When Lu Jiu saw that Konoha had gained a great advantage because of cross-country, he soon captured the first line of defense of Fog Endure, so he smiled and told Ding Zuo to let him go back to the camp with cross-country and cultivate himself. Lu Jiu was ready to make subsequent arrangements after Konoha captured the first line of defense of Fog Endure.

Then it was not half an hour before the cross-country followed Ding Ding back to the camp to cultivate, and the fog forbeared to construct the first line of defense in front of the camp, which was completely solved.
However, in addition to cross-country killing three fog-bearing people and ten fog-bearing people, there are only a few fog-bearing people and several fog-bearing people. It is determined that they died in the battlefield before the two sides met. It is not for the subsequent deployment that Lu Jiu frowned slightly.
Obviously, the number of ninjas in fog tolerance has not been greatly weakened in the previous confrontation, which makes Lu Jiu still somewhat disappointed whether the follow-up war can be carried out smoothly.
On the contrary, it was the former deer who fought against Fog Endure for a long time. The commander behind the scenes found that the cross-country made the wind and the secret technique great, far from being able to solve it by himself. It was because he hated his teeth and finally decided to evacuate the defense line.
In particular, when returning to the second line of defense of Fog Endure, the commander behind Fog Endure found that the number of ninjas was actually lost so much. He performed well in the previous battle and almost took away all the glory. Cross-country became a thorn in the side of this commander behind Fog Endure.
Almost as soon as I learned how much the ninja had lost, the commander behind the scenes of Fog Endurance hated cross-country and at the same time smiled and ordered a Fog Endurance secret department to return to the camp and handed over the information on the front line!
"Mu Xiu will be destroyed in Lin Feng!"
"A kid has such an excellent talent. I think those adults are very interested in taking your head back as a collection!"
"Damn konoha dark kid, wait and see!"
Chapter 137 litres
"It feels good that chakra has finally recovered!"
Muye camp in the evening
Before Konoha finished capturing the fog, the first line of defense took all the glory in the battlefield, and he hurried back to the camp under the leadership of Ding Zuo to recover from the body and stay ill.
And in Ding Zuo, he led a rapid return to the camp cross-country and began to restore chakra without hesitation.
Don’t say it!
A chakra overdraft is just a cross-country trip. During the recovery of chakra, it is not only beneficial to one’s own huge mental energy, but also aware of the hidden diseases left in the body. It is said that the cross-country of body meridians has found a little crack. If the recovery is not completed, it will face several chakra overdrafts. It is very likely that the cross-country meridians will be permanently broken and there will be no possibility of becoming a ninja.
Also aware of this kind of situation, further understanding of the hidden dangers of cross-country is really scared in a cold sweat.
Fortunately, there are many secret medicines in Nara clan, and the recovery speed is very fast if the meridians are treated.
It took nearly a whole day to come back to chakra and solve the physical illness. It was only in the evening that the whole person was "out" and it was easy.
Especially, the off-road mood becomes better when I untie the gauze on my shoulder and find that I left my injury before and recovered.
The problem of insufficient quantity in chakra is nothing!
After all, some problems can be solved without being anxious, just like cross-country people want to hold a certain amount of chakra as soon as possible to complete the spiritual occult practice of the whirlpool clan, which makes their spiritual energy face a real "qualitative" change, and that is not something that can be done without being anxious.
It’s like thinking like that before cross-country. Whether it’s saving chakra or practicing the spiritual occultism of whirlpool clan is a long-lasting practice.
Then cross-country in the belly situation is completed in chakra practice and vortex gens hermetic practice this just hurried to find something to eat.
And when the front foot of the cross-country just stepped out of the camp to find something to eat, who thought that Ah Kai didn’t know the fire and Xuan Ebisu came back with three hind feet?
In front of the camp, I met the cross-country and saw that I didn’t know the fire. Xuan Ebisu took something to eat. That was without even saying hello. Instead, Ah Kai didn’t know the fire. Xuan Ebisu, three people looked at the cross-country on the battlefield. At this time, picking the mask of the dark part was a tender look. That was really a sigh.
