Ferguson commented on modric along with the reporter’s question.

Finally, the reporter asked him if he was interested in introducing modric.
Ferguson shrugged. "Why not? Who doesn’t want such a good player? "
So the next day, news appeared in English and Italian media that Ferguson praised modric Manchester United for their intention to introduce Croatian midfielder.
"It is reported that Ferguson went to modric to find Manchester United club owner Glazer, hoping that Glazer would give him a sufficient transfer to introduce Lazio’s main midfielder …"
"… Ferguson seems to be winning against modric. Manchester United have made an offer for Lazio. According to insiders, the offer is as high as 35 million euros!"
Suddenly, the news that Manchester United wanted modric was so loud that it drowned out the news that Real Madrid was interested in Zema.
So it seems that modric really wants to leave Liverpool for Manchester United.
Changsheng knows very well what news of modric’s transfer suddenly became the mainstream voice of the media.
This is actually the psychological warfare of Manchester United Club.
There are many kinds of psychological warfare, and this is just one of them.
Before some key games, in order to disturb the morale of the army and interfere with the core players of the other side, the head coach will suddenly announce his interest in a player of the other side
This is conventional psychological warfare.
Ferguson is an old fox, so it’s not surprising.
The key is that your own players can’t be affected.
So Changsheng went to talk to modric alone.
As a result, modric’s performance made Changsheng very pleased.
"Hey, boss, don’t worry. I have a sense of proportion. I won’t let these things affect me."
Ever-victorious modric just opened his mouth and said
So Chang Sheng found himself unable to prepare his speech.
But he can’t just turn around and leave. It’s embarrassing.
Always ramble
So he simply asked, "Do you want to go to Manchester United?"
Modric resolutely shook his head.
Changsheng smiled. "I’m not testing you, Luca. I’m seriously asking, do you want to go to Manchester United after this season?"
Modric didn’t answer this time, but thought for a while.
Then he frowned and said, "I don’t know, boss. I really don’t know."
Ever feel strange "this have what don’t know? Manchester United is the most influential football club in the world. Compared with them, Lazio is like a country team … Is it difficult to choose this question? "
Modric explained, "It is reasonable to say that Manchester United is more famous than Lazio, but I’m not sure if I can get better results after I go to Manchester United. I mean that my personal performance at Manchester United can be even higher. Lazio is not as famous as Manchester United, but I am the main player here and the core tactic of midfield. I really don’t know if I can perform as well as I do now if I go to Manchester United. I might as well play as a substitute … This is.
Chang Sheng nodded after listening. "It’s not easy for you to think so much. There are too many players in Luca. They think about money and money. They want to go to big teams because big teams can pay them more to make them become stars, but they lack a plan for their own career future. I support your decision whether you leave or stay, Luca, because I believe you have thought it over carefully."
Changsheng left contentedly.
He is very satisfied with modric’s answer.
It is worthy of organizing the core team’s brain to play football in the stadium. I like to think with my brain and think well when I am present.
A person who thinks about the problem will make the most correct decision whether to leave or stay in this problem.
As Chang Sheng said, whether you go or stay, I believe it is after careful consideration.
Then there’s nothing to blame. We’re all adults, and we all need to decide for ourselves.
The English media continue to speculate about modric and Manchester United.
The Italian media "Gazzetta dello Sport" is also very enthusiastic.
They even promoted Lazio players to other clubs.
exceed one’s authority and meddle in other people’s affairs
Always wins and loves to see this.
Because he really wants to sell people, now let Gazzetta dello Sport, an influential media in Europe, help him advertise … Why not?
Yu modric and his face are full of stories. After listening to modric’s words, he always believes that modric will make the right decision, and this decision will definitely not affect his performance in the Champions League final.
But this media speculation is also Ferguson’s psychological warfare.
If you don’t do anything and don’t fight back, it won’t be underestimated, and it will affect the morale of the team, which is too uneconomical
So Changsheng responded to Manchester United’s hype.
"Manchester United want modric? Then don’t rely on the media. Why don’t you just come to Rome and talk about 35 million? Don’t fantasize. Buy modric a leg with this money! ….. I’m glad to see this speculation, which will make my players more motivated and motivated to perform better against Manchester United … Maybe this is a good opportunity to impress Manchester United? There’s nothing better than beating Manchester United in a direct dialogue! I will make this suggestion to modric-if Manchester United really want you, beat them in the final and recruit them and then go! "
English media analysis … Mom! Changsheng’s words are not alarmist, but it is really possible!
How many players in the world football have attracted the attention of the target team and tried their best to beat their ultimate goal in the game?
Too many! Too many!
And those defeated teams also think that the players have proved their ability and are more willing to introduce such a successful player. Anyway, even if they don’t, they can’t make him an opponent …
This kind of situation is very common, and it is even a hidden rule in football.
But the English media don’t care if modric will really go to Manchester United. They just don’t want to see the Italian team beat the English team …
After Chang Sheng said this, the English media suddenly became silent, especially the Manchester media.
Obviously, they don’t want modric to be full of fighting spirit against Manchester United
If modric really plays well in the final and helps Lazio beat Manchester United, there is no place for Manchester United to cry!
The English media has been quiet a lot, and Lazio can continue to prepare for the war with peace of mind.
In the last half week before the game, Chang Sheng focused on practicing set pieces and penalty kicks.
He remembers that Manchester United and Chelsea decided on penalties in the final of the Champions League this season.
He doesn’t know if his arrival will change the course of the game.
But he also remembers that it rained in the final.
If it rains and the rain is loud … Lazio will definitely be greatly affected by paying attention to ball control.