Gritting one’s teeth strengthens the faith in one’s heart.

Every step at this time, Pei Wennuan consumes many times of energy. When her feet are tied, she is holding up thousands of pounds of boulders, and that powerful repulsive force keeps stopping her from moving forward.
Just as he was marching to step 171, Pei Wennuan suddenly lost his feet and the whole person was bounced out.
Tianchen seal repulsion will she directly flew to the steps.
Pei Wennuan hurriedly steadied his body with a flame of unwillingness and struggle in his eyes.
This step can’t be completed overnight. If you want to levy it, you must bear the pain and failure as ordinary people do.
This seemingly soft chaotic force actually contains horrible energy. Pei Wennuan found a different word for chaotic force in his heart-pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger looks softer than chaotic force, but it is actually a beast more fierce than a tiger.
With a persistent attitude, Pei Wennuan took a step again, even if she was repelled by chaotic forces, and even if she returned to the starting point and started all over again, she would insist on going. She wouldn’t believe her. Can’t Pei Wennuan levy this thousand steps? She just wants to prove it to herself.
One hundred and seventy-one … one hundred and seventy-five … one hundred and seventy-six … was once again bounced by chaotic forces.
One hundred and seventy-six … One hundred and ten … Failure!
One hundred and twelve … One hundred and ninety … Failure!
Pei Wennuan doesn’t even know how many times she has failed, and how many times she has been repelled by chaotic forces. She feels exhausted, and after recovering a little strength every time, she begins to climb up the stairs again, bit by bit.
She doesn’t know how many times she failed after Takuya, and she is getting closer and closer to the end of Tianchen Seal in physical pain.
You can clearly see the end point of Tianchen seal from a little blur to your eyes.
At this time, Pei’s warm body exudes white light and holiness with a touch of cool temperament, just like Bai Mei’s white and proud in winter.
Pei’s warm forehead is full of fine sweat. At this step, she has been holding up on one foot for more than an hour. The repulsive force prevented her foot from falling into the steps and forbeared to give up several times, but she was not willing to Chapter 38.
I tried to give up several times, but she was unwilling.
The 990th level will be 999 if this step falls! Don’t give up, don’t give up! She has failed several times on this floor and she doesn’t want to fail again.
Pei warms his heart and keeps telling himself that he must persist in making breakthroughs to prove his progress and get out of here.
It is this powerful repulsive force that makes her fall into the chaos and makes her feel that it is 1000 times and 10000 times more difficult than crossing the mountain and the sea of fire.
This soft energy should have such an unimaginable repulsive force.
"ah!" Pei Wennuan screamed. First, the surrounding world couldn’t hear her voice. The repulsive force of her mouth and steps was almost enough. Pei Wennuan bounced out.
Pei Wennuan was slammed on hundreds of steps.
Pei Wennuan wants to cough, Naigen can hear the cough sound, so the world can feel the pain of the body. The pain of falling bones and breaking bones makes her frown. She stayed here for too long because she relied on her imaginary words to make her feel desolate.
But in this world, she can be strong enough to collect energy here.
Hands propped up her body hard and tired, wiped a handful of blood overflowing from the corners of her mouth. At this time, her body was cut and bruised. Pei Wennuan didn’t care that there was a bit of viciousness in her eyes, and she almost succeeded.
She can feel that chaotic force of her body is rapidly healing the wound she just got. The visible speed of the wound is rapidly recovering and the pain is rapidly dissipating. This is the result of her long-term efforts. At this time, the chaotic force in Pei Wennuan was the root of the law. If she compared the chaotic force to a drop of water, she would have harvested a lake now, but this is not enough.
Facing the last two floors, all the energy really gathers in the last two floors. Pei Wennuan believes that if she steps on the highest floor, her chaotic force will become the sea of Wang Yang.
However, on the 990-step ladder, she has tried for hundreds of times, and all of them were bounced out by the strong repulsive force. Failure again and again reduced her confidence.
But even so, the determination to levy it has not disappeared.
I don’t believe that I will not go to the last two tight steps! Pei Wennuan bullet once again restored the fighting spirit.
Hold up at this time, her minor injuries have almost healed, and Pei Wennuan has to admire the chaotic power to heal quickly.
Step by step, walk through the feet again, and all the pressure is exerted on her a little bit. She has been able to withstand the hundred layers of pressure and repulsion.
There is a golden flame burning in her eyes, and her firm belief erupts from her eyes again. Every attempt and breakthrough makes her have new insights and move new energy more freely.
As time goes by in consciousness, silence is the eternal theme here, but this kind of harmony and silence can be felt more powerful than energy. The whole sea of consciousness exudes a unique atmosphere, with strong and indomitable spirit.
In repeated failures, Pei Wennuan once again fell to the outside of the 500-step stairs, lying flat with her body in a big shape. At this time, the pain from her body made her feel a little unable to breathe, but the chaotic force of her body quickly repaired her injury and alleviated the pain from her body.
Although I fell here, Pei Wennuan’s eyes, especially Kiyomi’s, were not disappointed, but full of joy in her eyes. Looking at the empty white, Pei Wennuan’s mouth slowly hooked up.
"Ha ha … ha ha ha …" Pei Nuan couldn’t help laughing. The surrounding area was still so quiet, but she did laugh. She could feel her smile and trembled involuntarily with laughter.
At this time, her eyes are as bright as stars.
She succeeded, although one foot gently reached the 990th step, but after several failures, she succeeded. Although this time she was still bounced out by the strong repulsive force, the huge pressure made her almost dirty and cracked, but she still stepped on the 990th step jade brick.
That gently is a huge breakthrough for her, which proves to be further powerful.
Pei Wennuan closed her eyes and waited for the chaotic force to automatically help her recover her physical injury and strength. There are still two layers of energy, and she can successfully reach the top of Tianchen Seal to get the most powerful power.
It is not only a test for her, but also a test for her to grow up.
When Pei Wennuan got up again, she was radiant like a new student, her eyes were bright and she looked at the highest place of Tianchen seal, which would be her place.
Re-stepping on the last two floors of the journey for Pei Wennuan-
Everything is just the beginning.
NaLanYunHua keep beside pei warm eyes besides worry and a bit confused.
He can feel that the fluctuation of Pei’s warm body breath is getting stronger and stronger. What is going on? It’s in a coma, but it’s getting stronger. What happened in Pei Wennuan?
Moreover, he clearly noticed that Pei Wennuan’s gray hair had already begun to turn black, and those white hairs had gradually turned from silver to gray from the beginning and were changing towards black.
Nalan Yunhua was worried about this change, but after taking the pulse, he found that Pei’s warm body energy was constantly changing and there was nothing wrong, which made him feel a little relieved.
Because of this strange situation, Nalan Yunhua always keeps an eye on the change of Pei Nuan’s situation for fear that something unexpected will happen to Pei Nuan.