"ah!" A scream came from behind Merritty. Nightmares were weak, eating away at the brain, and the devil grasped the source of disaster. All evil spells were imposed on traxex, so that dark magic seized her soul. Carl waved his magic wand and attacked the hurricane, which swept the source of disaster to half Central Asia. Barton picked up traxex and retreated to the ice wall to freeze the way of the demons. Carl turned around and a rapidly rotating chaotic arrow shot into his right chest impartially.

Chaos knight actually came in person! Behind him, several fear demons grimaced, "I have to serve the Scourge before Lord Kilgardan came to Azeroth. Of course you can’t just leave!" Nessa 1: 4 errorblade mirror image scuffles together, and the source of disaster leads the fear lords to pounce on the phantom assassin of Motriti with a choking blade, nailing the source of disaster to the tree, flashing, raiding and accurately dodging to deal with the enemies. Just as everyone recognized the way to go, traxex saw a goblin shop in the distance! They almost didn’t hesitate to flee to the goblin hut, which was the last chance to be saved!
"It takes 400 gold coins to hire a goblin airship, madam." traxex and Motretti looked at each other in despair. They didn’t have a penny with them! The dread Lord and some hellhounds have been killed. Abaddon made a final resistance "choo!" A chain saw shoots out from the oblique view, pulls out a nimble fine rotating blade, sets off a death whirlwind, and a huge serrated flywheel whizzes past, crushing the Fear Lord and the Cerberus to pieces. "Ahahahahaha, these noisy guys have finally stopped." The goblin ripper raised an airship from a small warehouse with goggles. "I’m Rezlak from garkisen goblin company, and I’m going to sit with my friends quickly!"
In Motriti’s mind, goblins are mercenary businessmen. Although she doubts the motives of goblin rippers, there is no choice for the pursuers behind her. The goblin airship has risen like a hot air balloon.
Nessa’s mirror spell is more skillful than terrorblade’s control. errorblade’s doppelganger soon disappears into a reality crack. Four chaotic knights surround him in the middle and wave the hot blade high. "You are dead, devil hunter!" "ah!" Severe pain and super waves hit errorblade and covered his ears. Nessa’s three mirror images vanished in an instant. "You are still facing him!" Nessa was furious. Doomsday guards and disaster sources surrounded them. "You will regret Akasha! You betrayed the Burning Legion, and Lord Kilgardan will throw you into the twisted virtual punishment! " "Stay close to me!" Akasha throws a poisonous dart at Nessa, screams in pain, and fights our way out, flashing out of the encirclement, followed by errorblade.
The Queen of Pain is very familiar with this polluted forest. The left and right winding leaves the vision of Nessa troops. She slows down the pace. errorblade carefully examines her face for the first time. The veil is correct and the facial features are exquisite. The outline method connects her female demons. Lavender sweat flows on the wound. He gently wipes the sweat for her. Akasha turns her head in surprise and then calmly smiles.
However, there was a stir in his heart, mixed with inexplicable uneasiness. He wanted to ask you what you want to help me. Or do you really like me? "You once spared me in Stormwind once, and now I’ve saved you, and we’re even." She laughed lightly. This charm is that traxex will never have errorblade gawking at this mature woman who has eroded to the bone. Frustration arises spontaneously. Is she dissatisfied with her answer? "You come with me and leave Kalimdor!"
She still smiled and shook her head. "Don’t even think about it. You two don’t want to escape! !” At the moment when errorblade tried to keep her, crazy Nessa had been killed, and the burning blade cut a fatal blow to the queen’s throat. terrorblade seemed to see a delicate dagger cut his index finger, and the dark red devil’s blood dripped into the spring water and dyed it into a blood bath spring. "No!" He shouted in despair, clutching a blood-stained scroll back to the city
Chapter 50 Business "Go to Ironforge Fort in Katz Mo Dan subcontinent!" It wasn’t long before the goblin airship rose, and Motriti stubbornly made such a decision. Because Nessa, commander-in-chief of the Northwest Road of the Natural Disaster Corps, refused to hand over the army, she had to give up Kalimdor’s abacus for dwarves. Ironforge is the main city of dwarves and dwarfs. It is located in the snow-covered Katz Mo Dan Mountains. The steep and dangerous terrain makes this city the strongest fortress of the Guards.
