A small county town and a small county commandant. This is the result of Liu Bei’s crusade against the Yellow Scarf Army nearly a year later.

It’s no wonder that Zhang Fei won’t let the three brothers slay Cheng Yuanzhi, the God’s envoy, and Zhang Liang, the thin man in Quyang, whose achievements are much greater than those of Zhao Feng and Cao Cao.
And Zhao Feng and Cao Cao are Runan County Cheng and Jinan compared with Liu Bei.
It is difficult to balance who gets this result, and Liu Bei, a lean man, can be indifferent and accept this result with feather Zhang Fei to Anxi County.
The first chapter of the prison
When the reward and life came, Lingyun and Zhao Feng ate a farewell wine together, and Zhao Feng went to Runa.
Go with him and his 5,000 military forces are still short of 5,000 military forces. He can supplement it when he arrives in Runa himself.
Chui fook GongSunYing and others did not follow this period of time. Although Lingyun was rarely with them, GongSunYing was determined to follow Lingyun.
Yu Xufu Zhang Tong several people are because Lingyun has repeatedly come to this time in front of Huang Pusong, and he is also going to go to Jizhou with Xu Xufu several people.
Huang Pusong was appointed as Jizhou Pastoral, and he just needed some officials to engage in it, so he just took Xu Fu and others.
However, there are still many things that Huang Pusong has not completed in Luoyang, and he can’t get to Jizhou for a while. Therefore, it is rare for Lingyun and others to have their own time to do what they want to do.
Chui Fu Zhang Tong Li Hai also intends to return to Yingchuan with his twin brothers.
Chui fook has been in the army for more than half a year, and now it is rare to have a chance to go home and see his mother.
Lingyun and wind dance are nothing else in this game, but they are not idle to practice as usual every day. In their spare time, they are visiting Luoyang streets to appreciate this bustling ancient capital.
The yellow turban insurrectionary chaos was pacified. The Han Dynasty looked like a prosperous time in this Luoyang capital.
However, many people know that Luoyang is still so prosperous today, but in other parts of the Han Dynasty, people are already in poverty, both because of the yellow turban insurrectionary disorder and because of local officials’ extortion.
The yellow turban insurrectionary chaos was the fuse. Now, although the fuse has been extinguished, it has detonated the bomb behind it.
However, due to Huang Pusong’s prestige bomb, the explosion was temporarily delayed.
Lingyun and Fengwu in Luoyang City met brothers drunk in the world of mortals when they were shopping.
The drunken fairy of the world of mortals did not take part in the crusade, and the Yellow Scarf Army directly chose Luoyang when it left the novice village.
Although the yellow turban insurrectionary chaos started a prairie fire in the state, it was not affected much, and there was no yellow turban insurrectionary army in the center of Luoyang Dahan Dynasty.
Although there is no yellow turban insurrectionary army leveling, there are naturally ways to upgrade people such as drunken mortals and immortals.
And in this Luoyang city, to have the ability and opportunity is not worse than fighting the Yellow Scarf Army in the army.
Joining the Han army to crusade against the Yellow Scarf Army, or joining the Yellow Scarf Army to wander around or hiding in the city and socializing with dignitaries are full of opportunities and opportunities, depending on whether people can grasp them.
Grasping soaring is not a dream. If you don’t grasp it, you can live your life honestly, just like in the real world, people who have the ability and seize the opportunity can earn a lot of money, but they can honestly work for others and get a meager salary.
Lingyun is also an official when he sees the world of mortals drunk, but Lingyun doesn’t know what it is.
But look at the world of mortals drunk fairy lingyun will know that the other party is also prosperous now, and getting along well in Luoyang city is not worse than yourself.
However, Lingyun did not find Lingyun when he saw the world of mortals drunk fairy.
Ling Yunfeng dance is the common people’s costume, which is no more conspicuous than that of a drunken fairy in the world of mortals.
The world of mortals drunk fairy this officer walking in the street lingyun just can’t pay attention to.
Although Lingyun hasn’t met the drunken fairy of the world of mortals since he left the novice village, they still have contact from time to time, but most of them greet each other without saying too much about themselves.
Mainly during that time, when several people were looking for Lingyun and wanted to rob the imaginary Taiping Yaoshu, the drunken mortals kept saying that they would come to help Lingyun, so that Lingyun had a good impression in his heart and thought that the drunken mortals were a friend worthy of deep friendship.
Although I know that the world of mortals has always been in Luoyang, Lingyun didn’t want to meet each other in the past, but I didn’t expect to meet each other in this street.
Since I met Lingyun, I simply said hello before. After all, they are friends now.
Before dancing with the wind, Lingyun said with a smile, "Brother Hong Chen, where are you going?"
With several np around the world of mortals drunk fairy see lingyun stopped the way was about to reprimand angrily, but after hearing lingyun’s words, I knew lingyun knew his own adult and quickly swallowed the sound.
When Lingyun walked to the world of mortals in the crowd, the world of mortals found that Lingyun was very enthusiastic and Lingyun came to a hug. Although his face was smiling, his brow was not stretched. It was always a worry.
Two people in the street asked after the world of mortals drunk fairy invited lingyundao him to sit there and chat.
Come out to go shopping and relax Lingyun, and you won’t refuse. In your heart, you are also curious about what the world of mortals have mixed up in Luoyang, arachis duranensis.
But the more you follow the drunken mortals, the more you can’t understand Lingyun’s heart. If you don’t know the drunken mortals, Lingyun may have run away.
The drunken fairy in the world of mortals danced with Lingyun, and the two became more and more remote, and there were fewer people nearby. As they turned a corner and entered another aisle, Lingyun felt like entering another world.
The whole tunnel is very quiet, and there is no one to talk to, and there are very few people. Except Lingyun and others, people who pass by occasionally are also in a hurry.
The walls on both sides of the aisle are also as high as three feet. Walking in the aisle is like the world is getting smaller.
This kind of place is not a place where ordinary people can come and come.
At the end of the 500-meter-long tunnel is a gate, which is closed with four guards with knives.
Lingyun, before and after they walked in, the world of mortals drunk fairy took out a token, and one of the guards saw it and put them in the gate.
Lingyun also asked the world of mortals drunk fairy all the way to know that he now bears Tingwei Zuoping’s rank of 600 stone, and Zhao Feng County Cheng is also a rank of 600 stone, but Zhao Feng belongs to local officials and the world of mortals drunk fairy is kyou-kan.
Beijing officials have the advantages of Beijing officials, and local officials also have the advantages of local officials.
Although the world of mortals drunk fairy told Lingyun his official position, he didn’t tell Lingyun what his main job was. When it comes to places, Lingyun will naturally know.
After entering the gate, Lingyun really knew what he was doing, as the world of mortals said.
This is the place where Luoyang City Heaven Prison is holding several criminals.
There are people who offend ten officials, plot rebellion, court officials and ordinary people
If there is truth, there is great sin, and if there is injustice.
No matter who is going to enter this day, it will be difficult for the prison base to go out.
Former Lu Zhi was also detained in this day’s prison. If it wasn’t for Huang Pusong’s intercession, Lu Zhi would probably have died of old age in this day’s prison.
No one in the prison will be forgotten for a long time.
At present, the prisoner who has been detained for the longest time in the prison was brought in fifty years ago when the quality emperor Liu Zuan was in charge. The quality emperor Liu Zuan was a generation of the grandfather of the spirit emperor.