The anti-howling tide lasts for 5 seconds, reducing the visual resistance to the enemy’s blood by 2% every second, and no one can make the recovery skill in the process.

However, Ye Zhang was very calm for one second, and the blood volume of the two people quickly passed, and at the same time, it decreased by 2%. When the mysterious man saw that he was indifferent, Ye Zhang was making sure that the other person really wanted to die with himself, and the mysterious man suddenly moved.
It was at the end of this instantaneous roar that the tide was abruptly interrupted. No one knew how he did it. Even Ye Zhang didn’t know what happened just now, but this time it was definitely coming.
"Sure enough, you are also a management limit!"
The export of this sentence immediately solidified the atmosphere of the field. After Ye Zhang’s sentence, there was no population to maintain this relative balance. After half an hour, the mysterious man spoke again.
"I know you like the back of my hand, Cyclone. You can beat Thun III, but you have no chance of winning against me."
Ye Zhang’s heart moved when he heard this sentence, and he thought of an absurd possibility. At this time, he looked up at each other and then frowned slightly, then stretched out. When he sorted out the cause and effect of the problem, he smiled and asked.
"As far as I can remember, no one knows me 1% unless … you are me, then are you me?"
The question of Ye Zhang once again plunged the scene into a whirlpool of greater silence.
Ye Zhang is the management limit. He can create the world, create history, make the flashy main procedure go against him to create those unbalanced worlds, and make these worlds dominate. He dominates not only the historical development but also the final outcome. It can be said that if Ye Zhang thinks that the final outcome of this world is not to his liking, he can always derive a new world again until he is satisfied.
However, Ye Zhang won’t do this. Most of his ideas are consciousness exhibitions. If he can learn to control his own thinking and create these worlds in a targeted way, he will make these worlds a tool for him to collect money and a means for him to climb to a higher peak in his life in the future. I’m afraid he would have been an important figure in China.
Ye Zhang’s question is very sharp and I know directly that Zhang Ye can be Ye Zhang himself, but those who tried to think that they used their habitual way of thinking to analyze what Ye Zhang would do next, and what was the purpose of his return, and such people usually died miserably.
"Are you me or are you my copy?"
A series of questions in Ye Zhang, the mysterious man didn’t move. His absolute logic is very clear and organized. In their high-intelligence AI, they can clearly understand their identity, such as cooperating with the expansion or strange exhibition.
Players often make mistakes, which is difficult. If players are as rigorous and precise as these AI’s, they won’t have to do it again and again. It is precisely because players are not perfect that they will experience and try the game again and again to make themselves and the game experience rich and wonderful.
I’m afraid Ye Zhang is the one who makes the most mistakes for a player, but he is different from other players in that his mistakes are not absolute, because his mistakes often have a far-reaching impact, which will make other players get different game experiences when he makes mistakes.
Therefore, in the logic of AI, we can’t simply regard Ye Zhang’s mistake as that they are coming to take further measures against the whirlwind. Because he is wrong and wrong, AI really needs to analyze whether there are other possibilities for his mistake. If even AI can’t do it, let alone a player.
That is, there can never be an opponent who can really feel that he has the possibility to overcome the great whirlwind.
What you want is still in the glitz, except Ye Zhang himself, there can’t be a second person who can understand everything about him. At present, this person gives Ye Zhang the feeling that he is absolutely logical. If he is given the conclusion that he can fully understand the player of Cyclone, then there is a possibility.
Mystery man is a replica of Ye Zhang.
It not only recreates Zhang Ye’s past experience, his strength, but also his management limit.
Ye Zhang decided that Ye Zhang could go back on his word and Ye Zhang also had a whirlwind. This flashy ID can be fed back through the flashy main program.
"Well, suppose you are me. You killed me to replace me, but so far you are still in the dark. I’m afraid you still don’t know in your logical brain whether you can really become me once you replace me?"
Ye Zhang speaks with enough confidence. In this virtual game, the interests of the major forces are constantly competing, and the dark tide is surging. Every force controls Ye Zhang. The means to achieve their goal, whether they know what strength they have or not, is to control Ye Zhang, which will make it easier for them to move around.
Perhaps the goal of controlling Ye Zhang has been reached by many people today, whether to force or do what they want, but after they control Ye Zhang, no one can make Ye Zhang achieve what they want.
"You said yes, I am a half-success after all!"