"Calm down, girl." Carl overlooks the airship. There is a white glacier. Katz Mo Dan subcontinent is already at the foot. "We don’t know what tricks the ripper is playing. Besides, there are no soldiers in hand. Are we going to let the four of us break through the ironforge?" "What do you say?" Morritty was so angry and anxious that she almost cried. "Some of the most powerful heroes of the Natural Disaster Corps were almost killed by a group of traitors! Now the war between Kalimdor and Lordaeron is tense, and the Lich King will never deal with the Chaos Knight at this time! "
"Squeak" The goblin airship automatically landed in the soft snow at the foot of the mountain. Abaddon and others jumped out of the airship. "I hope this is not Northrend." Defense of the Ancients muttered to himself. After a while, he was covered in injuries. terrorblade sent him to traxex and threw himself into his arms. errorblade rubbed her hair and bowed her head and kissed her face. "I’m so glad to see you alive." He took out two small ornaments. "I wish to dodge the amulet to keep you safe. This Eagle Ring was bought at the goblin store. Happy birthday, dear." Blade didn’t explain the way to dodge the amulet, but traxex’s eyes were wet. In his blessing, she ushered in her 300th birthday on the first day of adulthood, and she cried with joy. She didn’t realize that the dodge amulet still had Akasha’s blood. The map of the world had long been lost when it was chased by chaotic knights. They could March to the Ironforge Castle in the middle of the mountain with a general sense of direction. They had to go through a snow-covered forest, and a goblin was quarrelling with the ogre not far away.
"Let go of your ogre mount Laaser or I’ll be rude!" A well-built ogre monster shouted angrily with a atos stick urn, "Hum, I’m a businessman. I’ve been talking nonsense with you for a long time. I’ve commanded my ogre pet to be refined into a vat of gold!" Laaser’s black brew spread out his hands and gesticulated hard about how big a barrel was, which made the ogre wizard angry. His bloodthirsty skills made him tall and big. A atos stick was hit on the alchemist’s head, and his eyes were so sluggish that he spilled a bottle of unstable compounds behind him. The alchemist blew himself up red.
"I still want to plot against me!" The Agron rubble hurled a flame detonation, which triggered multiple spells. Then the flame gasoline would stun Laaser and ignite the alchemist. He hit the nearly crippled atos with a stick and couldn’t move his mouth, but he wouldn’t budge. "You are brave and fat!" He threw out a bottle of green medicine canister and acid chemical spray fascinated Agron’s eyes. Laaser took the opportunity to take out a few pills. In the mouth of Sanjin ogre mount, it suddenly fell into a chemical frenzy. "Run!" The master ordered the ogre mount to turn around and run at full horsepower "moo!" The poor mount bumped into a big tree and the snow shook off from the branches almost killed Laaser.
Idiot! Angry and annoyed, Laaser just wanted to scold a sentence but didn’t mind to scold it. The top of the atos stick in the hands of the furious ogre mage has burned out. After that, cruel Lanpang will definitely make me a barbecue with flame detonation! Laaser Black Brewer’s expression is uglier than crying at this time, but Agron’s magic fireworks miraculously went out, and the silent magic interrupted his magic! Two sharp arrows carrying ice nailed the two heads of the ogre mage to the pine trunk. "It’s really good that Sister Windrunner taught me how to bind and strike," traxex proudly boasted.
Kaer took the first two steps to reach out to Laaser in a friendly way. It’s not for nothing. Goblins must know the shortcut to Ironforge. "Roll!" The alchemist angrily pushed Carl to jump on the mount and ran to Agron’s body. He sobbed, "Agron is dead." "But you were in danger just now." "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! " Laaser jumped several times as if to pop out his little eyes. "What do you know? My old buddy Laaser has been playing with him every time he talks about alchemy for so many years. He is not willing to hurt me. Meowed. "The death knight and Traxex shook their heads, even though the higher undead, this strange feeling is really hard to understand.
