Ghost Yin is really satisfied with this magical power. An assassin’s blood volume and defense are not much different from those of a mage. Now he is angry and wears Ye Zhang’s blood volume. It is his ghost Yin who has the least self-protection ability here. Now this most worrying problem has been solved with the acquisition of Xinghe in the sky.

Touching the corpse twice produced good things, and at this time, Ye Zhang smilingly touched the third thing, which immediately let the wounds be sealed aside and revealed a little foolishness.
"Sure enough, this Dan medicine is priceless in our eyes. I’m afraid it’s no different from sugar beans in your eyes!"
Feng Yi looked at Ye Zhang’s Dan medicine and sighed. Ye Zhang touched out this Yaochi nectar, which is a Dan medicine that can rise by 2 points to control the power. Before controlling the power, he also learned from Feng Yi that this attribute will become the main attribute they tend to in Ye Zhang in the future.
Control can directly increase the percentage of damage, regardless of the strength gap between the two sides. If his control is high enough, he can greatly make up for the weak proportion of force and make himself hurt more than some super masters.
"I gave it to you."
Ye Zhang threw Dan medicine to Feng Yi. He knew very well in his heart that without Feng Yi, even if Ye Zhang’s four effects of eternal dragon, heavenly punishment, divine prohibition and moonlight were repeated, it would be futile to transform the damage by going against the sky and doubling the method. Now some of their previous concerns have disappeared, and Feng Yi will become an important companion for him. Ye Zhang can make Feng Yi cross that Camby as soon as possible.
Feng Yi has played with this elixir in his hand. He has also heard about it and never seen it with his own eyes. His 15-point control power is gained by practicing magical powers, and he is like many NPC’s who cry in heaven. Now, a magical power has been cultivated and formed. This is a complete set of magical pre-cultivation conditions, and it is precisely because of this that Feng Yi can upgrade his attributes except various rare elixirs.
In fact, this is also a difficult problem that all players will face in the future. Once the cultivation is completed, the attribute will reach a bottleneck and it will be difficult to rise again. Obviously, if you want to break through this bottleneck, it will become the top priority for future players.
But it is clear that this problem has long since ceased to be a problem in the hands of Ye Zhang.
Chapter six hundred and sixty Unexpected change
After robbing the corpse of the ghost man, Ye Zhang pulled out 2 Yaochi Qiongjiang, 5 Tan Huadan, 2 Ye Haitang and 10,000 Xuanshi rewards.
Now Ye Zhang looked at this 10,000 Xuanshi and immediately raised his five ghosts to level 1 without hesitation, and at this time, Ye Zhang appeared in the message bar.
"Congratulations to you on reaching level 1 of Five Ghosts’ Skill, and you will be automatically promoted to level 1 of Five Ghosts’ Skill. When the level reaches level 6, you will get special effects of Beggar’s Emperor, cultivate all magical powers, steal damage value by 5% depending on conditional skills, and reduce all magical power consumption by 5%. Members of the same squad will not die, be captured or be injured, and recover all their life and Qi after the battle."
Ye Zhang took a deep breath. He was really scared by the special effect of the beggar emperor at this time, but at the same time he felt a sense of relief. This magical skill is that he has gone through three promotion processes and spent a lot of Xuanshi, but now the final form has not let him down.
However, it’s not a waste for Ye Zhang to spend such a long time on practicing the magic power depending on the conditions, and other effects of Beggar Emperor really perfectly reflect that the word "Beggar" is taken from the enemy, and with this magic power, not only the post-war recovery becomes simple, but also this magic power is simply tailored by the NPC.
Ye Zhang didn’t hide anything. After he shared this magical attribute, it was sure that Feng Yi was the first person to show shock. At this time, he couldn’t help but sigh.
"I can’t believe that there are such miracles in the tears of heaven. It’s really a big surprise."
At this time, Ghost Yin meditated for several moments.
"Ye Zhang, the special effect of Shanjiali, does not worry about not having a strong NPC army."
Ghost Yin’s words immediately let Ye Zhang move. Indeed, the last effect of Beggar Emperor alone is that members of the same team will not die, be captured or be injured, which is enough to make all NPC move.
Ye Zhang sounded the scene that Jiang Chen’s blood volume decreased in Jiang Chen during the first world war in Qingtiancheng, but he didn’t die. It seems that he should also have this effect in his practice of magic.
A ghost man brought Ye Zhang and others the benefits of poverty. At this time, Ye Zhang also became interested in another warrior, but Feng Yi immediately poured a bowl of cold water on Zhang Ye’s head.
"If you want to defeat Wuhou, you need to take a long-term view. The effect of Wuhou is Wu Zun. His weapon is a knife, and he has a% chance to lose all the magical powers except the knife method in the battle. When his blood volume is reduced to 2%, he will have an additional 5% chance to lose all the damage."
After hearing the words of sealing the wounds, Ghost Yin opened his mouth to speak, but he didn’t say it after all. He now got the Milky Way, and it was already a fate to evade 4% after the day was complete. I didn’t expect that Wuhou could do it with a% chance, which was almost close to the enemy.
"So the direct damage to Wuhou should not be too great, and we should pay more attention to the effect damage, which is similar to poisoning."
Angry inflammation soon thought of a method, but it was immediately rejected by Ye Zhang.
"Don’t forget that Dragonfinch can’t besiege an emperor who is eager for heavenly laws. According to our current strength, he is not ready to bear the consequences … don’t provoke me for the time being. I think if he knows that the ghost man is dead, he is equally fearful."
Ye Zhang’s words made all the people present nod their heads. At this time, their worries gradually disappeared because of the huge gains. For everyone present, their trip was rich in gains. At present, there is still 3% of the blood left over from the World War I and Mr. Ouyang. Everyone left and agreed to goodbye, and then they left each other in the future.
When I returned to the hill of Bloody Carnival, I had been waiting for a long time for the wind to degenerate at the door, and judging from his facial expression, he was also very worried at this time.
"What’s the matter?"
Ye Zhang hurriedly stepped up and walked over. The wind heart degenerated and saw Ye Zhang three people coming and immediately said,
"The number of applicants for the competition has dropped in these two days."
Ye Zhang heard one leng and then probably understood what was going on. The four of them came to the meeting hall and the residual blood was not there. After seeing Ye Zhang, Teddy boy first smiled and then disappeared and turned to awe.
"Ye Zhang, Ceng Hao, things are a little tricky. Brother Blood and Moment Beauty have to personally solve the problems here in the Legion. I’ll be in charge for the time being."
It’s not good news that teddy boy brought this news. What kind of game does Ceng Hao want to play with Ye Zhang today? Except for some potential uncertainties, Zhang Yegen will not look at him.