Even if there is nothing wrong with tactics, the new players have a good understanding of tactics and a good sense of cooperation, but one thing to consider is that

The details of DOA are also very important in the competition.
A player’s game rhythm and preferences include his outfit route, his favorite playing position and his teammates’ cooperation methods.
It is not a day or two that can be integrated together.
It took only a month or two for two newcomers, EH, Fan and Lin Feng, to integrate into the tactics, and it took almost half a season for them to show their edge in ESWC.
Finally, until the end of this season, Lin Feng did not dare to say how sympathetic she was to cooperate with EH people.
Man is a gregarious animal, but he also has his own personality.
You can’t be in a person who is exactly the same as you or knows what you are thinking.
Therefore, it has always been a headache to run in DOA team.
Besides, this time, the A team still had an "anecdote" with a German teenager whose style was out of place with Kuroky.
And the time is still so sensitive. I went out from Taipei when I was a guest at DK home dome in A the day before the game.
But soon the rumor became public.
And this will soon push the A and DK games to a point where it is impossible to get out of the whirlpool before the end of the game.
And all DOAER’s eyes are also devoted to this place where they can think and think, but they can always think and want to break the sandbags and ask for a result.
The first match of A and DK’s "points-losing war" has been slowly drawn to a close in the smoke.
At the same time, unlike DKA, Lin Feng will also have a hard battle in her room.
Come before sitting a man.
A woman named Lao Pei
A woman who can become the focus of attention at LGM home and change the title of leader into a woman who will be respected when talking about it because of suspension is also a strong woman who can strictly control her players on the spot.
But at this moment, she is a person who can slowly lose all her patience in life.
Finally and come showdown woman.
At this moment, you can’t find her strength in the spotlight from the woman in front of you who is crying like rain.
At this moment, she is a woman who really wants to save her heart.
What a cruel game! It’s still on before the fight.
(PS how cruel the chapter has been updated. The red ticket has not yet reached the collection. Onions are falling madly in front of the brain, and eyelids are going to fight. I haven’t been able to take a bath yet …
In PSDOA, the money for killing people is directly proportional to the basic value of 2, and each level is 5 fast money. Specifically, if you kill him at level 1, you will get 25 fast, 2 fast, 21 fast, 3 fast, 215 fast, and so on. 25 fast, 325 fast, you will get the first drop of blood plus 2 fast, double and triple kills. Crazy killing has no extra money to get a serial killing without being killed, but there is no extra money to get the title. If the serial killing is terminated, the other party will get the same amount of money as your level and your title. It is also 2 basis. Every liter of a title is 5 quick money plus your level *5 money is the amount of money that the other party will get after being terminated. For example, when the number of serial killings is terminated, the other party will get 3 people-25+ their own level * 54 people-dominate the game 3+ own level *55 people-kill like a horse 35+ own level *56 people-people can block 4+ own level *57 people-abnormal killing 45+ own level *5 people-monster killing 5+ own level *59 people-killing 55+ own level *51 people like a god. That is to say, if the hero reaches level 25, even if he is killed until he runs away, the other party will get 6+25*5=725, and he will not get more soon. At the request of his friends, he has additionally tested the number of money lost when a hero dies. This is simpler. The money lost in death is directly proportional to the level. The first level is 3, the first level is 3, the death is 32, the death is 63, the ninth level is 9, and so on. The fifth level is 75. Another point is that there is no money lost in death and the number ofEven if you kill the super god, the loss of money is still your level *3, and you will never lose more money (this was tested a long time ago, and now there are changes to divide it into basic salary, which will not decrease when you die, and there are also changes in compensation and killing bounty income)
Then there are some orders that I don’t like to expose, right?
First, the non-entertainment doa map command is large
Main game mode Regular mode If nothing is entered, the regular mode will be automatically defaulted after 15 seconds. Players can choose their own pub hero selection mode ap/allpik. Players can choose all pub heroes random mode ar/allrandom. Players automatically get a hero and reversal mode from all pubs. Players who don’t have a team random mode r/eamrandom randomly get a hero and reversal mode from their own pub. Death competition mode is not combined with mode random mr/moderandom randomly selects a mode from the random mode of the team and the normal mode, and the death competition mode is not combined with league mode lm/leaguemode, which requires a player team to select heroes alternately (122221).The order first player team is random. Each player has 2s to choose a hero, otherwise a hero will be randomly generated. The hero in our pub can be selected except for the secondary mode. The shuffling mode exchange prohibition mode prohibits reselection mode, snow terrain mode and random recruitment mode rd/ Randomdraf22 random heroes are selected from all pubs and placed in the left forest of the map, and then the players choose these hero mirror competition mode, death competition mode, agile hero mode, intellectual hero mode, power hero mode, same hero mode, reversal mode, and random captain mode: d22 random heroes are selected from all pubs and placed in the left forest of the map, and then the captain chooses after removing 2 heroes from each side in M mode. These hero mirror competition modes, death competition mode, agile hero mode, intellectual hero mode, strength hero mode, same hero mode, reversal mode, non-parallel voting mode vr/ Voerandom3 Three kinds of random arrays will be selected, and each player can vote. It needs the same number of players on both sides to make this mode mirror image mode death competition mode agile hero mode intellectual hero mode power hero mode same hero mode reversal mode is not the same. When the random array election mode is selected 3 seconds later, each player can vote. If the vote is a draw, each player will randomly choose an option. Each player can vote and enter opion1, opion2 or opion3 to vote to expand the league mode. L/EENDLEAGUE needs one player and two team leaders in the first 2 seconds.(blue and pink players) can remove four heroes from all heroes, and then the player can choose heroes like league mode, except for the secondary mode. Shuffle mode exchange prohibition mode prohibition mode reselection mode snow terrain mode radio scheme mode singledraforsd(swiss) system gives strength, agility, Put one hero of each of the three types of intelligence in your energy circle, and select the captain mode apainmodeorm. The captains of both sides (blue and pink players) will have four heroes in each BAN4, and then the captains will choose the heroes in the order of 122221. After the heroes are selected, the players of both sides will choose the heroes they want.