"Forget it, let’s get to Ironforge as soon as possible before it gets dark." Mottrey was upset enough to hear Laaser cry, which made her sit still. The alchemist also climbed the ogre mount angrily and turned around while cursing, but when Mottrey said the word "Ironforge", his eyes rolled.
"Fools don’t have a pass issued by the king of Olympus, so don’t be paranoid! Now it’s the alliance of guards in wartime, to prevent the natural disasters from infiltrating the Ironforge, the indigenous residents must have a pass, or those Kardel Sharpeye will not let you enter the city. "Laaser Black Brewer took five or six bronze silver medals from his pocket." The Ironforge citizen pass costs 100 gold coins each, and refused to bargain! " "Why don’t you just grab it?" "What I am a legitimate businessman! It’s your interest to buy it or not, "he said casually, but narrowed his eyes and secretly observed their reaction." All of them. "Abaddon took the pass from him with a big smile. It was very difficult to make the death knight smile." But you can’t pay you in cash until you get to Ironforge Castle. "
"Happy!" Abaddon’s perfunctory condition was accepted by the vitriolic alchemist, and Laaser took the initiative to lead the way. He rambled on about his mining, alchemy and adventure stories in Katz Mo Dan mainland. Of course, there were still many stories about him blowing cowhide. errorblade couldn’t stand this guy’s noise for several times. He wanted to order him to shut up, but he saw traxex listen to a face of ecstasy and swallow it back consciously. "After noon tonight, you can go to Ironforge Castle!" You have to pay me interest and don’t forget to let me know when you meet a better forge. "Laaser rubbed his hands and skillfully lit the bonfire. errorblade finally snatched traxex back from him. They told a little secret that belonged to them." Well, that constellation is called the Arcane Nebula in memory of Skywrath Mage ZaGunnars. ""It sounds interesting, but who told you? " "I don’t know." He pinched her little nose and traxex playfully played with him.
Meredith always thought that the alchemist was too slow. She was afraid of the cold. She squatted by the campfire with her knees in her arms and wore Abaddon’s cold armor. She looked at Defense of the Ancients in front of her with her eyes, but she caught a glimpse of an agile shadow. He clenched his hands and felt a cold sweat on his forehead. Who was it? Did the explorer on the road or the Guards send assassins? The chill of rune sword forced him to calm down. He carefully recalled that Abaddon, a crescent-shaped weapon, immediately knew who he was, but he didn’t expect to meet him so early.
Abaddon approached Merritty’s side and said in a low voice, "In order to prevent any tricks, I decided to sneak into the Ironforge with errorblade and meet him at the King’s Palace in Olympus." Merritty nodded confidently and handed him a shallow smile. It was almost dawn, and terrorblade carefully put it in a sweet sleep. traxex started a pair of Essilos blades and followed Defense of the Ancients’s figure to drown in the morning mist.
Chapter 51 Fire "What are you sure that the shadow is Maina?" Terrorblade expressed disbelief, but revealed a gnashing resentment. "That’s why I brought you here-I can reunite you two brothers this morning." Abaddon replied coldly with a soul-sucking sword. "It’s an unreasonable fool to hear you say that he has become blind." errorblade hit back at him sarcastically. MybroherwillpaydearlyforhiSSerayal! Believe me, I will treat him well. Because of his brother’s extraordinary talent, the old man in Fario completely ignored me. He never really looked at me in Magina. Now it’s time for him to pay me back. Until now, he still occupies everything that belongs to me, even my position. "He suddenly stopped talking about mirana Night Shadow. She almost became a strange name. errorblade forced herself to change the subject and stop thinking about this woman buried in her memory.
The iron furnace castle is rock-solid at dawn, and the thick wall keeps them out of the city. The building materials of the wall outside the city come from dwarves digging the minerals in the Katz Mo Dan Mountains. The guarding city is the elite warriors of the dwarves. Mortar teams and Kardel Sharpeye, with muskets in their hands, squint their eyes warily and patrol the elite businessmen who enter and leave the city gate. "* * * Damn it!" Abaddon muttered swearing and inadvertently attracted a dwarf’s attention. "Hey, the two guys in front put your hands up!" Snipers pointed their guns at them and moved carefully. terrorblade suddenly turned around and twisted his head back. The poor dwarf died, and his blood soaked the blue felt hat.