"Eat slowly off-road, no one will rob you!"
"Xuan said that we had just eaten. You’d better have a drink first!"
"Ebisu Xuan, how do you say that cross-country progress so fast and I progress so slowly?"
"Akai is ugly because of you!"
"Akai, because your posture is wrong!"
While eating, I listened to Ah Kai chatting there.
Gobble off the food in front of you quickly, and then smile and say to Akai, "Akai don’t know what Ebisu is talking nonsense there. In fact, Akai wants you to keep practicing your words. One day, if you can surpass my efforts, I really can’t even reach 30% of you."
"And Xuan Ebisu, you performed very well on the battlefield today!"
"I feel honored to have you as companions!"
A good word from cross-country is for everyone.
However, seeing the youngest cross-country performing best on the battlefield made Ah Kai and other three people vaguely have a cross-country appearance, just like another four-generation hokage feeling, which made Ah Kai and other three people practice hard even after watching cross-country illness.
On the contrary, it is a cross-country person who stays in the camp and has no way to practice. It seems a bit chatty.
How to say that the hidden diseases of cross-country bodies are just removed and need a little recovery.
Today’s cross-country training is doomed to be a high-load practice. You can stay in the camp and wait for the day to recover.
However, the chat didn’t last long before someone came to watch cross-country
Look up and see that Uchiha Shisui came to chat with a cane, smiled and spoke, then teased, "How do you come to see me sometimes? Shouldn’t I go to see you? "
"You don’t welcome me to see you?"
"How is it possible! Come in and sit down in an instant! "
"You don’t have to take a seat. In fact, I came to ask for something!"
"ah? What is it? "
Apart from the contradiction of Uchihiro clan, cross-country is really unclear what it was that Uchiha Shisui came in person.
Besides, the contradiction between cross-country and Uchihiro clan has been solved perfectly.
Just looking at Uchihiro’s attitude towards cross-country, I feel that the Uchihiro clan has put an end to the trouble of finding him. Since it is cross-country and not idle, why do you have to find the trouble of Uchihiro clan?
And Uchiha Shisui saw cross-country that puzzled eyes projected from it and smiled awkwardly before saying, "The shadow is like this."
"Just now in the ward, I heard Liu’s adult say that you seem to have developed an interesting new occult technique and want to see it."
"If possible, can I ask you a question about your new secret?"
Since occultism is a secret, as the name implies, it is a person’s secret.
For example, cross-country and Akai are very familiar even if they are friends, but can cross-country easily ask Akai how to practice armor in the door?
The answer is no!
Because the door to escape armor is forbidden and Akai occult.
It’s okay if Kay has the heart to teach, but it’s okay if she asks questions directly if she is off-road. Even if Kay is off-road, she must be a little uncomfortable in her heart.
However, cross-country is different from ordinary ninjas. He doesn’t care much about what secrets are not.
What’s more, Uchiha Shisui wants to ask for advice, not to ask him to teach him cross-country, which is even less important in cross-country view.
Almost when Uchiha Shisui’s voice just fell, the cross-country slowly got up and directly Uchiha Shisui showed the secrets of the whirlwind.
First the palm blade and then the sword blade.
Cross-country communication with Uchiha Shisui means nothing to hide.
How to say that the secret of the whirlwind is not perfect. If Uchiha Shisui can have some opinions, then cross-country is bound to be happier
And Uchiha Shisui is also worthy of the name of instantaneous water stop.
Just after the cross-country show, the boxing blade, the sword blade and the air blade made the method cross legs again to consume chakra. When sharingan was previously allowed to watch the cross-country wind and romantic secret, Uchiha Shisui first lifted the sharingan ambassador and repeatedly praised, "I heard that you are very talented in" art "before the film, but now I see it with my own eyes, and I know that you are an uber!"