Xia Qi stood tall in the wind, and at this moment, his eyes suddenly moved sharply, like a sleeping wild beast awakening, and his big hand suddenly shot a golden light and dazzled a huge giant palm print!

The golden light is like a giant palm falling from the sky. The giant palm is like a small snake, and it seems to grasp the four giant dragons in its hand!
The huge palm fell and roared!
The four gale dragons, whose momentum swept through everything, broke up like a blade, and the hurricanes stopped one after another. The four gale dragons seemed to have no resistance, and they were captured by the dragon hand and held in the palm of their hands, shocking everyone.
With such power, everyone has no doubt that this dragon catcher can really catch the dragon!
Xia Qifa definitely pinched the dragon catcher, and suddenly it shrank violently and squeezed with great strength. Four squally dragons immediately burst, and the flurry of wind in the golden palm didn’t even show the subtle control of Xia Qi on the dragon catcher!
Four wind dragons instantly smashed the law enforcement brother, who was horrified and repeatedly stepped back. His mouth suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, and his face was horrified!
He was unable to resist Xia Qi’s fight against the dragon catcher during the seven-story training in the golden elixir period, which made him feel desperate!
Law enforcement brother together with the big fellow all want to turn and run away. They have a hunch in their hearts at the moment. I’m afraid they have provoked a peerless demon today!
"You can’t kill people in Qingdan City, but you Qingdan brothers will pay a little price if you blackmail me for doing such a thing!"
Two people turned to escape Xia Qi is not at the moment.
The original also scruples QingDan door has always restrained himself from making moves. Now that you have made moves, how can you let these two people go so easily?
"Tie the dragon rope!"
Xia Qi’s hand tied the dragon rope and swept out one hand, which was a magic weapon. The ferocity was so great that it was difficult for the law enforcement brother and the big fellow of Qingdan Gate to escape.
"The wind howled!"
The law enforcement brother and the big fellow felt that the dragon rope was like a dragon, locking their hearts in awe and trying to resist the dragon rope.
The flag is flying and the wind is raging, blowing some weaker monks in the distance to the east and west, which shows how strong the raging hurricane is and sweeping everything!
And the big fellow is in the hands of a broadsword with perfect golden light like gold and golden light shining like a * * day towards the dragon rope fierce to meet!
To calm down, Qingdancheng was disturbed by the fierce fighting at the moment. I don’t know how many monks gathered to watch from afar and saw such fierce attacks, and they were amazed one by one.
"Give me all the pieces!"
Xia Qi’s bullying is more violent than a flash of rage in his eyes. He has been repeatedly provoked and humiliated by his master. His heart is full of murder. At this moment, he is more violent than the real yuan, like the surging river!
Iron chain horizontal dragon!
The flag swept away, and the hunting sound on the flag surface attracted all the winds, sand and stones, dragons and ropes collided, and the weather waves rolled in the eyes of a group of monks with horror. This flag turned out to be broken again and again!
The wind is still blowing, and the broadsword is coming again!
The golden broadsword is a magic weapon. It was spurred by the big fellow’s secret method. The golden light swept like the sun, and it was cut in the dragon rope. The dragon rope was shaking again and again!
However, it is surprising that there is no problem with the dragon rope. On the contrary, this golden broadsword has been bounced off and the broadsword has not yet landed in the middle. It has been crunchy and it has collapsed directly!
The dragon rope was swept across the flag and the golden knife in Xia Qi’s manipulation, and all of them were smashed into powder!
This scene shocked everyone!
Two magic weapons instantly shattered!
This strength is not only that the quality of the dragon rope is far superior to the banner and the golden knife, but also that the strength of the dragon rope man is far superior to that of the law enforcement brother and the big fellow!
"Good fierce bullying youth! One move and two magic weapons are all shattered! "
"God, it’s amazing that it’s not as good as the other side to destroy the other side’s magic weapon with one move!"
"It’s simply a peerless monster!"
Many people exclaim that Xia Qi’s strength is shocking, but the six-story repair in the golden elixir period can destroy the other side’s magic weapon with one move, and even the other side will surpass him!
This kind of character is as powerful as those top sects!
Many monks are wondering which top sect Xia Qi is. Otherwise, how could he have such a magic weapon of the earth and amazing fighting power?
"I’ll spare your lives if I break an arm!"
Xia Qi’s ferocity is as monstrous as the gods. Every move has defeated the big fellow and the law enforcement brother. Their confidence makes them tremble and they almost kneel for mercy.
But even so, Xia Qi still didn’t let them go, but wanted them to break their arms and apologize!
The fact is that if it is not bad to kill people in Qingdan City, Xia Qi will take two lives without hesitation at this moment!
He’s not a good person. He was born in the cruel world of cultivating immortals. He learned to be ruthless. When it’s time to shoot, he will never show mercy or leave hidden dangers!
Is the onlookers monk felt Xia Qi brutal means.
It’s too arrogant to break the magic weapon of two people and ask the other party to break its arm!
You know, this is in Qingdan City!
Moreover, these two men are not ordinary monks, but the law enforcement brother of Qingdan Gate!
Destroying each other’s magic weapon in front of so many monks and asking each other to break their arm in front of everyone is an insult to Qingdan Gate!
A lot of people secretly shook their heads. Xia Qi was so overbearing that it did great damage to the name of Qingdan Gate, but I’m afraid it will not be better to offend Qingdan Gate in Qingdan Gate.
"The Taoist friends don’t insult others! The fact that you have destroyed the magic weapon for the two of us is even written off! Otherwise, I am at least the law enforcement brother of Qingdanmen. If you really want me to do this, Qingdanmen will never let you go! "
The law enforcement brother looked ugly, but his eyes were full of fear for Xia Qi. When he heard that Xia Qi wanted him to break his arm, his face was full of anger and gnashing his teeth.
Being so low-spirited towards Xia Qi in Qingdan Gate, this law enforcement brother has lost all his face. He secretly vowed in his heart that after this robbery, he would immediately call the monks in the family to find opportunities to surround and kill Xia Qi.
"Hum qing Dan door if it is like your brother that it’s no big deal! Today, you have a choice, either break your arm or I will directly abolish your repair! "
Xia Qi’s overbearing words don’t discuss anything. He doesn’t even look at Qingdan Gate, which makes everyone secretly lose heart.