They did see that the bartender was coquettish when he used the rune stone, and some people had seen Zhiruo’s enemy posture, but this thing is still a mysterious and unknown novelty for most players.

This can’t blame the player’s low comprehension ability, but too many things happened during this period, which seriously hindered the normal operation of glitz.
"Ye Zhang, we found the IP address of the poster, but it was an Internet cafe. According to the description of the network management, the bearer was a medium-tall man with no mysterious characteristics. I suspect this is a premeditated group trip."
Caesar’s words made Ye Zhang feel a little alarmist. Is the reward of hundreds of thousands still coming up with a group? To tell the truth, Ye Zhang didn’t care about the hundreds of thousands at all. He sincerely wanted to make this transaction, but it seems that he did fall into a mysterious circle. Someone wanted to make a fuss about it.
And if to plot Ye Zhang immediately thought of Lin Youxuan in my mind, but he still shook his head and felt that things were not so simple.
Some time after the event of sealing the rune stone, the mysterious poster was heard from again. He never appeared again and the sealed right hand disappeared at the same time.
There is also a situation that floating South China mainland feels unable to find the game feeling because several players have entered a floating heart after searching for clues.
This is what Ye Zhang and others are really worried about to keep these players. This is the question that Ye Zhang should think about most now. This question should be worried by Tao An’s group, but Ye Zhang obviously has no sense of movement for Tao An for such a long time.
On this day, whirlwind mall was set up as scheduled, and the number of players decreased in the past few days. They have already got the equipment they want, while other players are either new entrants and have not yet reached such a high level, or they have become cannon fodder in the outbreak of war among players. Now they have no money to exchange for these good equipment.
Therefore, a very funny thing happened on this day. When several toothbrush superhuman people were holding their various manufactures to transport goods to the sacred valley, they were besieged by more than a dozen players outside the city. One of them died, and he broke out five manufactures, which were robbed by this group of premeditated players.
When Ye Zhang learned about this, he went to the sacred valley with a gloomy face. When he heard the complaints of those players, he suddenly felt a little puzzled.
Now someone dares to rob him of his whirlwind in glitz, which is definitely a provocation to him.
Moreover, after killing people in glitz, the names of the killers will be left. Once verified, you will see that these players have their lives robbed. Don’t you even know such a simple truth?
When Ye Zhang released a very angry reward on the World Channel through the resources of the Bloody Carnival Association, this group of players were immediately learned by Ye Zhang and others, and it took little effort.
When Zhang Ye blocked these players in the wild with a toothbrush, Superman and celebrities, Ye Zhang was very surprised to find that these players, just like nothing happened, dared to continue to train and fight monsters here.
Seeing such a situation, Ye Zhang immediately smiled and smiled.
"Did you kill them?"
Ye Zhang and the famous star surrounded this group of people and then pointed to the people who were killed in front of them. They found it hard to believe these people who didn’t know the situation.
These players stopped at this time and looked at Ye Zhang and others with a sullen face. When they saw the name of Big Cyclone, they didn’t have the first player title in this glitz at all and felt uneasy.
"So what?"
This very so-called sentence came from a population, and Zhang Ye felt that kind of uneasy feeling once again. He knew that there was definitely something that had not been flashy for so long to reach the 12 th level, and there were still a few players who didn’t know his big whirlwind name. Ye Zhang thought it was impossible
Seeing that these players are actually rebellious, Ming doesn’t want to say anything more at this time. He shot one enemy and ten people. From entering stealth to attacking a set of skills after appearing, he lost one second.
Most of these players don’t have 12-level equipment. Compared with their fame, they are not a series. However, it seems that the strength level of these players is not directly proportional to their arrogance.
In this way, players are not a few in the glitz, but most of them are very low-key. It is really that they are not qualified for high-profile, but at this moment, the other side seems to have not found the huge strength gap between the two sides. Their attacks are still like throwing stones at the name until the second and third players fall to the ground one after another.
Ming doesn’t feel victory at all. This kind of vegetable abuse battle is a wave to him. Sometimes these people across the street inadvertently show a little panic when they realize that they are likely to be taken by the undead player across the street.
"Name and so on!"
Ye Zhang stopped the name. He walked across from the group of players, his eyebrows locked and his eyes filled with doubts.
"Call out the equipment you grabbed and let’s go."
Ming is puzzled by Ye Zhang’s sudden compassion. No one will care, but it is likely to make people feel chilling if these players try their best in Cyclone Mall.
But Ming didn’t speak, and he looked at these people coldly, and at this time, one of the players was opposite.
"I don’t know what equipment!"
Ye Zhang didn’t laugh or be angry. He felt that there must be something wrong with it, because two people were still wearing two pieces of 12-level secret gold equipment. This kind of bold lying made Ye Zhang feel that it was not the strong confidence of the other party but something else.
"You turn over your own PK record!"
Ye Zhang, like a patient senior, earnestly advised his schoolmate that he had made a mistake, and when these players checked their PK technology because of Ye Zhang and a powerful power, they were transfixed when they saw their killing records during the session.
"This is … what did I do?"
Chapter five hundred and three Amnesia
This meeting was still held in Feng Zhi’s house. When Ye Zhang and Cesar the Residual Blood arrived, everyone’s face was not relaxed and very dignified. They seemed to be shrouded in a shadow after learning about the incident of robbing equipment in the sacred valley. They knew that this would be a further escalation.
"Now it is certain that the effect of the dark forces has been upgraded again."
