After wandering around and seeing that there is really nothing worthy of his own heart, Wang Guang returned to the inner door with the help of the magic weapon of thyme streamer.

After returning to the inner door this time, he directly eliminated the task of refining Xuanyin heavy water, and handed in Xuanyin net and more than ten drops of Xuanyin heavy water by the way. Now that he has the spar obtained by selling the magic weapon of thyme streamer, he will never look down on the spar for refining Xuan Yin heavy water.
Ten sets of thyme streamers were successfully refined in only two days. To this end, he made a method to record this magic weapon to improve the rank, and planned to give it to the female practitioner together. But before that, he added two blue gems to his set of thyme streamers. As a result, although the mana consumption was a little high when he was fuelling, the degree was relatively increased by more than 20 kilometers.
Once again, after coming to the outer gate where the practitioners gathered, Wang Guang quickly met the female practitioner. Ten sets of magic weapons were traded with Yu Jian, and unexpectedly he received the order again. It’s just that the guest changed.
This female trainer is very satisfied with the ten sets of magic weapons that Wang Guang traded. These ten sets of thyme streamers have different shapes, either diamonds, rhombic columns or pearls. There are different colors, including red, pink, purple, black and seven or eight colors.
After the transaction, Wang Guanggang wanted to leave here, but never thought that the businesswoman came out of nowhere.
"Brother, you go slowly. Little sister wants to buy some baili streamers from you." The businesswoman patted her waist as a sign that she had enough money. "This time a lot of practitioners also don’t know how to get, leng joined us in one. I don’t think many practitioners have the ability to fly with a better magic weapon, and they don’t like paper birds as transportation. So I thought of your magic weapon with extremely low requirements. "
"Infinite Buddha, this senior sister is really refreshing." Wang Guangyi brushed the dust in cutting and looked around. Now there are three or five times more new practitioners gathered here than three days ago. This is only the practitioners who gather at the mountain gate to conduct various transactions. As for those who team up outside for experience, it is estimated that there are more. "Presumably these newcomers are very envious and interested in going in and out of Qing Ming. What do you think of a set of magic weapons with 80 spar, which is traded once every seven days? "
"Brother, let me give you my advice. What do you think?" The businesswoman frowned slightly and said in a low voice, "In ten days, you will provide me with 100 sets of thyme streamers and a set of magic weapons of 75 spar. In this way, I can earn a little more. It’s also a reward for not fighting with the monster beast. What do you think? "
"A set of eighty spar." Wang Guangyi raised his eyebrows, and the stubborn temper he developed when he was hanging out in the Jianghu has not changed here. "Every time you buy me ten sets of magic weapons, being original will buy you one hundred silk purple gas, what do you think? The materials for refining the magic weapon are purchased from you at the normal price. Only when you don’t have them, will I find other businessmen to buy them. It’s not easy for any of us. I let you make money and you let me make money. What do you think? After all, the refining of magic weapons is very difficult. "
One side of the businesswoman a listen to these words, can’t help but turned supercilious look. This is the first time she has seen such a bargaining businessman, but when she thinks that the other party is an inner disciple after all, if she really annoys the other party and the other party leaves without trading, she will lose a lot, so she gives up the idea of continuing bargaining.
"So all right, a practitioner wants to practice to the point where he can drive a magic weapon flying sword freely in and out of the Green Ghost. Even if there is enough panacea and crystal stone fruit to absorb, he can’t do it without three to five years. I made this deal with him, and the income will not be reduced by half a point for at least three to five years. What’s more, the barriers between the two worlds have disappeared inexplicably, and there will be more and more people seeking immortality and seeking Tao in the world of mortals, and there must be no shortage of people who can come to Yizong. " The businesswoman pinched her finger and soon got a vague result.
Wang Guang doesn’t care whether the other party thinks it over or improvises. He just knows that he will not be short of SPAR in a short time, but on the contrary, he will accumulate a lot of SPAR in the future for future use.
After searching all the gems on the businesswoman and spending all the spar to buy the purple gas, Wang Guang threw a hundred miles of time to roll himself back to the inner door.