Secondary game mode death contest dm/ Deahmah, if your hero dies, you will choose a new hero at the time of resurrection. If the main game mode is random, then you will get the hero at random. If a team dies 44 times or its base is demolished, the team loses the agile hero mode, the intelligent hero mode, the strength hero mode, the same hero mode, the reverse hero mode and the mirror competition mode. Do not cancel the death timer nd. When the hero dies, he does not need to be resurrected, he can choose the maximum life of a hero immediately. # Set how many lives you want on each side instead of the previous # Minimum 1 Maximum 44 Reversal Mode rv/reverse Defender Natural Disaster Team Selection Hero Natural Disaster Team Selection Hero requires the same number of players on both sides and the same death competition mode. Hero mode does not have mirror mode. mm/mirrormah requires the same number of players on both sides. After 1 minute, each pair of players (for example, player 1 and player 6 are a pair).Heroes will be replaced by one of them, making them the same heroes, and the team array will be the same as the same heroes. Death contest will not be double-checked. du/dupliaemode After a player chooses a hero, the hero will not be removed from the pub. Other players can also choose shuffling mode sp/shuffleplayers. The team will be randomly shuffled, including color, team ownership and team number. The same hero mode sh/ Samehero, all players’ heroes will be the first players to choose heroes and mirror mode reversal mode. Death contest is not agile hero mode aa/allagiliy can choose agile hero and intelligence mode power mode death contest mode ai/allinelligene can choose intelligence hero and agility mode power mode death contest mode is not both power hero mode as/allsrengh can choose strength hero and intelligence mode agile mode death contest mode).
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Surprise and surprise
There is a saying that hand y can strengthen the body and YY can strengthen the country.
The fact is probably that a group of people who can’t eat grapes but can hope to quench their thirst can solve the current thirst problem.
But you can’t say that the reality is really helpful to the reality.
Just like a talented boy like kuroky, you can say that he is really a C position lacking in maturity, but you can’t deny that he is brilliant, just like he is going to blind you.
"Because he can play the C position as a WK in the battle of fame and then directly become the tallest person in the field, making a brilliant water man in 30 minutes will also make you feel that he is simply a hybrid offspring of a demigod, a ghost, a devil and an angel. Well, it’s a bit too much to say, but you don’t know how to position such a’ young man’. Of course, he should belong to a young man in the DOA circle, but he is not young at all." This is a typical fat fish’ waste’ style explanation that GV said when introducing and A-phase information before the game.
The professional foundation of fat fish is still very deep.
But there is no doubt that the fat fish is not the protagonist of this game, and the actual protagonist is not DK in this game.
A, a guest in Taipei, can actually become a one-sided protagonist, turning the first game of the lost points war into his own one-man show.
I have to say, if this is strategy A, then A wins.
They have achieved their goal. Kuroky has been out of the original MYM for a long time, and then INS is welcoming.
But actually Kuroky has always wanted to follow the footsteps of puppey, a teacher and friend, and come to the China team to fight.
You know, although Kuroky is called a young genius, Kuroky is also young but has a lot of competition experience.
Kuroky first debuted in the MOUZ team.
This team made Kuroky famous when he first turned sixteen.
When LIKE is in front of a group of reporters who are like grabbing food from koi fish or, to be more accurate, a group of reporters who are like vicious dogs.
Almost no one believed this’ BM’ when he spoke out.
"Kuroky…… is a genius boy, but I like to watch him play. Sometimes when the G League conflicts with the European and American League, there will be another live broadcast in front of me, but it is a pity that the A team is now in a period of cruelty and cruelty. This is the battlefield of men. The’ drop-off war’ is the most needed to be mature to ensure that the place is played … He is not suitable for the present A. I don’t think about bringing him here from Europe at this time."
ALIKE answered the reporter with a serious face when he entered the team player channel before the game and answered the reporter’s answer at the regular press conference.
But if it weren’t for the blind,
You can see that coach A has a wrapped teenager this time. Although it is beside a group of players of Martha’s height, how many people can’t notice that this teenager is less than one meter six.
However, the eye-catching reporter has already stared at every A team member and counted the number of people many times when they entered the team member channel. Although each of them is wrapped tightly, it seems that they have not adapted to the temperature change around the plane and A Hangzhou.
However, if you count the number carefully, you will find that Team A is seven players in the team channel.
You know, the top A list is usually five main players plus a substitute, but this time it unexpectedly brought seven players.