"What, are you sure those shadows are from the Scourge?" Zeus said it was unbelievable, but he still looked calm. "It’s impossible. Even if there were natural disaster assassins or spies, they would never get into the Ironforge." "I didn’t see it clearly, but I smelled the unique smell of the necromancer. According to recent intelligence reports, they may have come to negotiate with the dwarves. Don’t even give them a chance to repent when the natural disaster messengers come here!" Magina felt that Zeus was not moved at all, which made him angry. "In the Guards, don’t believe that race will be a loyal ally of dwarves except the night elves!" Goblins are unreliable. garkisen Company is secretly subsidizing the Scourge Corps to manipulate the war situation. These guys can earn enough from the arms business. Come on, King Elf, Zeus interrupted him angrily. Dwarves are absolutely loyal to the Guards! I will lead my people to defend the Ironforge in those messengers of the Natural Disaster Corps and wait and see the drama, Magina. "
"No traffic!" The deputy armed dwarf soldier’s glaring caused her a burst of displeasure. "Hey, hey, we are business businessmen. We are old friends and brothers with you." Laaser handed the sniper a cigar. The dwarf told him that there was a fierce battle in the northwest city of Ironforge this morning. It is said that they were natural disaster killers. Lord Zeus ordered the export to be blocked and the city to be guarded. When I heard this, Mo Cui Diqing found that the alchemist was so scared that his face turned green. What a timid thing. She secretly ridiculed that Laaser Black Brew brought three people into the city, pointing to a blacksmith shop in the block and ordered ". Well, if I had known this, I wouldn’t have talked about business with you. I’m staying at this blacksmith’s shop. You can look around and don’t make trouble for me again! Hey, hey, by the way, don’t forget to pay me the money with interest in the afternoon. "
Before leaving, traxex bought a short stick in the blacksmith’s shop, which seems like the price of weapons was actually raised to 900 gold coins by that guy Laaser! But when her body touched the short stick (hey, hey, what did you think), the golden light flashed, and the eagle horn bow, the evasion amulet and the short stick became an unparalleled artifact! "This is how the original Millennium artifact butterfly was forged!" Carl, who is even the most calm at ordinary times, can hide his excitement. He stared at the butterfly without blinking, as if it would evaporate in a second. "Why don’t you have halim’s staff?" traxex lazily took Carl and crossed the butterfly around his waist.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven You don’t know
Motriti soon found a passer-by and asked about the direction to the Palace of Olympus. "Friends can send troops to Kalimdor after finishing this natural disaster and directly confront the night elves." The phantom assassin smiled greedily. Carl was still calm at the moment. "Calm down, negotiate with the dwarves first. If the talks break down, start the plan. The assassination is the last resort."
Chapter 52 Disarm the bamboo fence, erect several wooden gun targets not far from the open meadow, and there are many goblin merchants who come to talk about business or explore mining. The area around is bustling. A dwarf general picked up the blizzard crossbow and narrowed his eyebrows and eyes into a crack. "Bang! Bang! Hey! " Kardel Sharpeye fired three shots in the middle of the gun target. "Oh, this cannon is really tailor-made for the general!" Goblin tinker smashed his mouth and praised Kadeer’s eagle-eye marksmanship, and the sniper was particularly happy. He said that he would buy this blizzard crossbow. "Hey, I am an old man, but I bought a good weapon."