For more than a year, Wang Guang’s life was extremely regular. Meditate every day to practice, and then use precious stones to refine the extremely remote magic weapon of Baili streamer. Every ten days, he got 30 or 50 sets of thyme streamers to trade with businesswomen. Part of the money he got was to buy precious stones to continue refining magic weapons, and part of it was bought by him with a lot of purple gas and moonlight, with the help of these two essences of heaven and earth to purify his increasingly vigorous mana.
The passage of time not only did not make his magic weapon unsalable, but on the contrary, it was in short supply because more and more people poured into the door of practicing Qi. Although some disciples of the inner door also realized this business opportunity and made this hundred-mile streamer to sell it, Wang Guang’s magic weapon not only did not reduce the price, but also improved it. After all, some inner disciples have not paid attention to this spar, and they only refine this magic weapon to collect some spar when they lack it. And there is a little bit of the earth, all eyes are aimed at tens of thousands or even more spar tasks, what’s more, not everyone is talented in refining magic weapons. If you are not careful, even the practitioners who are about to condense then may also ruin the low-order magic weapons. In this way, the price of baili streamer has risen a little bit.
On this day, Wang Guang sat cross-legged on the special training ground of the inner door trainer to carry mana. After a year of penance, without absorbing spar and taking Dan medicine, he took the practice of "Introduction to the Great Sunday Elixir" to the second floor.
Although he is not the highest mana among the interior practitioners in the same period, he is definitely the purest mana. After all, at this stage, other interior practitioners don’t consume more than ten silk or even more purple gas a day to purify their mana, nor do they use the effect of Yuet Hua to purify their mana. On the one hand, many inner disciples who just became practitioners didn’t pay attention to this aspect, on the other hand, most low-ranking practitioners went to practice Taoist magical powers early. In this way, time is relatively tight, and many lessons they think are not important are temporarily abandoned.
Practice reached the second level, and the whole body’s mana suddenly soared by more than seven or eight times. For this reason, just after his promotion, Wang Guang spent thousands of silk and purple clouds to refine his mana, making them more than twice as pure.
Fog-like mana swims through 24 meridians and 3500 acupoints in the body. Even though he has a great number of second-level practices now, it still takes him half an hour to finish a week. However, after he is promoted to the third floor, he will use the second floor method to carry mana, which will save at least three or five times as much time as now.
"Infinite Buddha, it seems that it is time to go out for a walk." In front of the washbasin-sized smoke, there was no more yuet refinement, and Wang Guang absorbed this magic back into the sea of energy in one breath. Feeling the mana rolling in the body, the meridians and acupoints are strengthened a little, and my heart is still quite satisfied. "This second layer only mana accumulated, such as three to five months handling Sunday no longer increase mana, in the third layer. If I hadn’t kept purifying the mana in my body, I would have cultivated this method to the third level by now, and I could practice some magic at that time. However, it is much easier to spend time enduring loneliness to purify mana now than to purify mana when condensing the elixir in the future. "
Thinking of the top inner disciple he met on the mountain behind the inner gate seven or eight months ago, Wang Guang felt that his choice was correct.

Chapter 10 Practice and Strive for Avatar
Chapter 10 Practice and Strive for Avatar
It turned out that seven or eight months ago, this fellow forged a magic weapon for a day, and he was tired and didn’t want to meditate and practice. Therefore, he picked up the dust and stopped, while enjoying the mountain scenery, he regained his mind and unconsciously came to a cave in the back of the mountain.
In front of the cave, there is a large piece of flat land, and dozens of practitioners who have scattered the breath of powerful mana constantly breathe mana to polish and refine. The drugs and essence of heaven and earth that have been heard and unheard of are injected into their mana like waterfalls. As far as he saw that day, in just half an hour, a practitioner threw hundreds of bottles of Yuet Hua to refine his body’s mana, and in his opinion, the effect was not very good.
"Mana cultivation now depends on time to accumulate, and spar cannot be used, so as to avoid reducing the chances of promotion; The panacea can’t be used indiscriminately, which will make the foundation unstable, the mana more messy, and the chances of achieving the elixir are lower. " Looking at the training ground for more than a year, Wang Guang felt bored when he didn’t come.
"It’s time to walk down the mountain. Daoism can’t be cultivated, but the magical power can be cultivated." Thinking of some magical powers I saw in the sutra depository some time ago, Wang Guang couldn’t help but move. If you want to walk down the mountain, fight with the monster beast, and be familiar with the attack methods of the practitioners, you must first have your own attack ability. If you don’t even have an attack ability, it is very dangerous to fight with the monster beast.
