One of the Japanese players quickly flew back when he saw the avenger dragon soul guardian at the gate of the city. "Please help me resist first and call someone for everyone!" His voice just fell, but he had already run so far that he almost disappeared at the bottom of everyone’s eyes.

As soon as the man escaped, he saw that another Japanese player suddenly covered his belly and stepped back and said, "I’m sorry I had diarrhea today!" Don’t worry, I’ll be right back! Go and come! " Speaking of which, he did not forget to add, "You must wait for me!"
Due to the fact that the players have made a head start for a while, they were going to resist and go backwards one after another. Various reasons have been added. Listen to me and bite the gods. When I blink, it was still busy. At the moment, the west gate of Dongdu Imperial City is already quiet.
"God-eater, are we like demons?" I can’t help but touch my head and shake my head and sigh, "These Japanese players are too rubbish, right? It’s like a ghost to see us again." This is too exaggerated. "
Bite god saw eye moment has people go to the street west side door expressionally said, "this is not very good? There are no Japanese players to stop us from going to the palace to take the magic silver crystal. "
Chapter two hundred and twelve Crazy! Dongdu Massacre (2)
"Too bad, it seems that we still underestimated the Japanese area. We didn’t even see through such a simple lure." When God and I arrived at the major shops in the center of Dongdu Imperial City, the sudden figure of Ruye Street was egged on, and in a blink of an eye, there were already more than 10,000 Japanese players.
"Ha ha ha? Did I play well just now? " A Japanese expert suddenly appeared in the crowd and burst out laughing at all the people around him. If we had paid attention to it earlier, we would have found that he was the player who first retreated at the city gate and lied to move reinforcements.
If it’s the city gate, God-eater may be able to teleport out of the city directly by teleportation and then escape immediately, but now it’s a few steps away from the palace in Dongdu Imperial City, and there is a gap of four doors. It can be said that even if it’s not thousands of miles, it can be 54 thousand miles-not as far as usual.
It’s almost impossible to escape from the siege surrounded by many players in Aino Mina.
"Brother Dragon Soul, I’m afraid your seclusion technique has lost its effect. Because of love for wild Mina, you have already started the bad weather one step ahead of you." God devoured countless players around and looked at the restaurant again. Love for wild Mina has already started the bad weather. The golden snake sword in his hand frowned and said, "It seems that there will be a massacre in Dongdu today."
"Just what I want!" Now that we have been lured deep into the enemy and the restaurant reincarnation loves Kono Mina so early, it is necessary to prevent me from escaping from hiding. Now, there are pursuers behind us, and we can fight hard to live or die, and we can also resign ourselves to fate.
"Fox petticoats! ""Hu xiaobo! ""Long Lin armor! ""Drunk and dreaming! 」
The four auxiliary skills were released and I was in a high state before. Now I feel full of strength, but these are not enough. Mochizuki Ayumu Fairy Fengyun’s vitality quickly stepped out, and in an instant, there were twelve more places around me-twelve places at my best.
God looked at the sudden appearance of twelve places at once around him to help resist most Japanese players’ attacks. Li Guang in his eyes immediately shot at the restaurant where the reincarnation was located. He said lowly, "Brother Dragon Soul, you are busy in the building. We will go directly to the restaurant to solve Ai Ye Mina first, and then you will leave me to contain the main force of the Japanese region."
"You don’t want to …?"
God-eating face did not change and said coldly, "I can come to a vigorous Dongdu massacre today, and I will not waste my time in the future!"
At the same time, I saw two figures flashing, which should still be on the ground. As soon as I ate God and the dragon soul, I came to the restaurant and confronted the reincarnation love wild Mina face to face. If I can reach anywhere within 1 meter, I can say that it is the most unpredictable skill in the world.
A large number of Japanese players in the building reached the building in an instant when they saw the target. Naturally, they clamored for the building, but they were rigidly blocked in the building. On the other side of the building, the Japanese ninja teacher saw that he could not break into his hand, and he was desperately released to the second floor. It seems that he is not worried about hurting the koo.
It seems that we must hurry!’ God eats at the bottom of the building and constantly impacts the restaurant’s gate. Players look at the restaurant and keep hitting Ninjutsu. The idea that Ninjutsu had planned to make a quick decision was immediately cancelled and directly changed to a quick decision to divide life and death.
The difference between winning and losing and life and death is different. It is convenient to defeat by yourself, but the concept of life and death is to fight with the determination to die. Either you die or I die.
"Dragon Soul Brother Enemy Defense Skills" eats God’s low wake-up call, and then immediately turns the supercilious look into empty supercilious look, and then bursts of empty gas spread around immediately. "Ai Ye Mina picks me up with empty supercilious look." As soon as the fairy sound falls, it continuously presses the sword tactic, and the huge Taiji virtual force quickly spreads from the eyes and expands around at an unimaginable speed.
This time, Tai Chi is different from the most common Tai Chi magnetic field, and it is also different from the newly realized Tai Chi. Is it another new virtual trick?
"Empty eyes too great blasting! 」
"Round eye-absolute absorption! 」
"Long Lin protective defense type three Long Lin array wall! 」
"Wind forest volcano Yin thunder six motionless! 」
Almost at the same time, the four-style trick started in this small room.
Rumbling like an earthquake, the Imperial City of Dongdu shook violently. The restaurant was long and Dongdu Street. Players who came into contact with the virtual gas day exploded and died. Even if the absolute defense was activated, the three people could not help but change their faces.
If the restaurant’s absolute defense is a big change, then Dongdu Street in the restaurant will become a bloody hell.
The explosion is like a chain flash that never stops. After being touched by the player’s explosive body, the virtual force immediately looks for a target around until it can spread to the nearby object. What’s more strange is that these virtual forces have an effect on the player and can avoid the street NPC.
Therefore, after the chain effect of blasting with too much empty eyes, there are now NPC’s left in Dongdu Street, and other players accidentally hit by the chain flash. Apart from NPC, there are four players left, and half of the China area and half of the day area can be said that both sides have the same number of people.
Two people in China don’t want to know that one is that the skill releaser eats the gods, but it seems that this big blasting pair is not small because of his pale face. Another nature is that Kai Long Lin’s array wall has avoided the disaster dragon soul; In Japan, there are two people, one of whom lives by absolute absorption, and the other one loves Kono Mina.