Raven also affirmed that EH must have a new tactic that is different from the past.

DK captain raven is conservative
This directly led to DK’s most advantageous and self-styled double tour in the early and middle period.
The moment the alchemist made it, it was doomed that DK had changed the previously established tactics in this game.
Even if a knight with two tours and two tours can stall S’s dark grazing on the road by relying on degenerate aura and blood-adding skills, DK tactics have turned to the later stage when alchemy gave up wandering equipment and made some gold.
This is raven’s command arrangement
It is also an active change in that face of abnormal EH performance.
If you are poor, you will change, and if you are poor, you will be long.
Now DK is caught in a seesaw quagmire on the road, and the road can be eaten to death by S and the dark shepherd. The middle road is popular, but it has been busy on the third road.
The popularity of DK team is a universal patch. In the past, this semi-auxiliary position was generally the position where DK was more brilliant.
However, today, in the face of EH team’s dark shepherd and S scholar, it is unreasonable to say that the popular way is to bombard S and dark shepherd.
Occasionally, sometimes you should consider mending your eyes
It can be said that the busiest thing in this game up to now is the popularity of the road and the ability to take turns to resist the S-push.
It is also necessary to repair the eye or speed up the galloping support when the middle road is tight.
It’s really worthy of the popularity of running and flying. Women come and go like the wind. This is a chic.
However, being popular is self-aware.
Economy, economic experience and experience don’t look at the popularity. It seems that it has always appeared in places where there are lines of soldiers, but the strong firepower of the road and the middle road VS full-scale terrorist fluctuations push the lines of soldiers to the tower every time, and the popular skills can’t directly clear a wave of soldiers.
Tower knife mending is a very test of players’ knife mending skills.
Popular knife patching skills are not demanding. In the case of no tower in the battlefield, good trajectory and range damage skills can ensure the stability of knife patching.
This is the situation that the soldier line repairs the knife in front of the tower, which is a disaster for the popularity of DK.
Without economy, there is no powerful equipment. Road S is very popular and can only support blood and purchase recovery equipment first.
Fashion also bought a magic cloak to strengthen its spell resistance and reduce the threat of S to itself.
This leads to the popularity of output equipment, which means that there is no decent output equipment except a pair of prosthetic legs and a pendant in the temple.
The error rate is surprisingly high when repairing knives in the tower, especially in Lin Feng VS, who also likes to make up after the war line, if he points with VS before the fashion.
That fashion will definitely regret this decision.
Slab brick plus or minus armor, however popular, is out of the protection range of the tower. Lin Feng will wait on the slab brick for about two seconds. Vertigo and collateral damage have made crispy skin popular, which has caused some headaches.
Be popular with full-scale terrorist wave, and then be hit by VS in two seconds.
This is simply a tragedy for fashion.
The most popular thing in Sai Lai is to go home to soak in hot springs, one of which is more than consuming blue shadow demons.
DK reached a deadlock in all three roads, and at this time, alchemy appeared online to break the deadlock.
With the DK deadlock being broken, the EH team VS was targeted.
"demo makes you show off in an ostentatious manner ~" 99% of the small dome audience are DK fans. Sometimes there is no reason for their crazy love for their team idols, and the crazy support is even more boundless.
In the alchemy, a two-stage rocking music is perfectly shaken and fully fermented, and 10,000 fans are looking forward to drawing a fiery arc in the middle and making the middle road VS dizzy on the spot.
(Unstable compounds have a five-second casting delay. The longer they shake in five seconds, the longer they finally hit their opponents when they are dizzy. The two-stage shaking is 25 seconds when they are full of dizziness.)
What can two and a half seconds make alchemists and fashionistas do?
If the alchemist has a big move, there is also a big move, which can split a buffalo into a bone method in 2.5 seconds.
Simply, the alchemist didn’t make a big move to become popular and didn’t spray machine guns.
Come in to see VS almost full of blood or a little panic in my heart.
However, Lin Feng obviously forgot that there is still a trick to tie the blow (to stun the trees behind the target or another target with an arrow)
It is also two levels.
"Ah ~ ~ ~" For a while, Ai Ai contralto sounded in the middle of the road, which was VS.
Lin Fengnai looked at the front and was controlled to death. It took a total of four seconds to be attacked by a pair of dog men and women to hand over the second life VS.
Dizziness skills in DOA are sometimes really fascinating.