"Shiman Daoyou was indeed neglected by us to let you guard Xuanzong. We will naturally give you the immortal stone, but when looking for Danzong and Xia Qi, we forgot this matter and asked Shiman Daoyou not to take it amiss."

Yan road shows a smile, a face of sorry, and looks very sincere
Shi Man is, after all, a virtual fairy peak. Even the four families are unwilling to offend casually. In this way, especially Shi Man has now joined Xuanzong.
"These fairy stones will be compensated for Shiman Daoyou."
As cold as a snake, Yu Qi directly picked a bag with tens of thousands of fairy stones in it. He squeezed out a smile and threw it directly to Shi Man.
"Haha, I also have some here. Please don’t mind, Shiman Daoyou."
Yan Lu several people took out tens of thousands of fairy stones to Shi Man.
"Thank you for your generosity!"
Shi Man also took the Xianshi hand with a smile.
"Now that the immortal stone is in hand, please ask Shiman Daoyou to do your part to capture Xia Qi alive as soon as possible!"
Yan Lu spoke softly to Shi Man, and many people have calmed down to realize that it is not a good thing not to offend Shi Man too hard.
"Kill the big array and destroy Danzong!"
The murderous look surged again in the sky, and several attacks flashed and the brilliance hit the large array.
Such an attack was fierce and shocked the world, but unfortunately, the array was towering and motionless, and the golden light did not waver in the end.
"Send someone to the Xuanzong Lian family to send a strong man here to jointly besiege Danzong!"
After half an hour, tens of thousands of immortals were consumed, and Yan Lu and others finally stopped to realize that the best way to continue this attack is to seek reinforcements.
A monk in the realm of the imaginary fairy left and returned to Xuanzong to seek reinforcements.
Yan Lu’s attack on several people also stopped, because the effect of continuing to go is not great, and it is just a waste of them to get the fairy stone.
"Danzong, you can’t escape!"
Yan Lu several people around the Danzong tied it firmly. Yu Ji’s eyes were cold and staring at the golden light. Danzong’s new mouth seemed to mumble and swear.
Wuyaling in the North Region
In the past, the fog shrouded the crow ridge all the year round, and now the light has been broken. Xia Qi and Gu Yue still stay in the world.
Millions of immortal bones have been collected, and the underground world has fallen into darkness, but Xia Qi and Gu Yue stayed here and sat cross-legged.
Gu Yue is studying the life stone to make it more suitable in knowing the sea.
Xia Qi is practicing on the side.
This time, in the underground world, he and Gu Yue have gained so much that they can be called life stones, life water and the bones of millions of immortals in Zhenbingtai, which is shocking.
Xia Qi stayed here to practice because of the water of life.
Life water is too rare and miraculous, and the effect can also be called fate. Xia Qi stayed here because he wanted to use life water to make himself strong quickly.
His main strength now is to deify the vision of acupoints and orifices and get life water from the earth, which can just strengthen the vision of acupoints and orifices of several plants.
Although Snow Lotus, Fusang Shenmu, Tongtian Teng, Blood Tree, and Fire Lotus can be said to have transcended the category of plants and extended into creatures, they are still botanical.
Life water can quickly strengthen it!
Sitting cross-legged, Xia Qi was calm and calm, and a bottle of life water was held in his hand.
A mass of life water flowed out of the jade bottle with strong vitality and spirituality, and was incorporated into Xia Qi’s body, flowing like a river along the veins and finally entering the acupoint.
This mass of life water entered the hole where the fire lotus was located.
The fire lotus is burning like a ball, and the shining sun is a round of scorching sun. This is the apotheosis of two kinds of spirits by Jin Yaoshi, which makes the world of this acupoint a little different and looks a little more different.
A mass of life water enters this cave and the world is controlled by Xia Qi, and it flows to the fire lotus. The rich vitality is spreading, and the fire lotus is swaying gently before it touches the life water, which seems to be intoxicated.
Soon this water of life came to the place where the fire lotus was located and gently swayed. By the way, the fire broke out all over the sky and the fire lotus was wrapped!
This mass of life water was absorbed by the fire lotus, and it was exposed in the fire lotus. Xia Qi clearly felt the drastic changes in the fire lotus.
Originally, it was only about one person, tall and flaming with a bud, but at this time, the water of life was absorbed, and the fire lotus grew wildly.
Lotus leaves swell and expand rapidly, like a canopy lotus. It is brilliant red like blood, shining like ruby in the hot sun.
More branches and buds grow rapidly at the root of the fire lotus, and the fire lotus turns into a sea of fire in less than half an hour!
This is the result of the dense growth of fire lotus in several days, and the red light is flashing and the fire is blazing, which has greatly overshadowed the glory of the scorching sun transformed by the golden jade stone!
Xia Qi’s mind moved, and the fire lotus rocked violently, and the fire spewed like a volcanic eruption, and conan the destroyer’s coercion broke out at this moment!
"How strong it is!"
Xia Qi exclaimed that the fire lotus was so powerful that it surpassed the strength of the blood dragon. It was simply unimaginable! Moreover, the water of life has not been completely digested, and some of it is contained in the fire lotus, which has temporarily risen to a peak because of the low strength of Xia Qi!
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Chapter five hundred and forty Large array rupture
The fire lotus is strong to a limit, and the fire spews with poor power.
This makes Xia Qi benefit is also a huge ratio.
In a short time, the power of the lotus was poor and turned into a big killer. Even his body became strong again because of the strong vision of the lotus.
"The fruit of life is really tough!"
Xia Qi was amazed and delighted, and a mass of life water flowed out of the jade bottle and poured into Xia Qi’s body.
This time, the water of life in Xia Qi became stronger, and the cave where Tongtian Teng was located became a vine world, which covered the land exhaustively, just like several snakes in a blue sea were hidden in it.
Then came Fusang Shenmu, Bingpo Xuelian, and Xueshu Xiaqi, all of which spared no expense in life and water to quickly strengthen them and change them one by one in a short time.
The vision of several acupoints is so powerful that Xia Qi can bear the limit now, which makes Xia Qi’s strength reach a peak with inexplicable coercion!
In particular, the strength of his body is the strength of his body, and now his body is glittering and translucent, shiny and shining like a perfect art.