Mu Feng constantly comforted himself in his mind that the ground was just shaking, and then the white dragon form Huangfuyi quickly collided with him. This is an oriental form. The snake-shaped white dragon has deer horns, camel’s head, rabbit’s eyes, snake’s neck, salamander’s belly, fish’s scales, eagle’s claws, tiger’s hands and cow’s ears, and all kinds of monsters gather together in a lifelike gesture.

But now is not the time to praise this dragon. He’s Huangfuyi’s incarnation, and Huangfuyi’s eyes are very simple. That’s killing himself. These players thought of this and Mu Feng trembled all over.
"Hey Mu Feng, how do you say this should be played?" Nana asked sadly in the channel
"Now no one knows Huangfuyi’s attack and who one of his goals is. Don’t rush to attack or wait and see." Mu Feng is also at his wit’s end. He doesn’t know how powerful Huangfuyi’s attribute is now, but his intuition tells him that whoever touches Huangfuyi will hang up now!
In the second form, Huangfuyi killed the mad cow with three knives when he was mad, and others also solved it with two or three knives. Everyone who was stared at by him died, except Canghu, of course.
Now this guy doesn’t know what the hell is going on, and the third form has directly turned into a white dragon. No, it’s a dragon. It’s the first time that Mu Feng has seen it in Ling Soul. I didn’t expect it to be this Huangfuyi.
At the moment, Mu Feng thinks too much, and there is no gap between us and Huangfuyi’s attributes. This kind of rolling gap can almost overwhelm them. Even the mysterious and mysterious Emperor has to stay where he is at this moment. His defense is very high, but in Huangfuyi’s face, defense is a piece of paper.
Mu Feng glanced at Huangfuyi again. Now he only has 4% blood. I remember that he had about 6% before he changed. This time, the change not only did not add blood, but also reduced the situation. If only there was fire inflammation, blood and purgatory blood punishment could take away 3% of his maximum life.
But fire inflammation just saved the eggplant beauty and was abruptly killed by Huangfuyi, and the two skills of fire inflammation are not good. After release, it is a lonely throw. Either you die or I live. Huangfuyi Xiao Shengfeng’s different blood volume can also blow you up, and it may not even trigger the punishment cost.
But without the fire, efreet’s blood skills, now everyone can’t dare to start work, and their ability is completely restrained
"Hey!" Yi Long whistling in front is far apart, but then the sound is close to the dark day. Huangfuyi, in the form of white dragon, swims in the middle and gradually approaches Mu Feng and them.
Seeing the arrival of the white dragon is like seeing the end of the world. Panic surges in my heart. A few timid little beauties in the team have already shrunk their charming bodies. I don’t know if they are facing this dragon.
When Huangfuyi approached everyone, there was a touch of golden light shining in the crowd, and the familiar light was Nana’s illusory shield shining brightly.
Nana bit her teeth. No one was hiding from Huangfuyi like others. She looked at Huangfuyi’s arrival and chose to resist Nana head-on. The strongest skill of the guardian of light, "Aurora locks the enemy line", circled around her like a laser. After several rounds of rotation, the aurora rushed to Huangfuyi. In Huangfuyi’s giant white dragon body, it was intertwined into a giant shield, which blocked Huangfuyi’s progress.
Nana’s array can be blocked for ten seconds, but a moment listening to the "crash" of a light array broke. This Huangfuyi disintegrated Nana’s skills in one second. Nana’s eyes widened and became distracted, and one second’s absence made Mu Feng hear a unified indication.
"ding! Your teammate Sun Twilight was killed … "
"Nana!" It’s a pity that Nana heard it when she was in the state of soul, but it’s the first time that Mu Feng has seen this exciting and angry side of magic day.
"Well … brother Wang, I’m fine. I’m not worried." Nana looked at the magic day in a state of soul, and suddenly she blushed and typed two lines on the screen.
Also be dead and regret …
"Run quickly!" After realizing that Nana Aurora locked the uneven lines and didn’t trap Huangfuyi, that guy continued to come here, Mu Feng shouted at everyone. Although the magic day is very angry now, it is not a sensational time to find a way to deal with this guy!
When Mu Feng shouted "Run", the remaining people ran away one after another, and they all ran in different directions. It may be the best way for them to run all the way. Mu Feng, Cang Hu and Ji Yue ran all the way, and as Huangfuyi came out, it became more and more long. The royal ruins were no longer sunny, but they became as dim as death. It was hard to notice where people were running, but Huangfuyi’s red eyes and Mu Feng could still see them.
"By the way, where is the magic?" Running and running Mu Feng suddenly thought of the magic day. It seems that the magic day didn’t run just now.
Cang Hu and Ji Yue all shook their heads. Mu Feng was depressed, so he made a small map of the royal family and looked at the magical day position. Suddenly, it was a surprise that the goods were still in place and he should meet Huangfuyi at this moment.
