It is no wonder that Zuo Tangtang wants to say this, because the competition for the top ten in this game theory is extremely fierce, especially for the position of the first day.

And finally won this title?
Everyone can’t wait to hang this glittering title on their heads, or to show off or be ridiculous or for other reasons.
In particular, sending messages on public channels with the first title of this day will have special effects. Zuo Tangtang has always said that it is gray, cool and handsome!
Hug your thighs!
Zuo Tangtang has always been secular, and there are only three characters left in his mind.
[Nearby] Stew the trotters! Pikachu!
I didn’t notice that the fight had entered the end.
Pikachu is not going.
He threw himself into the street
A thick red fog wrapped the graceful Emei inside.
Zuo Tangtang also forgot his thoughts at the moment. He was full of worship and looked at Cat Ear Niang.
This ….. this is so handsome.
Although they are both demon brothers, they are not as handsome as fake mothers.
It’s a city management body for a fake mother to play, and it also has a sharp and handsome aesthetic feeling.
While that catfish moth, with her indescribable charm, can double stab you when you are unprepared.
Pikachu was lying on the ground, and he had forgotten to get up for a long time before he reacted.
[Nearby] Pippi Pikachu, you are the best sister I have ever seen!
While Pikachu was still feeling deeply.
[Nearby] Who told you that I am a sister? to be continued
[132 Chapter 134 The Wild Man]
Pikachu couldn’t say anything at this moment [Ferry Search Novel] Baidu Name+
My head is in a daze.
Zuo Tangtang looked at the young man who fell to the ground and shook his head with sympathy! At first glance, I just haven’t experienced any big waves.
Although she had made mistakes when she knew that this graceful MengMeng Emei was a Han, now she is a cliff and won’t admit that she was stupid at the beginning.
After all, it’s an experienced person!
I have more knowledge than these young people.
Zuo Tangtang touched Ba Shunshun, which is not in beard sigh with emotion.
[Nearby] Pippi Pikachu, you said …
[Nearby] Pippi Pikachu, you said you were Han?
[Nearby] Cat Ear Niang Yes.
[Nearby] Cat Ear Niang or you?
I … I …
Pikachu’s face is full of grief and indignation. Of course you are a sister!
Is this world fantastic?
What, a woman who plays the bugle will be very confident to ask otherwise? You and I are sisters?
When we see a person, should we first doubt his (her) gender? Can’t "seeing is believing" after all? !
Where is everyone’s most basic trust?
Looking at Pikachu for a long time without any resurrection, he got up and was still lying there. Zuo Tangtang was a little worried about whether this cargo was hit silly?
Zuo Tangtang hurriedly asked in the team channel message.
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew cats and dogs! This …
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew. Why hasn’t Pikachu got up yet? Is it stuck or scared?
[Team] Cat Ear Niang Tanshou/I don’t know who cares.
[Team] Cat Ear Niang and what is scared?
[Team] Cat Ear Niang Gu/Am I scared? I said the truth ~
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Then what is he doing there?
[Team] Did the pig’s trotters stew blx?
[Team] What does Cat Ear Niang mean?
[Team] The pig’s trotters stew the most, you are the younger sister, and then you are so handsome when you learn, so enchanting when you walk ~
[Team] Cat ears feed hooves! Stop, stop. What are you talking about?
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters exude a unique temperament.
[Team] Erigeron = =
[Team] He must have fallen in love with you at first sight!
[Team] Cat Ear Niang is frightened/huh?
[Team] Cat Ear Mother Egg! Hoof hooves! Don’t scare me!
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed in chaos./Otherwise, what do you think his failure can be?
Cat ear mother looked down.
After a second, he decisively cut the line of sight of the character.
This nima, he never saw that gray lump.
At the moment, Pikachu is in a gray world, and his mood is very depressed. Frustration and frustration have dealt an indelible blow to the whole person. If good people give him some steamed bread, blood medicine and blue medicine at this time, he thinks he will be better.
Oh dear!
How to tell the usual lines of cheating sympathy?
Pikachu patted his head, but he is really in a gray mood now.
It’s really because the catwoman is not a younger sister.
But it’s not Zuo Tangtang’s guess that reason.