This sentence of mysterious man not only gives Zhang Ye an accurate answer, but also makes him feel sad when he is here. Lin Youxuan, Tao An, Canxue, Feng Zhi and the mysterious old man behind the beheading god, including those who want to control Ye Zhang and the flashy main program also wants to control Ye Zhang.
At this time, the mysterious man suddenly made an amazing move. His speed was extremely fast. Before Ye Zhang could react, his palm was pressed on Ye Zhang’s chest.
However, Ye Zhang unexpectedly found that he did not enter the fighting state, and he was shocked by what the mysterious man did at this time, which made him even more unexpected.
The mysterious male figure disappeared in front of him, and then, together with the whole person pressing the palm of his hand on his chest, he merged into Ye Zhang’s body and left his last sentence before he disappeared.
"If I can’t do it, let me be a part of you. Now that I have two management restrictions, what will I do?"
Chapter nine hundred and forty-three Back to the peak
The disappearance of the mysterious man gave Ye Zhang a strange feeling in his heart. He didn’t know what he should do if he wanted to copy one. He just copied all his abilities in glitz or analyzed his personality and behavior. But if he copied his feelings, would it still be artificial intelligence?
Ye Zhang kept his doubts in his heart, and he showed a smile. If the mysterious man really copied everything about himself, it seems reasonable for him to make such a decision, because Ye Zhang would make such a choice and sacrifice him for others.
The mysterious man’s last sentence is limited to two copies of management. At this time, Zhang Ye’s mind moved and he conceived a picture in his mind. When he conceived and formed, he immediately reappeared the demigod weapon effect in his status bar, and at this time he suddenly became silent.
Sure enough, the mysterious man not only copied all his magical skills, but also all his abilities, including his ability to conceive the world
The demigod weapon is unique and contains the absolute logic of unification. When Hayes holds four demigod weapons in his hand and Raytheon Hammer is in conflict because of Thor’s rebirth, Ye Zhang will inevitably get its effect on the spot.
However, it is obvious that since he is the replica of Ye Zhang, a special case is bound to be formed in the demigod weapon and the strongest magic surface. Perhaps it is because of this flashy main program that the mysterious man made a separate channel to let his demigod weapon have a second copy.
Ye Zhang’s face finally showed a little relief. Maybe it was even if he gave him compensation after paying everything. Now the return of demigod weapon is not the key point, but the key point is that Ye Zhang would like to know whether the two management limits have doubled the original effect or advanced to the next level in his possession.
To understand this is actually very simple for Ye Zhang. At this time, Ye Zhang came to Cologne slowly, and immediately after the idea was conceived, a door was opened in front of his eyes, and the appearance of this door made Ye Zhang immediately white.
This gateway leads to the lost continent. Once Ye Zhang was trapped in the fallen abode of fairies and immortals, and then he was trapped in the sunny city of the world. But twice he was trapped, but he was unable to open the gateway because he could not understand how the attributes of the gateway changed between the two different rules.
Just like going abroad, you need not only money but also a green card.
At this time, Ye Zhang has a higher management limit through the management limit given to him by the mysterious man. In the management limit of the mysterious man, not only all his personal abilities are included, but also the flashy main program. He opened an extra special limit alone.
Not only does it break the uniqueness of the strongest magic of demigod weapons, but also because the mysterious man can be a player like Ye Zhang, and his "pass" is far more circulating than ordinary NPC.
Ye Zhang tried to stop here. Now he has two management restrictions. If he voted against that one before, he can suspend the doomsday process with two votes. Of course, Ye Zhang does not recognize that the doomsday process can be terminated, but at this time he has taken some initiative.
Ye Zhang once again opened a door to return to the glitz three years ago, and today he came to completely repair the human history he changed three years ago.
For every player, they want to see a happy ending, and in the revival of the dynasty, they are even more able to protect their own interests and slaughter human beings. NPC begged elves and semi-dragons not to be extinct
And when Ye Zhang came back three years ago, the backpack hoped to announce that it suddenly shone, but it was blocked by the dark clouds at the junction of the light, and it seemed as if the whole world would be blown away after the sandstorm.
Ye Zhang waited for the end of this purification process, and at this time, a man came not far away, but in the midst of the sandstorm, Ye Zhang couldn’t see his face, and this man stopped at the center of the sandstorm. At this time, Ye Zhang remembered a face and then he shut up.
"Hagrid, I’m sorry!"
This apology not only denies that the human empire is now, but also denies that he created history by himself. He knows that this history should not be chaotic because of distortion, which has already surpassed Ye Zhang’s estimation.