now Mu Feng has hugged her in the past, and she has no struggle power because Mu Feng’s actions have completely deterred her.
"You are much cuter than your sister in the cold month, and I like it." Mu Feng smiled gently and then sent the demon wolf cub to her hand. The demon wolf cub changed hands and suddenly whined out.
After Mu Feng left the room, it was a natural and unrestrained walk, leaving a tall figure for the cold month and Mu Feng. That sentence has gone deep into the heart of the cold month, and a "I like it" has sprouted the feelings of the cold month.
Mu Feng got a nightingale top membership when he left the Nightingale auction house. The effect is that you can enjoy a 60% discount on everything you buy at the Nightingale auction house, and Mu Feng can enter the Nightingale auction house at any time without being blocked by the doorman np, and at the same time, he can enter the Nightingale auction house, and so on. A lot of Mu Feng can’t see it, and the player who gives away the membership is called Cold Moon.
In Ling Soul, every player can distribute some members to the players when he runs a shop, and players can also accumulate membership grades by eliminating them in the shop. The higher the membership grades are, the more discounts he enjoys in the corresponding shop. A top member like Mu Feng will never be owned by five players at the Nightingale auction. What should be auctioned to Mu Feng due to cold weather?