(Damn it, has that guy given me some kind of * *? Or … Is the fake Jeremy? )

Zhaojie woke up slowly and felt a splitting headache and groaned.
"Sister woke up?" Next to the little girl suddenly woke up with a face of relief and smiled, "You finally woke up."
"How long did I pass out?" Zhaojie rubbed his temples.
"You fainted three days ago without knowing it, which made everyone very anxious." The little girl took a glass of water from the side and fed it to zhaojie.
Clear water moistened his throat. zhaojie asked, "What happened to Jeremy’s plan?"
The little girl nodded. "Don’t worry, the ivory king has been hiding like a frightened quail. I believe he will run away immediately when the main line ends, right? But he won’t have this opportunity. "
Zhaojie was relieved to ask, "Why would I faint?"
Little Lori shook her lovely head. "I wonder if you have been fighting continuously these days, which makes your spirit too tense and consumes too much for plants to fight?"
"Maybe," zhaojie asked from the bed. "Where are the war ghosts?"
The little girl giggled. "They don’t know where to go hunting."
"Hunting?" Zhaojie pondered these two words silently and asked, "Where to hunt?"
"Of course, I’m going to the city," the little girl said with a smile. "I’m sure I can eat pterodactyl meat again when I come back. It’s really delicious."
"Pterosaur Yao …" Zhao Jie nodded. He remembered that there was a Colosseum in the city. I heard that there were some dinosaurs.
Zhaojie didn’t walk a few steps and immediately felt dizzy. The little girl also noticed this. She hurriedly helped him sit back in bed, some heartache and some blame. "Stupid sister can’t stand her body. Please go to bed quickly. What do you have to worry about with our strength?"
Zhaojie smiled wryly. "I am … Oh, forget it, Xiaofan. Where did I shoot that bottle of Tianshi medicine?"
The little girl one leng frown way "you want to drink that thing now? Aren’t you afraid of a mental breakdown? "
What she said is really possible. Whether it’s a real eye potion or a hades eye potion or a celestial eye potion requires strong spiritual support. zhaojie’s current state will probably make zhaojie fall into a coma again, even if it won’t cause harm to his body.
"But …" Zhao Jiegang wanted to say something, but when he saw the little girl’s serious and lovely eyes, he could breathe a sigh of relief and gave up the idea of drinking Tianshi potion.
Zhaojie passed out again because of a headache.
When he woke up again, he was already laid down in a chair and surrounded by many passers-by
Zhaojie has not yet opened his eyes, but he felt a golden light fall on his face. He turned his head and frowned, and his palm blocked the light. Then he slowly opened his eyes.
When he saw it, he immediately thought of himself where it was.
Mercenary exchange center has been released.
"Ghost’s adult …" Like other passers-by, zhaojie struggled and bowed to the ghost.
I haven’t heard the ghost words for a long time. zhaojie quietly looked up and saw that Ghost was looking at himself with a livid face. His eyes were full of anger and even his body could not help trembling.
“?” Zhaojie bowed his head and checked his body, but found nothing wrong, but it is not good to say hello on this occasion and wait silently for the ghost to say hello.
After a long time, when all the passers-by were numb, the ghost sound quickly said, "Now the main line has reached the trigger critical point and met the trigger conditions, so I will read you the second stage of the main line."
"Those who cross the body should not only have superhuman ability and combat skills, but also have flexible brains to deal with all kinds of emergencies."
"The second stage needs to be found by yourselves."
"I will give you a sign that you need to find the main line according to this sign."
"In this period, you will have the opportunity to stimulate the special main line branch line, and you will be rewarded handsomely when it is completed."
"You will have three days to finish this."
"The main line of each stage will be automatically handed over after you find the exact location or meet certain conditions, and you will get a new stage."
"All rewards will be settled after the main line is completed"
"The special punishment of the sub-mainline is not allowed to leave Luolan Island before the final end, otherwise it will be obliterated."
"The second stage is …"
"The blending of science and theology …"
Speaking of which, his words were heavy. zhaojie felt that a light like substance fell on his body, and his body was a little stinging, but it was a little warm near his body. He looked up at the ghost but saw that this guy’s eyes were shooting two golden lights in his heart.
These two lights are fleeting, and the silent sound is ringing in zhaojie’s ears. "… killing means promotion."
Say, "Ghost rides the golden light and disappears in the same place. People around him are wondering at what really happened to zhaojie, who just released this famous guy now. Although I felt it, no one dared to look.
Zhaojie brimming with pain in his heart glanced at all and then turned to the mercenary exchange center.
"What does the boss mean by that sentence?"