Some experts still picked up the microphone once again. "Ladies and gentlemen, you are not allowed to engage in illegal activities now. You have illegally occupied public roads. I hope you will disband immediately. If you don’t disband, you will violate the social demonstration law and traffic safety law. We will take action …"

Still no one got up. Everyone was waiting for the Gaos to come out.
The expert suddenly blew his horn and sighed. "Forget it. It seems that they can’t hear anything."
He suddenly raised his hand and all the police immediately raised their shields and came forward in unison.
At this moment, Gao Tianfeng and his parents were in the car. At this moment, all the poor people got up and rushed around and tried to break the glass and pull Gao Tianfeng out, while the crowd behind them threw eggs and stones at the car.
The police naturally took action, and the crowd dared to start work with the police. Immediately, there was a burst of chaos and the scene fell into chaos.
The expert’s eyes have always been on Li Dalong. "Keep an eye on him. Keep an eye on him …"
Li Dalong also rushed to the car and intercepted him along the way. Five policemen were knocked down by him. Seeing that they were about to rush to the car, two thick water columns immediately repelled him-the high-pressure water guns on both sides of the riot car were not furnishings.
Li Dalong was immediately thrown to the ground by a huge impact, and soon a group of policemen came to hold him down and put him on an energy chain and dragged him away …
On the other side of the street saw this scene without saying anything and turned to walk back. Xiaojia and Yan Yuhua City followed him all the way silently.
Yan Yuhua City seems to know that he is in a bad mood and carefully said, "Tai Long will be fine. He will be repatriated to Camellia Star without citizenship."
On suddenly stopped, he looked at the golden statue in the middle of the street flower bed and his eyes became thoughtful.
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng took the initiative to explain, "This is the statue of the 32nd president of the Federation. Hundreds of years ago, he integrated three stars to save many people who lived in suffering. He specially shaped this statue in memory of him."
On nodded, "I’m a president, but I don’t even have the ability to do justice. My greatest honker descendants are faced with evil ability."
Michelle hesitated. "Brother Hua, you …"
Waters waved their eyes and looked straight ahead. "When my mother died, she repeatedly told me not to lead me to bully the weak and endanger the Federation. It’s a pity that I was asked to help those in need. I failed to live up to her expectations, but I think if she were alive today, maybe she would agree with me."
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng was surprised. "What do you want?"
On every word, "What’s the point of sacrificing me to give justice to those who died?"
Then he walked directly into the distance without looking back.
Looked at him and Yan made yuhua district city figure go far xiaojia seems to be in meditation.
After a long time, Xiao Jia also showed a firm look. She took out her phone and pressed a series of familiar numbers.
A gentle and lovely woman came into the receiver soon. "Hello, Miss Song, is there anything new to release?"
Xiaojia said lightly, "Mr. Wang, I decided to hold a concert."
Mr. Wang said with surprise, "You have figured it out. What is the name?"
Xiao Jia seemed very calm. "Let Xianyin Company call a press conference in the name of Miss Qu Ting. You tell them that Miss Qu Ting will hold her first concert in three days at the Xingguang Grand Theater in Guanghui City and broadcast it live to the world audience. I will let everyone see Miss Qu Ting’s true face."
"Okay, okay, no problem. I’ll follow your instructions." Wang Zongyin was so excited that he was shaking. "Even if you want to hold a concert tonight, I’m sure you’re ready."
At the same time, there is also a grand event being held at the Late Qing Xuan in Shuiyun City of the Ninth Continental Justice League.
All the big guilds, powerful companies and bosses came to the courtyard to love sin, Han Yingxue, Dazang, Zhuifeng, Zhang Dashuai, Zhong Zhan, Gu Xiaoyue, Fengyuyixiao, Han Xinyi, Sword Flying Snow, Chiyo …
These dozens of people are the most powerful and powerful people in all fields here.
When Zhang Dashuai heard the description of the crime of love, he couldn’t believe his ears. "Did I hear you right? Did the Eastern Dynasty transfer to the Ministry in the new district?"
Gu Xiaoyue also feels incredible. "What are the conditions for the president of love?"
Love sin looks at everyone. "The Eastern Dynasty doesn’t need money."
Fengyun smiled and stared at him. "Then what do you need?"
Da Cang suddenly got up and spread his memory. "He needs to play the video in it, so that every player in mainland China can see who can spare no effort to promote it and who gets the most."
Chiyo couldn’t help saying, "What video is so important? I can’t compare it with repeated bursts. "
Love sin looked at the big hidden hand memory and became thoughtful. "It’s hope!"
"Hope?" Everyone is amazing.
Love sin nodded. "Is it hope that everyone still has the last point in the most difficult times? What can be more important than it?"
Zhang Dashuai’s look became serious. "I believe you!"
Love sin "Oh?"
Zhang Dashuai said, "I believe you are not because you are the president of the Eastern Dynasty, but because you love crime. If you can’t believe it, there is no one worthy of my trust. If there is one person worthy of my trust among the billions of players on the mainland, it must be you!"
The meeting soon broke up and everyone left, leaving six or seven people in the courtyard.
The wind blows through the courtyard, and a few ginkgo leaves fall. Love is lost in the maple tree.
Da Cang came to his side. "I admire you for saying that if you don’t want it, you don’t want it. If it were me, I would definitely hate to part with it."
Love crimes look far away. "If there were no cucumbers and mustard tuber, the Eastern Dynasty would still be a small exile. They would not abandon them if they were in trouble today."
Dazang patted him on the shoulder. "That’s what I admire most about you. I also believe that one day your oriental dynasty will win real glory."
Love smiled. "I’m looking forward to that day, but now I’m looking forward to cucumbers and mustard tuber. They can come in and reunite with us one day earlier."
Da Zangli nodded, "I will!" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Epic invasion
Miss Qu Ting’s concert was almost a sensation all over the world in one day. The five main stars and aliens all knew that 10 thousand tickets for the concert were sold out in just two minutes. All the headlines in the news media were about Miss Qu’s singing, and even the news that the president signed the bill was covered.
In fact, the federal president is a loyal fan of Miss Qu, and the busy day is over. After work, Mr. President returns home for dinner and waits with his wife and daughter.
At this time, there is still one hour from the concert venue, but it can accommodate 10 thousand people. The Starlight Theater is packed and the scene is extremely hot.
Even the peripheral Star Plaza and the city garden square are packed with people, and the federal police dispatched 30 thousand police officers and several ships to maintain order
"QuTing! Quting! Quting! Qu Ting … "Fans shouted their idol names in the square, and everyone was looking forward to seeing Miss Qu’s true face.
On didn’t cheer him to stay in a room where one knows, but he was very calm. Several mirror images around him were remotely transmitted from Camellia Star. "There is no problem for the boss to control the Internet, but the risk of invading the federal government’s total control system is S, and we will definitely expose it. Please consider it carefully."
On ignored is looked at his watch lightly ordered "ready to invasion countdown 4 minutes and 53 seconds".
At midnight, it was already dark, and all kinds of bright lights illuminated the Dream Theater like a colorful world.
Suddenly, there was a big light and fog in Center Stage. At this moment, there were cheers everywhere, which was a precursor to the concert.
The host’s sound system covers every corner of the world. "Please welcome our greatest artist, Miss Qu Ting, to appear ——"
As soon as the voice fell, a looming figure floated in the fog
Xiaojia is dressed like a wedding dress, with a beautiful crown face and a pink mask on her head. All the lights shine on her like the most sacred fairy.