Li Yunhuan, on the other hand, is reluctant to send a flying knife everywhere.

Si Nian stared at the two men. Li Yunhuan had fallen into the wind.
"If you are so indecisive again, those people at the top of the mountain will live!" Si nian deep voice to Li un Huan wake way
"I know …" Li Yunhuan was awakened by the words of the secretary, and his eyes were finally determined. "Help me!"
Si nian smiled indifferently. That’s what he said. He jumped up, pulled out his eternal sword and joined the battle.
When the two swords intersect, Si Nian suddenly frowns. Teddy boy’s killing the sword is even bloodier than him!
The blood-red murder constantly oppresses his breath.
"We should play against each other again after today. Let me see you kill the sword!" Si Nian cold a little bit of magic gas overflowed from the body and then stabbed Teddy boy strangely around the eternal sword.
Teddy boy is watching him wait for the immortal sword to stab himself. Teddy boy burst into a strong black mountain, which is also a magic way!
The difference is that punk is a perfect sword. He kills others, which is the sword in his hand.
And Sinian took the wrong road and forced himself into such a situation. He will never be more suitable for killing kendo than Teddy boy.
Even so, although he is not a punk, now he doesn’t need to fight hard with punk.
All he need to do is to contain Teddy boy.
Someone did it manually.
A handle with cold light silver mans across the air into the teddy boy.
This is the first time that Li Yunhuan has stabbed a friend, and it is also the first time that he did not stab the knife into his opponent’s throat.
"bang!" Iron sword drops. Teddy boy holds the sword with a flying knife in his wrist. His hand is full of blood.
He stare blankly at that sword that fell to the ground.
Si Nian didn’t stab the longevity sword, which shocked Li Yunhuan.
He sighed that he had no power to shoot at his own knife root.
If this flying knife stuck in punk’s wrist is aimed at himself, he may already be at the rebirth point now …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six The final battle
Teddy boy stared at the dripping blood wrist face a blank.
When his right hand was abolished, he suddenly found that he could do nothing.
He doesn’t know what he will do except kill with a sword.
He didn’t even do the little thing of serving tea. He felt as if he had lost his life.
Thinking, thinking, his left hand suddenly shot toward the forehead.
"Death is not the only choice" Sinian suddenly grabbed his left wrist and said in a low voice.
"How can you live without a sword?" Teddy boy looked at Sinian with a faint expression.
It is true that a sword-born man seems to be taken away when the swordsman is abolished.
He knows the sword, and he has to live by it. He has killed many people, and of course he will have many enemies, and those enemies are not looking for him now because he has the most powerful killer sword in the Jianghu.
If he is so proud, how can he wait for those ants to insult him?
Li Yunhuan didn’t speak. His heart was very tangled. He looked at Teddy boy’s young and indifferent face. After all, his heart felt guilty.
"Master Zhuang!" Just then, the students and others arrived!
Si Nian took a look at them. "You just killed all the miscellaneous soldiers who were optimistic about Lu Yu!"
Si nian hit his acupuncture point in a stupid way, which made him unable to move.
Then he looked at Li un and said, "Our mountain?"
"Let’s go …" The fastest two figures in the Jianghu took a breeze and left for the top of the mountain.
The road to the top of the mountain is now blocked by groups of hundreds of people.
Li Yun Huan-gen doesn’t look at these people. These people can’t stop it.
However, Si Nian is going to meet a group of people, and the sword is sharp and takes away dozens of lives.
Then all the members who came to Piaoxue Villa behind them will destroy the rest in an instant!
The battle at the top of the mountain has become wonderful.
Feng Yue, the little beggar, the blood bodhisattva and the sad monk all joined the battlefield, and the pressure of Qingfeng and others became less heavy.
"What hasn’t arrived yet?" Qin solitary month glanced at four people asked.
"Come on, he and Li Yun have ruined Teddy boy and are already on their way to the top of the mountain." The only one present and Si Nian still have a romantic friendship and said lightly.
"Oh?" This is the most morale-boosting news for everyone.
Lin Xianer heard this and her face changed instantly. She would never have thought that there would be such a situation!
"What the hell are you doing? What is Asgen doing again! " She shouted angrily, this is her legal situation
She made a deal with Sinian, and Asgen promised her with crystal blood and tears!
"Didn’t you and Asgen swear that the wizard could control him through crystal blood and tears?" Lin Xianer calm eyes truly turned out to be ferocious.