Kader motioned around to pay gold coins to the tinker’s attendant to wind up the goblin, but his confidant brought him a bad news. About the early morning, there was an attack on the Yugoslav capital in the suburbs of northwest China, and the dwarf musketeers suffered heavy casualties, but the murderer could not fall in the ironforge of Skynet! General Cadell Hawkeye, who was defending the ironforge, didn’t move until goblin tinker and his party were satisfied. After counting the gold coins, white skin wrinkles and age spots gradually kinked. He snorted and smashed the wooden gun target. "Mom, these bastards! Anyone who dares to touch the idea of the Guards Corps and the Ironforge Fort will definitely hit him in the head with this old gun! "
"I will kill you this time, Magina!" The cold wind blew over Abaddon’s silver hair, and his eyes were covered with a silent, cold and crazy mask, which made him crazy. He cut through the indestructible gate of Zeus Palace with a sword, and the dwarf guards swarmed, and terrorblade turned into a death knight, fearing that the magic of the dragon would shock those auxiliary armed dwarves, Magina! When the light shield burst, a large number of bodies poured down beside it, which almost dyed Defense of the Ancients red, but the soul-sucking sword was still cold. The mortar squad had to retreat strategically. Such an elite gun team in Ironforge actually looked vulnerable in front of the Lich King’s chief death knight. Abaddon didn’t let errorblade mirror and scout himself, so he broke into the palace hall with his hands holding the hammer. The statue of Olympus Wang Yinbai stood in the center with dazzling light. According to other methods, it was true that he had not received the holy light’ baptism’ for a long time.
"How can there be a body?" Carl looked at the dead dwarf lying in confusion and glanced at the depths of the main entrance of the deep palace. Abaddon would never make such a disregard. After all, they wanted to win over the dwarves to join the natural disaster camp, but the body neck was branded with runes and swords. He didn’t break into the restricted area without authorization, but the ghost wandered and hid, waiting for Motti and traxex.
Merritty entered a room in the palace, and the assassin woke up. She was uneasy everywhere. "Don’t move!" Someone behind angrily drank a "general cader did not guess wrong! Put your hand up, assassin. If you accidentally pull the trigger, your brains will be hit all over the floor. "First, the musketeer threatened a row of well-trained dwarf guards, and they all raised their guns at the assassin. She did so." Well, good, now turn around and throw your weapon, the moon ring, to the ground. "Motriti turned around and let go. When the shadow moon wheel fell in the middle, the phantom assassin quickly bent down to catch it and threw it to draw a perfect bloody arc. Even the snipers were cut to death by a half-moon blade in a row.
Cadel threw developing dust, and the ghost wandered through kaer. Zeus immediately revealed that Zeus released a flash chain dwarf helicopter rocket barrage, which caused a natural disaster. Five people were in chaos. Well-trained snipers took the opportunity to approach and forced Merritty, who was not good at frontal warfare, to a position less than two centimeters away from the gun. kaer took two steps forward in desperation. He wanted to help the phantom assassin get out of danger by taking advantage of the chaos. "Bang!" Another shot to the head. Carl screamed, his white and elegant hands were blown up, and his three fingers were destroyed by the blizzard crossbow.
"Let her go!" Defense of the Ancients was furious and put his sword on the sniper’s neck. If Kader dared to pull the trigger on Motriti, he would be beheaded immediately. So would Abaddon. Almost all musketeers pointed their eyes at him and asked him to kill the dwarf general. Even if there were ten fears, it would never stop the dwarf’s powerful firepower. "Remember that the dwarf is by no means a have it both ways race. We will serve the Guards to the death. We will defend Azeroth to the death. I will die in Ironforge and in the snow of Katz Mo Dan!" Kader regarded Abaddon as a threat, holding high the blizzard crossbow calmly. "This is Ironforge, a natural disaster army that can conquer the fortress forever!"
Abaddon clenched his sword and held it close to the sniper’s throat. The musketeer immediately approached his cold muzzle and stood by at any time, saying "Fvkyou!" "Fvkyou!" Cardell and Abaddon didn’t mean to let go. They were both yelling at each other almost crazily. Four angry eyes glared at each other, and the murderous look in their eyes could almost drop blood.
"Don’t do it!" Carl shook his bloody right hand and stopped Abaddon’s blood dripping. "Maybe we should come back to the negotiating table, Mr. Dwarf. Please believe our sincerity. Whether it is business or the situation, it is worth talking about." "Haha, are you kidding?" Zeus did not laugh when he said this, but kept staring at Carl. "Dwarves never know that we are natural conquerors if we compromise with the enemy!" What’s more, this is the natural disaster army sweeping through several generals in Lordaeron. "terrorblade suddenly became disheartened. He knew that these dwarves were bent on killing them.
