After the reform of this planning case, it really stimulates the peak competition, but the hidden dangers are also obvious. Can you be so cruel that you dare to come? If you can’t find someone after a few periods, it’s actually boring. No one knows him. It’s meaningless to finish.

Similarly, if Su Luo can really make famous singers rush to the top, it must be that there has never been a big scene in the history of Chinese music, and it is shocking to think about it.
This is a big gamble.
A group of bosses at the meeting, you look at me, and I look at you and I can’t make up my mind at the moment.
Director "I’m worried about the player problem. How are you going to solve it?"
Gao Feng: "We will take care of this aspect, and we don’t need to worry. We guarantee the quality of each player."
Deputy director "The risk is too great, can the price be slightly lower?"
Gao Feng "Oh, don’t be afraid of losing money. If you can’t find a title dealer, we can always help you find it."
What do you mean, confident? This is it.
The leaders of Zhejiang Satellite TV looked at each other and whispered, and the backstage leader made a decision.
Gao Feng pushed out a USB flash drive and then said, "This is our promotional film. Please have a look first."
Fifteen minutes later, Gao Feng walked out of the meeting room and called suluo.
Suluo "How to negotiate"
Gao Feng: "After seeing the announcement, the specific broadcast date will be fixed. According to our schedule, we will set the broadcast time. We will choose a female host and a gun brother partner in their station. I agreed, and Zhejiang Satellite TV will release news to broadcast the announcement at 7 pm."
Suluo "knows when you will come back"
Gao Feng "It will take two days to wait for the Zhejiang people to come back together."
DreamWorks official Weibo and Zhejiang Satellite TV Weibo released news simultaneously, and the propaganda film was also released directly.
"Zhejiang Satellite TV teamed up with DreamWorks to create a new music variety show, so stay tuned."
In an instant, the network became lively.
"Haha, DreamWorks is moving again."
"Hey, the masked king of songs, the ruthless pit owner, actually played variety this time."
"Bones said it was true that DreamWorks had been preparing a new program and finally came."
Can’t wait for Weibo to announce the video.
It’s a woman with a mask with a graceful figure and amazing shape.
A turn and step on the stage steps
"No one likes to be bound, even if there are no rivers and lakes."
As soon as the picture turns
A man’s back is also walking towards the stage while wearing a mask.
"Wear a mask and throw everything away"
The two men confronted each other on the stage.
"Pick up the microphone and sing from the heart"
At the same time, the masked man raised the microphone.
That’s right. This is the climax dolphin sound of Opera 2.
It’s dolphin sound. It’s-it’s wonderful.
The scalp is a little numb.
And one sentence
After a period of extremely flamboyant jumping, I rose one degree.
I’m covered in goose bumps. Who is this masked man meowing? He’s a pervert.