Suddenly, it seems that the sound of angry beating on the table startled Zuo Tangtang and even forgot to continue laughing at Gai.

"Are you still laughing?" Cover is very gloomy threatened.
"Dare not" replied Zuo Tangtang sullenly, but his heart was limited to pie mouth "what! It’s just a bunch of pigs or a pig who doesn’t care about anything! "
"Mm-hmm ~ That’s good!" Cover looked at silent Zuo Tangtang is very satisfied.
"Ah, yes," Guy suddenly reacted. "Hoohoo, you girl are looking for me after two antennas and one line?"
"Yes, have opinions?" Zuo Tangtang ignored her at the thought of her own mu mu. She was in a bad mood and asked Gai fiercely.
Gai didn’t feel that Zuo Tangtang was in a super bad mood, and he was very shy. He replied, "Ouch, hoof, hoof, this is … this is not good ~ but I still don’t mind if you have to."
"Gewuen! Get out! " Zuo Tangtang growled
"Come on!" Cover limit injustice "you find me a line I’m not you * * me! But you are really strange! Don’t you always stick to your home? Why don’t you go to him after a few days of not playing games? "
"Is it …" Guy suddenly whispered, "What’s the conflict between you and your family?"
"bah! Crow mouth! " Zuo Tangtang disliked and said, "My family and I are very good! There will be no contradiction! "
"Then why don’t you go to him!" The cover won’t be white.
"You and I didn’t find? Our family is bathing, that’s something! I am helping them kill their enemies! "
"Oh, I can’t see that a person who is so gentle in your family will kill people?"
Although my heart is also quite responsive to this, Zuo Tangtang is still quite stubborn, so I heard that she was very proud and said, "My family is amazing! Super fighting capacity! He doesn’t want to fight at ordinary times! But if a friend goes to see him, of course he will go to fight bravely! "
"Alas, alas, well, well, I know that your family is very good at bathing!" Gaiyu interrupted Zuo Tangtang. "You said I didn’t speak ill of Mu Yunxian’s goods. What are you so excited about!"
"Hum!" Zuo Tangtang pie pie again.
"And I didn’t come to you directly!" Zuo Tangtang added, "I just followed the soy sauce pits to see Xiaoqi hooking up with a new sister paper!"
"Xiao Qi?" Guy thought for a moment. "You said it was the crow that was a bit Erqi?"
"Uh-huh!" Zuo Tangtang nodded. "But now he has changed his route and hooked up with an Emei sister paper!"
Emei? " Elder Martial Sister Gai, who is in Emei, is still curious about this. "What’s your name?"
"tendril tendril? !”
Home nine categories push and pull ~ alas, although I am very happy, it really makes me cry to death in the toilet every day ~ It is simply a kind of torture for a seller like a bean! So let me hurry up and have a quick-thinking buff! Ahem, nonsense. A little Doha? Now there’s another chapter in the evening. See you later ~
[96] Chapter 90 Orange to rub rice]
"Yes!" Guy is very angry and said
"But as you said, this girl is a bit sexual," Zuo Tangtang said very much, "but it will be fine if she is ok in other aspects."
"This guy has no sense of honor in the gang!" Guy is still there muttering, "I don’t want to pay in the past if I want to get it …"
"All right, all right!" Zuo Tangtang Nai comforted Gai. It’s not white that she started this topic. Now it’s Gai complaining. "There are all kinds of people in this game! Don’t care too much! "
"You still advise your friend Xiao Qi to let him not associate with this tendril! Otherwise, it will be noisy to death or it will be noisy to death. "Guy set up the move again.
"Ah ah! I said no! " Zuo Tangtang quickly stopped "regardless of how long the younger sister and Xiaoqi met, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not good to knock over a group of people with such a pole!" It is still too arbitrary to judge a person by this point! "
"I don’t know what you said!" Guy said, "I’m all gone. I was very upset just now!" "
"yes!" Zuo Tangtang said very sincerely, "It’s my fault that you always let it go. Anyway, it won’t hinder us, right?"
Cover there hum two is agreed.
"oh! It’s 12 o’clock, so hurry to sleep! " Zuo Tangtang quickly urged Gai when he noticed the brain!
"Hoof hooves what are you doing! It’s so early! " Guy is very dissatisfied.
"Your bottle said to go to bed early! So you go to bed quickly! " Zuo Tangtang roared
"You haven’t slept! What makes you say that about me! Besides, why do you want to listen to a bottle? You know, I’m your buddy! And I’m still a leader! Hum! He’s just a district deputy! " Gaiao Jiao protested, "So you have to listen to me! Don’t sleep! "
Peat! Zuo Tangtang said in his heart, who doesn’t know that your night song gang actually holds your bottle? You, the gang leader, are still playing soy sauce all day! Have prestige!
However, Zuo Tangtang was very wise and didn’t say it. Otherwise, it would be even more horrible to blow the hair back cover, and she might stay up all night. Tell her that it was not easy to do practical things and help when she was in office, and so on.
"Alas, alas, I know that I should support you behind you at this time …" Zuo Tangtang was very skilled and casually comforted Gai and picked up the mobile phone preparation machine from the side.