Boss Yan has this ability, but people with this ability have an unusual mind.

As soon as I heard that this requirement was strict, the boss immediately refused and told me that you should not think about it for the time being.
What does that obviously don’t understand?
Boss Yan did a little thing. When the allied forces tried to sneak attack on the command center of the Eastern Dynasty, a group of experts failed to reach the foot of the mountain, so Lin Yin played a ball game alone.
That man, who is also a wise man, understood the meaning of the other party when he heard this. I will intercede for you. If I accidentally offend the Golden Eagle, will you help me carry it?
The peerless tianjiao can’t bear the pressure of the Golden Eagle Club. What kind of businessman?
That guy not only lamented that he really didn’t have many IQ scores when he came out to mix players these days.
In fact, the strategy of Colorful Paradise is better than that of peerless Tianjiao. After the Battle of Dynasty Port, Colorful Paradise also gave instructions to Loulan Branch at the Justice League headquarters, which also issued a warning to Feng Chaohuang. What are you doing if you eat too much? I’m too idle to encourage others to fight. The headquarters sent you to the new area to develop your influence in the new area. As a result, you are shouldering the burden with a new guild and many old-age associations. Can you be a little more?
Suo Feng Chao Huang thought about it. Since we can’t occupy Dynasty Port, we will go to the unknown area in the north of Dynasty Port to expand our territory and get ahead of the Eastern Dynasty.
This is much more desirable than the practice of peerless arrogance. It is said that even if a guild war is to be waged, it is the last word that interests are honestly developed and expanded
This idea was also approved by the headquarters, which even sent a senior protector to assist her.
The word "assist" is a polite way of saying that Feng Chaohuang knows in his heart that the dharma protector is definitely not here to assist himself, but to supervise himself and play a containment role.
It’s not that the headquarters doesn’t trust her, but that she did badly and lost the battle in Dynasty Harbor. It’s hard for her forces in colorful paradise to speak. Another faction will never miss this opportunity to send a protector to the new district, which is simply justified.
The dharma protector used to go out from exile and have a little affection with the Lanxin family. Now the Lanxin family is scared to death of the Eastern Dynasty, so they come to the door and swear that you want to make a fortune in the north? Ok, we can also help. Don’t say that there is no problem with people. I don’t ask for it. Just say that this is a joint development of Colorful Paradise and Lanxin Family.
Then the mind of protecting the law is also very delicate, which is not bad. If anything goes wrong, we can also reduce the risks and losses.
So Lan Xin’s family appeared in the Dabaoshan area, and the dharma protector also sent a capable family member to bring up the rear.
This genus is pointing at the foot of the mountain at the moment, surrounded by guild vans moving back and forth.
Emma, deep in the grass, couldn’t help saying, "This person is curious and blames me for not seeing anyone wearing white clothes and gold-rimmed glasses before. She is gentle and not like a big shot but like a researcher."
Mad dog dragon also stared at the gold-rimmed glasses man and silently said, "You guessed it, he is a technician."
"hmm? You seem to know him? " Emma is curious.
Mad dog dragon light way "I not only know him, but also played a game with him. This guy is so cloudy that he almost killed me, but in the end, he didn’t expect this little guy to be a colorful paradise. No wonder he has achieved well in scientific research."
This man with gold-rimmed glasses was none other than Kang Ye, his strong rival in the Baizhishan Grand Canyon Time Wheel.
Mad dog dragon obviously didn’t expect Kang Ye to appear in this place.
Emma thought, "It turns out that it’s your enemy. This will be easy. After you destroy all these people, I can dig up all the gold and titanium ores in this mountain by myself. At that time, when your Oriental Dynasty has minerals, I will also make money. I can also buy Huaxia ancient costume clothes. Hehe, Dalong, what do you think of my method?"
Mad dog dragon secretly lamented that he thought I was good, but you didn’t learn yy limit. This bad habit was learned by you. shine on you is better than blue.
Shit! Shit! Damn it! to be continued
Chapter four hundred and seventy-three The Dragon Throne
Master Kang is obviously directing many players to carry the van, and Emma looks envious. "Eh, how many ores have been transported out?"
"no!" Mad dog dragon shook his head and said, "They are definitely not digging. If I guess correctly, they are digging mountains!" "
"Dig a mountain?" Emma is curious.
Mad dog dragon road "but they are digging a mountain, probably looking for something in the mountain, and it is definitely not ore but a car full of rocks."
At this time, a soldier "Kang Ye found it" ran out of the hole.
Kang Ye’s eyes lit up and he was shocked. "Let’s go and have a look!"
Strange things happen, just say that things have been found. They don’t go into the hole, but they want the mountain.
Mad dog dragon said, "Let’s go with them and see what they are doing?"
He came here to teach a few thieves a lesson, but when he got here, he found that Kang Ye was there.