After about four or five seconds of silence, the black hand said with a serious face, "I don’t know what kind of friends you have experienced, but I can tell you that my black hand will never do anything wrong to my friends."

"Good friend, I made it." Gao Rang smiled. He could feel that Black Hand was a friendly friend.
"Since we are friends, can you tell me how you know my information and how to see through my invisibility?"
"Your information is because I have a viewable skill to see if your invisibility is really an intuition. By the way, I’ll give you a suggestion. I don’t know if your murderous look can be hidden. If so, it’s best to hide it before you are invisible and ready to raid. I just rely on that murderous look to perceive your position." Gao rang answered the black hand honestly
"It’s so good to meet you as a friend, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed it. Thank you!" Black hand said with a smile
"I said, brother, you have a good hand, but why do you want to do this business?" Gao Rang asked curiously
"Alas, can’t! Although my strength is ok, I still have a helper to support those people. They are assassins with poor talents and attributes. In this game, it is difficult to form a team as an assassin. Those poor attributes and talents are even more difficult to form a team. So I organized these poor brothers together to form my current’ dark hand’ organization. We all know that what we are doing now is very bad, but there is no way out. Most of us are very poor in the real world, "said Black Hand Nai.
"But have you thought about it?" The organization "Dark Hands" is indeed notorious in the game, so Gao can’t help but worry about this friend in the future.
"After …" It was really a big problem after Gao Rang woke up and found this organization.
"In fact, you are not necessarily so. I have a friend who enters the game and plays life career. Those talents and attributes of you who are not good can change to practice life career! And even if the talent and attributes are not good, it will be improved a little bit through hard work. I think you can’t get it at once by hiding your career! " Let a saint teach the black hand.
"This ….." Black hand some sold.
"In fact, your organization can continue to develop in this way, but you’d better leave a special person, and everyone else can choose a life career or another way out. Then you special people can form a real dark hand. You dark hands should stop doing such despised things. You can take others to assassinate players. I think you are more professional than me. Finally, I suggest that you don’t grind your teeth when you kill people. If you don’t contact stealth and attack me directly, I will be dead," Gao Rang suggested again.
"What you said makes sense. This time, we really underestimated the enemy. An assassin should do it. Even if he knows that the disparity in strength is bound to succeed, he can’t be vigilant. He must do it. If he must kill his opponent’s first target brother, your suggestions are too important for us. I believe that when you hear the’ dark hand’, it will no longer be an organization that is reviled by everyone." Obviously, the black hand has accepted the high-yield proposal.
"I also wish you that I will go back. I have friends waiting for me in the city, and I still have friends in Hongluan City. I have something to do. I will go first. Come to Hongluan City to play with me. Bye-bye!" Say Gao Rang turned and went back to Phoenix.
The black hand looks at Gao Rang’s back, and after thinking about this guy, he will definitely become the most remarkable person in this game.
In the 25+word chapter game, a key organization will be replaced.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five New
Mimie had already come back when the contour envoy returned to the appointed battle.
Seeing Gao Rang back, the cat asked, "What’s up?"
"It’s okay. It’s a little unexpected, but the result is still good." Gao Rang said with a smile that he didn’t intend to tell others the detailed story.
Mimi, on the other hand, is very silent. Even a saint may feel uncomfortable when she sees the excitement and intimacy between her ex-lover and her current lover.
"We will go to Hongluan City, right? I wonder what happened to Brother Tai’s side?" Gao rang was well-advised not to go to Gomez.
"Lord Mimi, let’s go!" The cat asked 1
"Good" Mimi answered a person.
Then two people, one np, entered the lineup and disappeared in Phoenix.
In fact, Mimi was so sad not because she saw her old lover’s happiness and sweetness, but because when she saw Ergong that day, she found that everything had changed. She saw many things she didn’t want to see from Ergong, but those things couldn’t hide anything …
As soon as Gao Rang and the cat came to Hongluan City, they were informed by Grandet that things had been handled over there.
So soon they came to the door of the duke’s mansion in Hongluan City and closed up.
Ye Ye, one of these people, was regarded as an "outsider". The guards of the Duke’s mansion kept Ye Ye out of the door, while others entered the Duke’s hall with Mimi.
This time, the performance of the Lord’s adult surprised everyone. Before they entered the hall, they saw the Lord’s adult and exorcist Duncan personally out of the hall to meet Mimi. It seems that Mimi is a person who the Lord attaches great importance to.
Duke Tong directly rushed to hug Mimi and was very excited and said, "It’s great that you are still alive, sister."
Mimi touched the duke’s head like a big sister caressing her little sister.
"Tong didn’t expect you to have grown so big. I remember that you were just a crying baby." Mimi resumed her former kind goddess posture.
Duke Tong held Mimi’s arm and said, "It’s great to have my sister to join us now. Sister, you should already know what our Wuzhou China is like now."
Mimi’s expression changed a little, but Mimi soon recovered her composure. Tong, the old duke, said, "I know, but I will guard and not take part in the killing."
Master Tong was very excited and said, "Great. I need my sister to guard the killing, but it’s not my hope."
"Ok, Tong, I know what you mean. I’m a little tired. I’ll make a list for you in the morning. You show me the materials according to the list. I’ll build a guardian circle in Hongluan urban construction." Mimi’s face really showed a little tired
"Good sister, you come with me. I have already arranged the residence for you in …" Said the duke Tong and pulled Mimi directly away.
Left Gao Rang and others looked at the back of the sisters and became speechless, while Master Duncan spoke next to him at this time.
"Ha ha, I know what you’re thinking. Do you want a reward?" Or master Duncan knows the hearts of players
Gao Rang and others nodded.
However, this old Duncan held out a finger and shook it and said, "The reward is not so good. There is no reward this time, but I can accumulate this reward for you and give you one. If this is completed, I will give you this event and the reward for completion."
I didn’t expect Master Duncan to take the initiative to give it.