"None of you want to run!" Although snipers are still in Abaddon sword, Carl’s humiliation and peace make them firmly in control of the initiative. "Don’t worry about the death knight’s dozens of years old marksmanship, but there is no white practice! Even if your sword falls a few seconds ago, I can still pull the trigger! " Sniper unscrupulously satirizes his indecision. At this moment, Cartel’s muzzle, Merritty, suddenly whimpers lightly. Abaddon is inexplicably distressed. The death knight has already lost all feelings. He will never put his life in his eyes, but she has become the only soft place in Abaddon’s heart. He tries to make his hands stop shaking. At present, the damn old man is still provoking Zeus, dwarf helicopters and hundreds of armed musketeers. He feels that his brain is almost cracked.
"Wait!" There was a strong sound outside the hall. A thin but vigorous figure caught everyone’s eye. Motti felt very familiar. In the twilight, the handsome and uninhibited elf boy came back to the grass and ancient trees. There was a kind of beauty and quietness that belonged to Danasus. The elf girl was being bullied by her partner. However, they were not harmonious friends. He said,’ Don’t thank me, Motti, we are even friends. You can be my first non-noble friend if you like.’ He was so conceited as if those clear eyes were watching her all the time.
Chapter 53 The King of War proved to be the relic in Magina’s hand. The blade of the abyss was carefully forged by the top craftsman in Ironforge for 20 years. Dark black cloth covered his eyes and his face seemed to be covered with thick dark clouds. It was not until he felt the gaunt face of Motretti’s presence that Abaddon was so cold that he could kill people. He stared at his "brother" with eyes. errorblade did not scream, but suddenly felt a little sad. "King Olympus, as the first warrior of the Guards Corps, ordered you to release them immediately."
"Conditional release? You see how many brothers and loyal guards these dogs have brutally killed us! I, Kadeer, the eagle-eyed general of the Iron Furnace Fort, even if * * * is Magina, the Titan god, I will personally execute these abominable natural disaster spies! " Dwarf general ignored Maggie’s threat to end the gun and prepared for sniper headshots. Dwarf helicopter aurel vlaicu’s anti-aircraft artillery was ready to launch at any time. magina also made a battle preparation posture. Abyss blade swung with shaking wrist, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense. Kader, Maggie, Abaddon and errorblade all held the attitude of death. Zeus smoothed his white beard and didn’t mean to smooth it out. "The night elves are the most loyal allies of the dwarves, but we don’t want to be elves. The world tree also belongs to the Guards! Since the dwarves choose to join the Guardian Alliance, they will spare no effort to destroy all natural enemies! "
Ripper Rizlak easily smashed the palace gate with a saw-toothed flywheel with a logging blade. goblin tinker Bausch knocked in lightly and put on a businessman’s unique smile. It seems that the atmosphere around him is full of gunpowder. "Oh, I’m sorry I’m late, distinguished customers. You will always be the emperor in our hearts." Bausch swung back and forth with two sticks comically. "Hey, don’t haggle over it. My dwarf friend released the Assassin of the Natural Disaster Corps. I promise you a preferential price for the next military order!" "Bullshit!" The sniper angrily turned the gun and aimed at him. "Hey, what are you doing, man? I’m the chairman of the goblin company in garkisen, but we are partners." goblin tinker was stupefied and cheekily approached the dwarf general Magina step by step. He felt the magic fluctuation of clockwork goblins launching hooks and claws, and Zeus was keenly aware of a dangerous logging saw chain behind the goblin ripper.
"Let’s not offend Bosch." Dwarf adjutant whispered in the sniper’s ear that Kader’s gun was slowly lifted. By the time goblin tinker approached him, the gun was pointing to the dome. Everyone secretly breathed a sigh of relief. "We have dozens of long-standing friendship behind us than the snow on the peak of Katz Mo Dan." Bosch patted the sniper on the shoulder. "Oh, you old guy are still so solid at this age." "Now things can be solved peacefully." Maggie woke Zeus.
