Bypass, intercept, detour, surround and kill, suddenly and violently take people away.

These are all very good GANK skills in DOA. A clown certainly knows that EHKC will definitely take advantage of this.
However, the A team bet is that Da Naga can withstand the pressure and make a big move in a round of outbreaks after having Lincoln in the early stage!
Besides, Naga and energy shield!
A clown can’t believe it!
Big Naga is also confident that she is ahead of the K-boat. You know, K-laser is not a skill that is far from the scope of casting.
So k is also a robot to keep the line, but the clown POM arrow still hits the skill K in the tower once in unremitting efforts
The pig’s head dish slows down a little bit because it needs to be refreshed at the first level, and it takes three seconds to fill it. This is the least magic sacrifice of two seconds, but this time POM Arrow obviously took this problem into account.
A direct hit dodged an arrow and refreshed the skill K in the tower.
The clown took the lead, but he didn’t jump into the stars. After the stars came out, he was stunned by the mystery. At this time, the audience gave a cold air.
Originally, I was going to prepare HIANDRUN to walk and output Ping A to hurt the clown’s fingers, which twitched instantly on the keyboard and provoked and fell again.
White tiger jumps diagonally across a battlefield, jumps over two towers and goes straight behind K!
Then follow the big naga and stagger after transformation, looking very happy. The corpse king was melted in a sea of fire!
It’s KC
It’s the fire lady’s light strike array!
The range is dizzy for 1.6 seconds, but there is a five-second casting delay, that is, the white tiger jumps away during this five-second casting delay!
Although the fire lady didn’t faint, the corpse king and the big Naga were also very good. After the mystery, she took the knife and made a big move directly. Then KC slammed a set of skills and added two levels of red sticks to take away the corpse king. The big Naga was also knocked out during the control, but the Lincoln effect was still there.
"If only there were an urn at this time," said Luo Qi, who was very focused on watching and was around Lao Pei.
This is what many DOAER think, but this EH has no shadow shrine. This equipment can be broken by Naga Lincoln. At this time, POM’s big trick is about to disappear. At this time, DCG hates it!
The CD is good to break Lincoln, and then the K laser and missile instantly reach LINA’s fire lady’s ass … and the light strike array strikes again!
Seven seconds CD is very fast!
A piercing sound was heard in the stereo of Beijing Workers Stadium and then spread all over the stadium.
Big Naga was taken away. EH cooperation is top-notch
What is a giant!
This is that when the giants are countered, they have already prepared their skill combinations to regain the initiative and kill their opponents!
It was K who was hit to the ground by the moon priestess after the laser and missile hit the Naga, but fortunately, the transport plane was put in the wild in mystery shop before the pig’s head dish and then the mysterious staff was bought.
The moon priestess was also killed after being served by the second tower. She was like a pig’s head dish. At last, the cash department was snapped by clown A on the keyboard and bought the phantom axe scroll.
Generally speaking, A lost, but the rhythm was still lost by EH.
Because Lu longqi was killed by the virtual!
So the meat dragon rode out of 14 plate armor and body armor, which has reached nearly 30 o’clock. After adding BKB, it was dark and hard, making people want to die.
How did you get killed by the empty list?
DOAER, the audience didn’t see the pilot at the scene, but they were confused and confused when they watched the live picture!
(PS people have said that they will give the truth to the red ticket! How can the collection be lost again? Please ask for support.)
Chapter two hundred and three Blood is burning! (Continue to seek collection)
It’s really surprising that the Dragon Rider was killed. How unexpected?
From the moment QA just sat down and immediately got up from his seat, he knew how surprised his teammates were in the EH rest area.
And Luo Qi and Lao Pei, like most of the audience, were still excited when K and the mystery LINA were on the road.
I saw two brain screens in the rest area receiving live signals. In that screen, it was explained that Lu Longqi was killed by a virtual single.
Luo Qi is the same as most viewers in front of the live broadcast. The first feeling when hearing this news is that it is too fake.