Equipment level 2 to 3

Looking at these four pieces of equipment, everyone can say that they are surprised to stare big eyes and open their mouths.
Chapter 19 Equipment Distribution
Each of these four pieces of equipment is more powerful than the other. Just picking one can shock the whole New World.
The worst of these is actually a blue exclusive professional weapon. Where do you think this makes sense?
The basic damage of the dagger named "Dead Man’s Determination" was directly broken by 3 points. What is even more outrageous is that the attack speed of this blue exclusive professional weapon is fast if it has to be a glyph; Two glyphs are fast; Three glyphs are very fast; Four glyphs are so fucking fast!
In addition, this blue exclusive professional weapon also has a life-threatening attribute, that is, when the blood volume is half, the wearer’s attack power will be 12% higher, which is a very fate attribute for player pk.
Even the special attribute of this blue exclusive weapon is not so good to others, but it is a better attribute than any other attribute in the view of hitting Scorpio with the handle.
Because there is an assassin like Scorpio in the team, this weapon is naturally assigned to him.
I’m crazy with this Scorpio.
Another piece of blue equipment really let everyone learn. It turned out to be an extremely difficult professional assistant equipment to treat.
The original players always thought that they could equip their deputies with knight classes, but then an archer somehow got a green quiver, which made them know that other classes also had deputies’ equipment, but such equipment was too rare, even rarer than cloaks.
Now, the fact that everyone in the team has gained knowledge has directly revealed the deputy of the treatment profession, and the attribute of this deputy is still so perverted.
Because Aries is the only real wet nurse in the team (Grandet is a fake), this life belongs to Aries.
This deputy is so precious that he won’t change it even if he gets two pieces of Aries orange equipment. After this deputy attribute is finished, Aries can be upgraded to level 1.
After getting this life, Aries is as happy as Scorpio.
What is even more unexpected is that the thief and the dead broke the purple equipment and broke two pieces at a time.
This pair of life-and-death dependent rings can be regarded as different kinds of purple suits. Generally, purple suits are equipped with one person to activate the soul attribute, while this set of rings is very different, and it is a pair of special equipment with two different types.
But think about it. After all, how can a physical ring and a magic ring be equipped with a body?
The properties of these two rings can be said to be so powerful that they are abnormal. The basic properties of the rings are even higher than those of a blue exclusive professional weapon, and they also have the property of increasing critical strike rate and going against the sky.
The additional properties of this pair of rings are also very real, especially the last one, which is extremely precious for a physical profession and a magical profession.
In addition, these two rings are also attached with such things as resistance. This attribute may not look eye-catching, but its real value is not as bad as other attributes, and it can be said to be the best of all attributes.
The way to take this pair of rings is to roll the physical professional roll to quit magic. However, the professional roll method has already separated the blue exclusive professional weapons. Scorpio and Aries have lost their participation in the roll point. The roll person is left with Grandet Dahlia and Capricorn, while the law is left with Gaorang Bunny and Plum Blossom.
For the roll, Capricorn was the first to choose the roll point. For him, it is urgent to have his own roll ability. In the previous game, Capricorn was a master of roll and was once called the roll point king. Now Capricorn is the best time to prove that he is the roll point king.
Capricorn’s points jumped for a while at 1 o’clock and 6 o’clock, but finally the number of roll points fell on the 1 o’clock surface. Capricorn almost fainted when he saw himself roll out points.
Then Grandet and Dahlia roll at the same time.
Grandet scored 5 points and Dahlia scored 3 points, and finally Grandet succeeded in getting the ring.
On the other side, Gao Rang, Tutu and Meihua will roll at the same time.
In the end, the high yield is 2 points, the tutu is 5 points, and the plum blossom is 6 points, so this precious ring belongs to the plum blossom.
Plum blossoms were directly equipped after they got the precept, but Grandet could only envy them because of his lack of level.
Finally, there are those two skills.
The frozen sword dance sword refers to the fact that the cold airflow in the air induced by the sky causes 12 times physical attack damage and 1 frost damage value within a radius of 3 meters, and there is a 3% chance that the attacked person will enter the frozen state for 15 seconds and consume magic points; 5 minutes when cooling; Require all two-turn warrior classes.
The wind and rain condensed the gas in the heart for 9 seconds, and the attack speed doubled, consuming 4 magic points; 3 minutes when cooling; All two-turn archers need occupations.
These two skills are precious. Naturally, they are the attacking skills of frozen sword dance, but the state skills of flurry are not bad.
The only warrior class in Dahlia’s team naturally belongs to her.
I am afraid that this skill will be handed over to Dahlia, a Baihua organization, to choose directly and learn it now.
In Dahlia’s view, it is definitely impossible for her strength to learn this group attack skill in Baihua, but she is not willing to hand over such precious skills to Baihua, so she can choose to learn this road directly.
Another flurry is naturally assigned to the only archer professional Capricorn in the team.