Bosch led the Zall Ranger and others out of the palace, and Abaddon passed by, and Magina firmly bumped into a shoulder. "We don’t know what would have happened without you. I thank you for being brave and afraid of magina on behalf of Merritty." "You’re welcome at all. In fact, Merritty’s body and every part of her are quite soft. That kiss in Danasus really made me unforgettable today." Magina smiled kindly and accepted Defense of the Ancients’s thanks. errorblade immediately cast a contemptuous look. He imagined how mirana would feel if he saw this scene, and the two brothers also died.
"A total of 700 gold coins, Laaser. Here, this is a small payment for you." traxex handed the money to the alchemist, and the actual money was lent to her by Bosch. "Orientals say that money is a foreign object. This is part of the transaction. If you have the ability to negotiate a business, the money is nothing." Laaser Black Brewer casually said a lot of philosophical words about money. "You have a beautiful ring." Bosch doesn’t know when to wear a green hat like a human model dog.
"meowed" traxex injustice to lie prone on errorblade arms coquetry deserved this guy’s finger was interrupted by three! "Do you want more?" errorblade shamelessly asked Bosch traxex that he was glad he didn’t show him the butterfly. "Oh, my eyes are right, you are very interesting friends." Bosch was satisfied with Skyhawk’s warning and a wave of his hand, and a luxurious airship fell from the sky. "The company allocated a private car to the chairman! Oh, let’s go for a ride together! "
In this way, they flew from Ironforge to the main city of goblins-the southernmost neutral desert city in Kalimdor, the western continent of garkisen, which is the hometown of many goblins. However, it was not as desolate as Meredith imagined. On the contrary, in this high-tech city of gnomes and goblins, businessmen were busy doing trade tears on the shore of the prosperous port and commanded the goblins to cut trees. Three goblin engineers argued fiercely about where remote-controlled bombs and mines were more suitable to be buried in the arms factory. After all kinds of brand-new weapons and bombs were produced, they were transported to war-torn areas and those who were actively preparing for the war. Ritty estimated that their coffers could be filled with dozens of houses. Bosch told them that not long ago, Storm Kingdom signed a monopoly agreement with garkisen Arms Company on the research and development of high-tech weapons.
"Oh, you know, our most sophisticated goblin engineers are launching a research and development project-‘doomsday plan’, which will help nature’s nuclear fusion to induce great power to create conan the destroyer and special weapon. After the preliminary estimation of engineer Goblin, the lethality of nuclear weapons is enough to destroy two storm cities, causing severe radiation to kill living things! It is precisely because of the unparalleled IQ and extreme wisdom of the goblins that once the brain nuclear weapons are developed, we can earn a lot of money and gold coins! At that time, the goblins will become the richest race, so let the Azeroth world be shrouded in the shadow of war! " Bao Shiyue said that the more excited he was, the saliva splashed directly on the tip of Motriti’s hair. "This is your top secret project." Motriti cleaned his hair angrily and tested his tone. "Alas, businessmen and customers should establish a wide range of integrity." The repairman continued to talk about his grand blueprint with a nasty smile. "garkisen is a neutral city. Here we talk about business, natural disasters, guards and wars, and there are no goblins at all, but you are qualified partners."
"You want to fight the Armament Market of the Scourge Corps through us?" Carl guessed that it was no accident that Bosch abacus goblin ripper rescued Laaser black brew to help tinker appear in Ironforge. "Alas, the summoner is a clever guy." The tinker praised Carl in a rare way. "Our goblin laboratories and goblin shops are all over the place, and even on the front line of the war, there are also branches of weapons and ammunition products that are sold to miracle trees, sacred mouths, ancient weapons, protected territories, arcane sanctuaries and support vestments. We keep the closest contact with black market businessman Raelagus, who secretly sells many market-banned artifacts and demon blades.