It turns out that some time ago, this fellow found a record about the avatar in a remote corner of the sutra depository. This magical power is different from the method of increasing mana, and it is more different from the Daoism that relies on mana release, but it is a kind of achievement method similar to natural instinct. It is said that some great powers in ancient times deduced from the natural ability of the demon family, and its power is very powerful.
According to some Taoist books, if this magical power is cultivated successfully, it will consume very little mana when used. It must be only 1% of the mana consumption of the same powerful Taoist power. But it takes mana and a lot of time to practice.
However, there are other ways to cultivate the avatar besides using mana. That is to practice magical powers with panacea, spar, and even the aura in spiritual fruit by secret methods. It’s just that the power of the avatar cultivated in this way is low, but the power of the avatar cultivated in the authentic way is one third. And there are other restrictions, but I won’t talk about them here.
After making a decision, Wang Guang decided to choose a magical power to practice. After this practice, he picked up the dust, and instead of flying with a treasure light, he walked step by step into the sutra depository.
On the third floor, he found a Taoist book that recorded the avatar. There are magical powers who practice eyes, practice to high depths, and shoot tens of feet of golden light. Anyone who is swept by golden light, the magic weapon is broken and petrified, and a wisp of ghosts will be permanently imprisoned in the body. However, after seeing the mana needed by the first layer above, Wang Guang suddenly shrank.
According to his current mana, it is impossible to successfully cultivate the first layer of this avatar without decades. As for the specific mana that needs to be consumed, he has never practiced, but he is not clear.
"Change one. After I have achieved the elixir, I will keep swallowing the essence of the sun and the moon for twelve hours, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, and then it is not too late to cultivate this magical power. " On second thought, he jumped directly to the next Taoist book. However, the avatar recorded above still does not meet his requirements, so I skipped it again.
After rummaging for four or five hours, this fellow found a magical power that suits his own situation now. "Gold claws!" Inferior level avatar, specializing in practicing hands. Practitioners need to permanently inject a certain amount of mana every day to practice hard. The first layer cracks tigers and leopards and crushes boulders. The second layer can grasp the low-order magic weapon without product; The third floor can block the inferior low-order flying sword … The twelfth floor captures the sun and the moon, and the flame can burn mountains and cook the sea. This magical power has 12 floors, so you can’t stop practicing for one day, or you will go backwards for three days.
"It’s a pity that there are no defensive magical powers like golden bell jar and iron cloth shirt, otherwise you don’t have to choose this." Wang Guang couldn’t help but whisper when he remembered the cultivation method of this avatar with jade slips. In fact, he came here to practice the world, and many thoughts in his heart still follow the rivers and lakes.
In this fellow’s view, if Niu Ben wants to get up, burn, kill, rob, rape, and plunder in the future, he must first have the kung fu of being beaten, and then consider the ability of attacking. No matter what you do, make sure you don’t die first, otherwise, even if the attack is high, a careless person will be photographed, and even if the attack is great, it will turn into clouds and disperse with the wind. When he walked in the Jianghu, he suffered a lot in this respect.
"Infinite Buddha! It seems that we have to cultivate this magical power first, and it is not too late to find all kinds of protective magical powers there after we are qualified to enter the mountain where the main hall of Yizong is located. " I thought about it secretly, and this fellow put the jade slips in his arms. Some time ago, he bought them with the spar earned by selling magic weapons and stored them in the treasure bag.
Then, after consulting with the practitioners who were guarding outside the sutra depository, they turned directly to the foot of the mountain.
He found a place where no one was there. He quickly took off his robe representing the identity of the inner door, changed it into that of a disciple of the outer door, patted the treasure chest casually, and drilled more than a dozen sapphires from his arms. In doing so, it is to prevent those disciples from causing unnecessary trouble because of their different identities.
These more than ten sapphires turned into blue streamers and spun around his body, then suddenly rolled him up and flew to a distant valley.
The valley was formed by three or five tall peaks. Originally, there was only one entrance and exit except the sky, but I don’t know that year. A practitioner made a second entrance and exit by force. As a result, there were more practitioners who came here to fight with the monster beast and exercise their fighting ability.
This valley is not far from the inner mountain, about five or six hundred miles. In less than an hour, after several times of quality improvement, the hundred-mile streamer swept this fellow Wang Guang over.