No one answers Feng Zhi’s words. They all know that this is a fact. Although they don’t know much about artificial intelligence, a player knows what they have done. This kind of "amnesia" phenomenon is so strange that it can be concluded that it is a flashy system that deletes some memories from their dreams.
People are very likely to do things contrary to common sense before losing their minds. Obviously, they have always ignored a question, that is, what is Lin Youxuan’s dark power and how this mysterious power will control players.
There are many ways of control, but almost no one would think of brainwashing, which is probably the darkest and most dehumanizing way of control.
Ye Zhang remembered the change of heart and the magic of offering sacrifices. He was silent. In fact, there were many such things in glitz, but he never thought about it. He finally believed that the sky was blue and the sun was glorious, and even the shadows were produced by light projection.
But now he knows that Lin Youxuan will let the muscular man kill Tang Yidao and the veteran, and will start a war of casualties, which will benefit the country and create chaos, even in the most extreme way, which will also cause strong panic among the people, so that people can’t treat him with good and evil humanity, and he is completely crazy.
And glitz is obviously an instrument of torture made by such a madman.
If the dark force is an inducement to enlarge the fear limit in players’ hearts and let them find the only hope for survival, there may still be ways to control it, and if they leave the glitz, they will gradually return to normal due to real life.
But if it’s brainwashing, it’s completely different
"I didn’t expect glitz to be so serious."
Caesar smiled bitterly. It was a pity that he would have a spring rain after the war, but he did not expect it to be a more cruel reality.
Feng Zhi glanced at him some dissatisfaction tunnel
"You’re still here now."
In fact, the presence of Ye Zhang and the remnant blood is still more or less bad for Caesar. He chose a businessman’s best way of doing things. He didn’t give substantive help to anyone present. Although this is a natural attitude of avoiding evil, it can be truly recognized by this group of people
Caesar doesn’t know it, but he’s not alone like Ye Zhang, he’s not a remnant with hatred, and he’s not a parent like Feng Zhi who can exercise absolute power.
Feng Zhifeng is very overbearing, whether in the game or in reality. He seems to be an emperor above the board of directors and has absolute autonomy. Unfortunately, Caesar and the Shenyang brothers and sisters do not have Feng Zhi’s domineering. They need to feed their mouths and covet them at any time.
Feng Zhi didn’t continue to force Caesar to make a decision on this issue. Sometimes it comes to mind that he did ask himself whether it was right or wrong to stay in glitz, but this is obviously an introspection without an answer. Feng Zhi, a successful businessman who has weathered several storms, will not waver in his decision because of this narrow mentality.
The meeting fell into a very dull atmosphere, and no one could come up with a proper method, when Ye Zhang suddenly spoke.
"What is Tao An doing? Why doesn’t he organize all this?"
Ye Zhang’s words made Feng Zhi frown. Ye Zhang’s question is also a question that Feng Zhi once thought of. A general planner, Tao An, did not update and change Lin Youxuan’s once flashy system except deleting the account of Xiao Cyclone. Everything is still that dark and flashy chaos, even if it is to update a new information piece or launch a large-scale team activity to get glitz out of the shadow of this war, it is better than this way.
However, Feng Zhi didn’t think much. He was not a game planner and wouldn’t intervene in a field that made him feel strange. At this time, the residual blood was also spoken.
"Ye Zhang, it is really difficult for us to ride a tiger!"
The bloody words made Ye Zhang smile bitterly. Yes, that’s true. In recent days, Ye Zhang once thought that if Lin Youxuan’s ultimate goal is to control Ye Zhang’s eyes, then Zhang Ye’s big deal is to stop playing and let Lin Youxuan’s plan come to an end. Maybe there will be no way.
But now it seems obvious that Ye Zhang’s previous speculation about "control" was wrong. Now whether he leaves or not seems to have changed the glitz and brought chaos. Lin Youxuan chose this step, which is obviously cornered. His recent actions are all extreme, but if Ye Zhang and others choose to wait for Tao An to get rid of the troubles of the dark forces step by step before launching a general attack, it may be one hundred times better than it is now.
But everything can’t be turned back. When they persecuted Lin Youxuan, they also forced themselves into a blind alley. Now it can be said that it is really an entrance and exit. What’s more important is that they have never taken the initiative and have always been in Lin Youxuan’s hands.
Nowadays, glitz can be said to have entered one of the darkest chronicles. In glitz, all kinds of inexplicable events may happen at any time. Inexplicably robbed and murdered, even one guild inexplicably launched a war against another.
These brainwashed players didn’t know what they had done afterwards, and they continued to play their games like nothing happened, but the players were killed and robbed, and all kinds of bizarre phenomena appeared like nothing happened.
When Ye Zhang entered the glitz, the news from toothbrush superman and sleeping sheep shocked him. The cyclone mall in the sacred valley was robbed five times in one day. Although it was protected by members of the bloody carnival guild, this kind of careless prevention against large-scale riots made them feel a little tired of coping.
It seems that these players will never know fear. When they die, they will start all over again. They will never give up until they grab something. When Ye Zhang walked into the sacred valley and saw several players make desperate moves towards hundreds of people guarding the Cyclone Mall, he suddenly raised an absurd idea in his heart.
This idea lit up Ye Zhang’s whole mind like a flash of light. He looked at these players and kept silent. When a player was killed by a member of the bloody carnival guild, the second player was about to rush, and Ye Zhang stood in front of the player.
"Hey brother, what are you doing?"
Ye Zhang’s words rang in this man’s ear. When this man hesitated, a ray of divine light appeared in his eyes, as if he had suddenly become insane. He looked at Ye Zhang as if he didn’t know this famous and flashy whirlwind before him.