"In fact, taverns hire heroes, and I am also a member of the Guards Corps. The Guards Alliance and the Scourge Corps are sworn enemies. Everyone wants to completely defeat each other by any means, but they never dare to touch the goblins. It is incredible that this is the real reason why the Scourge Guards have been evenly confronted for 10,000 years. If all the shops stop responding to the Scourge Corps materials or we sell nuclear weapons to the Storm Kingdom, there is no doubt that the situation will turn sharply. We have made a windfall in war and are also manipulating the war situation." traxex listened. In a daze, Carl is about to fall asleep, but there is an undercurrent in his heart: goblins will not sell nuclear weapons to one side. To keep the balance between guards and natural disasters, then the war will continue to hit them and their financial resources will never be exhausted
"Of course, it’s a pleasure to continue to support our actions. The Natural Disaster Corps will accept all goblin shops." Motriti struck an agreement with Boshida in the name of the slender finger leader. "Oh, I really didn’t mistake you. You are goblin guests and we are luxury airships!" The tinker filled a heat-conducting missile’ hey hey’ and kept laughing. Abaddon and Bosch shook hands, making him tremble. "Now I know that controlling the war is not the Scourge Corps or the Guards Alliance, but the military businessmen. You are the real king of war."
Chapter 54 Promise to stay in garkisen Hotel for three days. This is a very comfortable place. The refined wooden bed is very wide and soft. Of course, compared with Karl, terrorblade and Motriti, Abaddon and traxex are undead and don’t need to rest. Their fate is just like ghouls and haters. Destroying all living things from the Lich King and destroying every branch of the world tree is just a little more thoughts and feelings.
Abaddon, with a sullen face, said nothing. The rune sword seems to be rusty. He feels dull and doesn’t listen to his master’s orders. Looking at the night goblin port in South Kalimdor, there is still an endless stream of soft moonlight on the sea. The merchant ship has entered the port ForElune. I don’t know why. He suddenly remembered this sentence. Before Abaddon met Motriti, he sneered at the belief of the elves. Only the dark forces are invincible. Death knights don’t believe in any ridiculous moon! He suddenly bent down and stabbed the sword into the sand, drew his sword, and a scorpion with green blood poison was drawn out. The sword flashed faintly, and the blue cold light attached to the blood was quickly sucked dry, and Frostmourne was already thirsty.
"How is Queen Sylvanas recently?" Defense of the Ancients asked her easily, "I’ve been with you all the time. Alas, I haven’t returned to undercity for a long time." Although traxex was simple, he didn’t disclose the situation of the forgotten to the Lich King. When Abaddon couldn’t speak, he lost his desire to communicate. Night and silence swallowed up two small undead. He looked into the distance and was plated with a layer of moonlight deck. At the end of the sea-sky connection at the end of the harbor, it was a confused and dark traxex sat on the beach, kneeling and staring blankly at the ebb and flow tide.
"how do you like errorblade?" Abaddon suddenly asked, "Er, I felt very cold when I was born and turned into an undead, waking up in the town of death knell. The cold surrounded me. Sometimes I shivered in the coffin. It’s a pity that I didn’t." The dead have no temperature. It’s illogical for an undead to be afraid of cold. Abaddon didn’t say it, but continued to listen to her. "I loved errorblade because he made me feel familiar and warm." She gently told me that she smiled happily and the sea breeze lifted traxex’s long hair. Barton looked at her side face and the corners of her mouth bent into a charming arc. Maybe she was also a worried elf girl before her death, but Abaddon didn’t want to think about it again, which would make him feel guilty. The whole coast was silent.
Abaddon turned around and Carl looked behind him "there" absently, pointing to one direction, Carl muttered "Quel ‘Salas, my kingdom of blood elves, my hometown" and "The great Darth Rema sunstrider founded this well, which is the source of our life. Our sunstrider family will keep all the fountains of high elf power for generations, and we are the king of the sun", which reminds Defense of the Ancients that when Arthas led the Natural Disaster Corps to attack Silvermoon City, the spring water polluted the sun well and revived the lich Kel’ Thuzad. If the blood elves know that one day, Carl sighed lightly. "From the moment I betrayed the Alliance, the road of fate never turned back and slipped into the abyss step by step. This is exactly what the sun god punished me. In fact, after the Terran revenge on the blood elves in that year, the idea of being a retired sage in eversong woods came into being. Without you, kaer would have disappeared from the natural disaster camp."