According to the treasure light, it fell on Taniguchi, and more than a dozen gems circled in the air, turning into tiny blue light and drilling into his treasure bag.
"Tianya pavilion to recruit thugs, requires mana, beauty first, single beauty first. The male asks to be able to release the attack tactics. " More than a thousand people crowded around the entrance of the valley. As soon as Wang Guang fell, she heard a practitioner shouting like this.
"Cats pounce on the world to recruit female practitioners with the level of waves and chest surges, and the requirements are not limited. If you join, the guild will provide all kinds of recovery drugs, magic weapons and Taoist books for free. Now there are only nine places left, and after that, there will be no store after this village. "
"If you recruit a wet nurse, you will lack a wet nurse. If you provide restorative drugs, you can get half of the materials, and you are required to release more than five healing techniques at one breath."
After such a hasty sweep, a large number of practitioners held banners to occupy a prominent position to recruit members, and some shouted loudly. Some teams even send female practitioners to dance for a circle to find powerful teammates.
Tougher practitioners soon have a team, and weak practitioners are not wanted here, and they don’t like it there, and life is not so easy.
There are many such people, so it is easy to argue. In a short while, some teams swear because the thugs they recruited have been taken away by other teams. They are addicted to cursing, and directly carry flying swords, throw out magic weapons and start fighting.
Yizongzong is not a noble and decent person. The patriarch’s management of his disciples can be said to be very loose. As long as you don’t rob the treasures of the clan and plan rebellion, even if you kill more foreign practitioners, you won’t be punished. Because of this, fighting is even more uncontrolled.
There are practitioners around watching the excitement, cheering loudly when they see the excitement, and even swearing at the person they care about because they won’t kill, pointing to each other. I just wish I could go up and fight instead of each other.
"hey! Dude, are you interested in coming to my team? My team is all good players. Although the mana is not as deep as some people in other teams, most of them have practiced Daoism. " Just as Wang Guang was going to fight alone in the valley, a middle-aged man came over and took out a flag to invite him to form a team.
"Infinite Buddha! Being original is not enough to use the magic weapon of flying sword, let alone learn Taoism. However, when I was hanging out in the Jianghu, I practiced martial arts with one hand. I wonder if you need someone like me in your team? " Wang Guangchao looked behind the man, and now there is someone waiting there. It seems that he is a member of this middle-aged man’s team.
"Do not matter, we just need a thug in the team. We have been unable to find a suitable teammate and have been waiting here for more than an hour. Either we dislike their low mana or they dislike the inefficiency of our team. I think your boy is full of muscles, and his mana is not low. It is estimated that he has two skills. " The middle-aged man grinned. Practitioners also didn’t care about Wang Guang’s words of keeping his mouth open and shutting up Amitabha. After all, practitioners are always eccentric after a long time.
After hearing what the other party said, Wang Guang didn’t shirk this fellow. He condensed a little mana and injected it into this man’s hand to make the flag. Then I found myself in a very weak connection with this flag. And this time, he is now the middle-aged man and his deep head all emerged an illusory flag of mana condensation, which also shows the team identity between them, so as not to see the companion in the battle and be injured by accident. Of course, other people who are not in this team can’t see this flag.
Some unnatural touched the top of the head, but under the smile of several other people, Wang Guang soon woke up. That flag is just a projection, and it is not touched at all.
"Dude, use this magic weapon for the first time!" A young practitioner brushed the dust in his hands and said to Wang Guang with a smile: "When I first teamed up with people, it was the same, hehe! It seems all the same! "
"Cough! Conditioned reflex, hehe! " Wang Guang grinned and didn’t feel embarrassed. Anyway, he went through a simple disguise, and after leaving the team, no one recognized him by changing his costume. After all, the practitioners who challenge the monster beast here have not yet been able to practice the magic of viewing the fluctuation of breath, so he is not worried about being recognized in the future.
After the young man interrupted, the rigid atmosphere of the team became a little more active. Gradually, there are more words, either introducing each other or talking about the situation in the world of practicing Qi.
Through the conversation of these people, Wang Guangxian found that they were all recommended, recruited or found alone after the world of mortals barrier disappeared. Their noumenon did not achieve congenital dzogchen, and even congenital did not arrive.