Chapter 47 Mechanical Storm Eye
As Huangfuyi came out for more and more time, there was no sun shining in the ruins of the royal family, but it became as dim as death. Walking in it, it was hard to notice where people were going, but Huangfuyi’s red eyes and Mu Feng could still see them.
"By the way, where is the magic?" Running and running Mu Feng suddenly thought of the magic day. It seems that the magic day didn’t run just now.
Cang Hu and Ji Yue all shook their heads. Mu Feng was depressed, so he made a small map of the royal family and looked at the magical day position. Suddenly, it was a surprise that the goods were still in place and he should meet Huangfuyi at this moment.
Sure enough, when the "bang" sounded, the magic day died. I didn’t expect that the magic day would go to Huangfuyi desperately when Nana died. Unfortunately, Huangfuyi’s current strength is not recklessly enough to beat the star-level boss and kill you with one move.
It was not until this time that Mu Feng really understood what Ling Soul was. No one got through this vice for such a long time. So the strength of boss was not necessarily beaten by a two-person team with a pair of gods in half a month. After the attribute was too strong, it was unilateral cruelty.
Nana and Huangfuyi died, and there are only three people left here in Mu Feng, Cang Hu and Ji Yue. I have him, the alphabet geek and two beautiful women in his team, an archer and a demon nine.
At this time, the coordinates of Huangfuyi are still moving, but he is not moving over there, nor is he moving to his side, as if he were wandering around at will and not in a hurry to kill Mu Feng and others.
Suddenly there was a "beep" in the ruins-this was not a unified indication, and the trigger sound of a certain skill was followed by a "click-click" mechanical sound, and Huangfuyi also roared-I don’t know how long it took "om"-and a dazzling beam of light appeared in the dark ruins.
"Start the mechanical storm eye!" The letter geek clenched his fist and bit his teeth, and finally said that his original mechanical array was stepped on by Huangfuyi.
Mechanical storm eye This is a mechanic’s super skill. There are two modes: static mode and dynamic mode. The maximum number of mechanical storm eyes a mechanic can arrange on the ground is 49, but there is one in the real mechanical storm eye, that is, the hostile target in the mechanical storm eye located in the center of all eyes can trigger the mechanical storm eye to enter the dynamic mode.
It is said that this is a level 4 skill, but there is absolutely no level 4 letter geek now. Mu Feng doesn’t know how he learned the mechanical storm eye, but it is a mechanical storm eye, and that beam of light is emitted by the mechanical storm eye.
"Du" A mechanical storm eye penetrated Huangfuyi’s body, causing a 60,000-value crit, and setting Huangfuyi to emit light beams from other mechanical eyes two seconds later. However, those light beams didn’t shoot into the sky and the department penetrated Huangfuyi’s body, and each mechanical eye could consume about 10,000 blood of Huangfuyi. Some of them were dropped by miss and some were crited.
Generally speaking, there are almost 50,000 injuries, but this also kills 1% of Huangfuyi’s blood. Huangfuyi can still hang everyone with the old 3% blood.
And all the mechanical eyes gradually disappeared after hitting the damage, and Huangfuyi was freed from control and searching, and it was only two minutes, and 13 minutes left was the end.
"Damn it, if only God were against it!" Mu Feng is unwilling to bite. If he is disobedient, there may be a chance to kill Huangfuyi in one fell swoop. After all, the effect of God’s disobedience is that if you encounter strength, you will encounter weakness. Now Huangfuyi is so powerful and mysterious that it is really worrying!
"Wild … elder brother …" Canghu wanted to call her Mu Feng, but when she saw Jiyue here, Canghu immediately stopped the transit and said, "I have a skill that may kill Huangfuyi."
"What skills?" Mu Feng curious ask ji month also want to know.
"The devil! I am a necromancer to occupy Huangfuyi. If I succeed, Huangfuyi will die, and his body will become my demon necromancer. If I fail, I will just lose a necromancer. "Cang Hu said with a sweet smile.
"So what are you going to do? Dead spirit Ilana or dead god of war? " Mu Feng seemed to see hope, but when he thought about Huangfuyi’s strength, he suddenly felt that it was not that simple.
"I can’t be my beloved necromancer. Recently, my demon has occupied and controlled a lot of boss. When I am the necromancer, hey hey …" Pale fox’s smug smile seems to be really pleasing.
In the pale fox, the archer beauty of the unified ghost emperor died, and the demon nine also died. Obviously, Huangfuyi chose to attack the ghost emperor after being attacked by the mechanical storm eye, but the two beautiful women died first, which puzzled Mu Feng. Didn’t the ghost emperor protect them? Archers are brittle, so let’s not talk about Yaojiu’s occupation. Poisoning doctors are also brittle. Once these two brittle people are caught, they will die.
After the archer’s beauty and demon nine also died, the scene was silent for a few seconds. Huang Fuyi roared and Mu Feng was also worried. After the death of the two beautiful women, it was the letter geek or the ghost emperor who was afraid to think about it.