"You will definitely meet me again in the near future, Mr. Game." Ten fingers of the right hand are curled into the palm of your hand, and the other three fingers are slightly bent forward to point to the game. "Although I lost, I still think this competition is really an interesting duel!"

"I feel the same way …" The game smiled and pointed to ten games. "The dark care teacher directly attacked the player’s black magic guide! !”
In the black magic flash, ten health points are quickly divided into two places, and virtual images disappear together, which indicates that the duel has come to a perfect end and the game has won.
"Mr. Game, you have won. According to our agreement, you can take the key behind me …" With ten gentle words, his body gradually became transparent from his feet, as if the whole person was dissolved in gas
"ten! What’s wrong with you? " The game ran to the front of ten in surprise. "How can your body …"
"I don’t belong to this world, but I just copy my memory from the future fighter. Now my mission is over, and it’s no longer necessary to be in this world …" Ten casually took off his mask, and his face was full of childish smiles. "But you should be able to see my things soon, Mr. Game. Please let me teach you again …"
"Wait … wait!" The game reached out to catch the disappearing ten, but it caught "Don’t disappear so soon. You haven’t told me your name. How can I find you?" !”
"Touring the city … ten generations …" In the quiet sound, people completely disappeared in front of the game, leaving a slowly falling card. The game took the card in your hand, but it was just that "feather chestnut ball" game that held the card tightly in your hand, and your eyes were full of firmness.
"I have been in vain for ten generations. When we meet again, I will personally return this card to you, I swear!"
It’s scary to walk into the darkness. Fang Guiping is a little chilly. At present, the other person breathes slightly but he can’t see the other person’s appearance. He wants to reach for the hand tube in his waist, but he finally resisted for fear of seeing a rotting zombie face at first sight after pressing the hand tube.
"Why not thugs? Afraid that I have a face? " Unexpectedly, the opposite sound is not as terrible as Guiping imagined, but rather familiar. When Guiping was amazed at the rhetorical question, the surroundings lit up and appeared in front of him. A man dressed in a trench coat similar to a seahorse could not see his face, but he could see his face covered with red eyes and long black hair exposed outside the silver silk and silk.
(Brother? No, it’s not right, but what does this sound seem to have been heard before …)
"Mokuba Kaiba, I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time. I’m the key keeper here, Troy. If you can beat me through a duel, I’ll give you the keys behind me. Otherwise, you’d better quit and wait for your brother to get the keys for you."
"Don’t underestimate me, I can win myself!" Guiping was angered by the other side, and a sense of self-esteem flowing in his body is the same as that of the hippocampus. No one should look down on him like this.
"You’re very confident, little guy," Troy smiled gently. "Then I hope you won’t cry when you lose later."
"It’s you who will cry!" Guiping was angry and hit the duel plate and embedded the deck into the duel plate. "When you lose to me, I will let you know what it will be like to insult our hippocampus brothers!"
"ahhhhh!" The city sneezed heavily. Although the sealed stone room was not big, the moisture was heavy. The city smelled pungent and musty all around. While wiping its nose, it complained, "Damn, is this kind of hospitality for guests?" Where is this duel field point or a mouse nest … "
"Do you have any complaints? Mr. Cheng across the street came some arrogant children’s voices sitting on the stone table with the key. It was a theory about the shape and sound of a child of thirteen or fourteen. His face was covered with a piece of silver silk and his whole face was wrapped up, leaving a pair of big eyes that were bright and dark. The child was walking around outside with his legs crossed. Funny eyes looked at sneezing, and he didn’t even laugh.
"Damn kid, what are you laughing at? I dare you to cover your face with a piece of cloth and not be afraid of the damp smell here, right? " City, pointing to the long idle sitting on a stone table masked boy swearing "and what is that you play around posture? Get out of here quickly. Where do you have this attitude to talk to your predecessors? "
"Yes, yes, ah, you are still so impulsive. You haven’t changed at all." The boy reached out and combed his hair in style, and when he turned over, he jumped out of the table. He conveniently copied a streamlined duel disc on the table and put it on his arm. "Then play with me as before. If you win, the key to the table behind me will be yours."
