It is at this time that people know this. They bring good luck packages and bad news.

No one in the group can be silent.
Two emails with the same theme but different results have obviously told them that everyone will receive the email, but it is just a problem of slow delivery. The really good news still needs to be typed in the email to know.
Unlike the initial e-mail, everyone was not excited at first. Even if they received the e-mail, they typed it silently. After all, it would be an embarrassing thing if they were not selected after the interview. At one time, many people in the group ignored the news waiting and looked at their future.
What was Zuo Tangtang like at this moment? -staring at the brain screen, staring at the mouse over and over again, refreshing the body posture and not moving, it seems a little mywood.
These moves can bring her more peace than all kinds of trivial thoughts of Su Orange. In fact, at the moment of disclosure, she suddenly felt that some things and some results were not as important as she thought. Even if this road was not successful, there were other ways for Qian Qian to prove herself.
Looking at the new message box in the right corner after refreshing again and again, there is not much entanglement. Zuo Tangtang clicked in-it’s just that she tried to take a path.
Formulaic discourse seems to show that there is no exception for anyone.
Zuo Tangtang slowly leaned back on the comfortable headrest and breathed slowly, quietly watching the mail on the screen.
"how! How about it! " Aside silent don’t hold yourself for a long time, Sue orange finally came alive, generally full of energy to gather together.
"Not bad!" Push Zuo Tangtang’s shoulder with a smile. After reading it, it shows that Su Orange has become a daily necessity. "We both chose, hahaha ~ When the time comes, we will go to class together to participate in the company activities together …"
"It’s just …" Dancing Sue orange just then excited Zuo Tangtang hurriedly specialty over her mouth.
After all these years together, she really can’t expect her to say anything good without thinking.
Is it really chosen?
Zuo Tangtang in Su Orange all sorts of cheerful chanting again distracted looking at those lines of notice words slowly evoked a warm smile at the corner of his mouth.
This is a new one.
Zuo Tangtang said to himself in his mind
Fingers swept from a major I had studied, and finally my fingertips stopped at the pile of black and white materials. After thinking for a long time, Zuo Tangtang picked it up from the desktop and looked at the front with his eyes for a long time. It seemed as if he had lost his mind. He put the materials up and arranged them with his hands. Then he turned and took out a paper bag and put it in the bag.
It was said at the end of the email during the training.
She has to get ready before.
Su orange is also sorting out what she needs in her bedroom-although it is not a short time before the training, the news of being recruited successfully is really encouraging news, and she is consciously rummaging through her clothes in the closet without any urging.
In the previous group
The results are all out. Selected but not selected.
Not being selected was depressed and didn’t want to say a word, but being selected was happy, but I didn’t say a word when I thought there were more losers inside.
This busy nearly two Zhou Qun for the first time no one to talk.
Actually, Zuo Tangtang really feels lucky.
Until now, if she is asked to re-select what to write on that page, she will probably not be as bold as she was then, but show all her ideas to the examiner after the visit as she told Su Orange.
This method was the safest and most correct method she felt at that time.
Now looking at the email in Su Orange’s hand can confirm the effectiveness of this method. However, at that time, she … thought of this, Zuo Tangtang shook her head. Her paper was scribbled like a draft paper, but it didn’t involve their visit at all.
This is a risky decision.
At that time, she saw all the people crowded around, and the employees inside were like curious babies, but they showed absolute courtesy and elegance to visit and ask questions. At that moment, she suddenly changed her mind, which might indeed show her "external advantage" brought by an "external employee". Perhaps she could see some unseen problems in S from a unique perspective.
But this is not taking advice.
If this interview is really intended for this purpose, will it not be realized in this external recruitment? Or don’t you look at it from another angle after you really recruit people?
Zuo Tangtang can’t understand
I simply finished the interview according to my own ideas-she had seen a lot before, not just perfected her major at that time in college, but tried other majors with interest in her spare time.
If others show their feelings about various processes, then it is her ability to show them directly and generously.
She gave up the safest option.
She is a person who can talk about "how the personal environment of S affects the psychological comfort of each employee and the unknown degree of freedom affects the motivation of work" from the psychological point of view from the company.
She shows confidence in what she knows, so let this confidence be turned into an ability to show it to everyone.
If you take out the answer sheet that is still in the company now, the first impression will still be a mess, but if you look carefully, you will actually talk about the understanding of S from all angles, not the understanding of future workers.
Yes, Zuo Tangtang also has this meaning in it-since she can see more things through such simple decoration, she is absolutely capable of understanding and reading S, and they present the workflow.
Later, she didn’t dare to tell Su Orange her thoughts, which was actually just her stubborn desperation. She didn’t want to give her friends the wrong ideas when she was hesitant.
Both of them have been chosen.
Although she didn’t show it, as Su Orange said, it was something to celebrate.
When Zuo Tangtang went to the interview, he learned about the admission. When he looked at the men and women who talked and laughed with each other, he knew the intensity of the competition.
A dozen people choose three people.
Everyone here has a firm belief in professionalism and is elected by the heads of departments in charge.
You are welcome to say that everyone is excellent.
However, it takes three people
However, with the vague attitude of everyone in the group today, after careful observation, Zuo Tangtang found that the success was four people, not the three.
There’s nothing wrong with thinking too much.
Just like this notice, on the day when the pre-job training really comes, she won’t guess whether they will train like other companies’ most routine practices or have a …… new model?
Put the information and books that you may need in the trunk compartment and backpack respectively, and Zuo Tangtang moved these departments to the wardrobe-she probably won’t be a "good student" during this period.
New treatment
When the reality and the secondary world are full of conflicts between law and avoidance, now she probably knows how she will make a decision to be continued.