"Are kids so rude now?" The city almost didn’t sweep the child’s head with one punch. "What have we seen before?" Why can’t I remember? "
That child is naughty and laughs. "Oh, by the way, I almost forgot that I know you now and you don’t know me, so I’ll sign up. My name is … Well, just call me Kotaro. Anyway, you can’t remember Mr. Cheng Keye if I tell you my name now."
"Don’t know! Never heard of it! " The city is still worried about Kotaro’s ceremony. "If I know you, I will definitely let your parents teach you a lesson about how to talk to your predecessors!"
"Hey, hey, no problem, but I’m afraid you’ll be taught a lesson by my mother." Kotaro gave a sly smile again. "You know, she is very good at treating people like you."
"This is small …!" Staring at the opposite triumphant Kotaro City, I was so angry that my veins stood out.
Zane Truesdale, who had just stepped into the door, saw his opponent standing still across the street. His face was covered with silver silk and had a short green hair. He looked a little short and seemed to be a child, but when he was bright, he could clearly feel the strong hostility emanating from him, which almost made him go backwards for that murderous look.
"Wrasse people? No, you’re not a wrasse. Who are you? How can you come here instead of the wrasse? "
"Sese people … do you mean Seto Kaiba?" Liang smiled bitterly in his heart. It seems that he gave people a substitute. "I’m not a seahorse. My name is Zane Truesdale. You ask me if I’m a seahorse. They didn’t take this door?"
"Hey, it should be the wrasse who walked through this door. I didn’t expect you to bump into me by mistake. Since he hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll take you as a waiting afterparty." The green-haired teenager took two steps in the bright direction. "If you want to know the last thing, fight with me. Beat me, get the key to the stone table behind me, and then go back to the hall the same way, you can get the answer."
"Every step forward here to duel? It’s really bothersome … "Liang muttered and played a duel." What’s your name? I don’t want to fight a guy who doesn’t give his name. "
"… call me Sinat," the green-haired boy shook a blue ritual monster in his hand, "because soon you will be defeated by my ace monster, Sinat, the king of heaven."
"Sinat is really a confident name." A sneer appeared on his bright face. "Please give me some advice later."
"Duel! !” In the three stone chambers, six voices sounded almost at the same time, and the whole temple seemed to feel the impact of six people’s courage and shook slightly.
A list of DIY card tables
Muto Game (Dark Guide Card Group Change)
Liu Xing Black Magic Guide is equipped with a magic card. This card can be equipped on the body of the Dark Master. When equipped with this card, the defense of the Dark Master’s attack monster is lower than that of the Dark Master’s attack power, the Dark Master’s attack will cause penetrating damage.
Exchange magic cards at equal value. Except for a monster card in the fusion card set, the monster garrison form with the same number of stars as this monster is called from the cemetery and put on the scene.
Evolution Claw Fast Attack Magic Card After this card is launched, you can sacrifice two cards and chestnut balls in your hand, and you can specially summon "chestnut ball LV1" from the card or card set.
Chestnut Ball LV1 (Demon Family, Ten Stars, Dark Attribute, Attack 3, Defense 2) Effect Monster This card can’t be summoned normally, but it can be summoned specially through the "evolution claw" effect. Players can sacrifice this card on the side of the opponent’s battle stage, except that there is an attack in the opponent’s place, which means that the monster is excluded, and give the opponent direct damage by the total value of the original defensive power of the destroyed monster.
X [Jaden Yuki] (E Hero Card Group)
After this card is activated, both parties can choose a magic or trap card from the cemetery and add it to the hand card.
The deceased sublimated the magic card, except for the five cards of the card group, and chose a monster attack from his own cemetery to show that he was present.
Chapter 32 Soul arrival! Qiangqiangxi
"Then I will attack the card first." Sinat, a green-haired boy, drew a card from the card deck and immediately added it to his hand. "I launched the eternal magic’ Emerald Spring’ from my hand and then stamped another card. The round is over."
"He doesn’t summon monsters? !” It’s very unusual for Sinatra to set up monsters in the backcourt. The other side is stuck on the table as a counter-attack card. Even if the monsters are not attacked by themselves, I’m afraid they won’t lose anything, but it’s a great threat to themselves. Besides, there is no monster in the opponent’s court, and it’s rare for Sinatra to draw a dragon in the starting card, so it’s a subtle step when he is in the game, but it’s a great threat to him.