It is said that Nafeltari is a wife of Pharaoh Ramses II of Egypt. It seems that the BOSS here should also be owned by the Egyptian royal family

Residual blood and Ye Zhang and others discussed a still headed by Ye Zhang launched an attack on BOSS.
Ye Zhang carefully opened the sacred blessing skill and rushed over. When he was close to BOSS, he saw that Nafeltari suddenly turned around and turned around directly, which was a chain flash.
Fortunately, Ye Zhang was far away from the remnant blood and others, and there was no chain, while Ye Zhang did not lose blood.
"Second young lady and third young master, you stay away!"
After the remnant blood was told, she rushed to Nafeltari with her hand. It was not difficult to destroy the blood quickly, but she made the chain flash very frequently, sometimes suddenly, and it came twice in a row. This was a big test for veterans. He always stared at the scene to see who suddenly lost blood.
Although Ye Zhang Shengguang is very powerful, he can’t always come out when the whole team needs it most. The veteran once joked that it would be great if he could give himself this skill.
Nafeltari’s blood gradually dropped to 2%. It seems like a big move to see Nafeltari’s hands waving and two balls flashing in her arms at this key blood position.
The residual blood consciously moved closer to Tang Yidao like Ye Zhang, and then let Ang Yan and veteran, two teammates with insufficient blood, retreat back.
Nafeltari’s shot is also a chain flash, but this time the chain flash is different from the previous one.
This flash chain didn’t jump in five players, but jumped nine times crazily in the nearest remnant blood and Tang Yidao, just like Ye Zhang’s cooling and stabbing when he was having convulsions.
When the jump was finished and Nafeltari fell at the same time, the veteran kept kissing the two men with his life and desperately returned the residual blood and the blood volume of Tang Yi Dao was only 5% and%
Everyone looked at each other. It seems that this Tutankhamun treasure must be no worse than the Qin Mausoleum.
"The next time I meet this BOSS, when his blood volume drops to 2%, veterans, Ang Yan and Teddy boy should not be directly opposite the BOSS."
A remnant blood can always sum up the experience. Teddy boy and others nodded and touched the corpse before Zhang Ye. This time, he pulled out a level 7 secret gold armor.
This makes everyone excited. It seems that Tutankhamun’s treasure not only produces a treasure map, but also a list of equipment, which is far better than the Qin Mausoleum.
The thought of this Ye Zhang was extremely uncomfortable.
Obviously, the flashy setting for the expansion of the first emperor of the ages was not the same as it is now. I remember that when he first entered Zhongzhou, Qin Jun had six armies. According to the development, it should be a very grand war scene, in which all players galloped and looked for treasures to trigger all kinds of things.
However, those damn big shots interrupted the normal operation of the first emperor’s information piece, which made the flashy group have to make a prototype of the treasure of Tutankhamun as half of the Qin Mausoleum.
Finally, I have to say that the six major guilds of God’s Eye will continue to wander in that semi-finished underground palace, and the treasure will lose its equipment, and if it is equipped, it will delay the fight for treasure.
"big BOSS!"
Entering the last door, Ye Zhang and others appeared in front of a devout believer-soul fool finger-wearing an old man’s crown and looking like a skeleton.
Horry’s name is Imeyer Hetpra-Ini Sevard Jieuyid Horry, a mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh. It is said that he mastered a technology that can directly mummify people, so he was sanctioned by the House of Representatives and was sealed in a coffin filled with scarabs and was subjected to the most severe torture.
When Ye Zhang and others first came into contact with this BOSS, they were shocked by the other party.
Tang’s knife was turned into a claw zombie by the other side in a cliff, and he lost his ability to act.
In the case of one less person, the magic array lost its effect, and the output capacity of Teddy boy was greatly reduced. At this time, it is still felt that Nai Ye Zhang and others are caught in a bitter struggle because of the huge level suppression of BOSS.
Horry magic is more powerful than Nafeltari. In addition to the same chain flash, it can also burn a soul. This skill is very disgusting. It can give an object a continuous blood loss and burn effect, and it will silence the target for a long time.
The remnant blood suffered a soul burning and lost his skills and means, which directly abolished him by half. Moreover, because of Horry’s multi-group attack, there was almost no need to pull hatred this time in Ye Zhang.
Veterans will soon face blue results.
Aside from Shen Cen secretly impatient, he can be said to be the same idiot level as Ye Zhang in playing games, but Ye Zhang has also experienced two years of online game career. Shen Cen is even worse than Ye Zhang, and he is more of a management guild.
Earlier, some members of the Shenyang consortium questioned that Shen Cen would spend too much time in a game, but the income from the Cologne Stock Exchange and the Sacred Valley Association shut this group up.
Although the Red Mansion is now an individual guild in name only, the welfare mechanism of the two major exchanges has not changed, and several players still come to these two places to buy a lot of equipment.
Back to the battlefield, Holly’s blood volume dropped to 5%. Zhang Ye turned on the holy light once, and at the same time turned on the holy blessing for 4 seconds in a row. He resisted Holly’s attack alone and let everyone else rest. Veteran magic deserves a certain supplement.
But the situation is still not getting better.
If Wang Ben is famous for his wild and overbearing attack, Holly is a bloody cow. Two minutes later, this Holly still has 4% blood. You know, when they came in, they had already lost their hands in Nafelta for one minute. Now there are not many left 45 minutes.
As time went by, everyone was secretly anxious until the limit was reached, and when Holly still had 14% health, everyone refused.
"Mom, how much blood does this BOSS have?"
Teddy boy is very uncomfortable to hum for a while. At this time, they have been forcibly separated from Tutankhamun’s treasure palace because of the end of time.
At this time, Ye Zhang suddenly looked up to reveal an embarrassing smile way
"I seem to have forgotten one thing!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty The undead transformation
When Ye Zhang shared his black wing skill with everyone, he was the first to greet the remnant blood, and then everyone gave him the same look, and even he still smiled at him with a secret smile.
This made Ye Zhang very embarrassed
"I found that all your skills are magical skills, and each skill can save the world. How did you get it?"
Teddy boy looked at Ye Zhang with an uncomfortable face, and the latter could do it with an open mind.
When the black wing skill is finished, you can put a flash chain trick in Nafelta, and give a knife to the remnant blood and Tang Yi to reduce the damage, although it is not much, it can minimize the danger.
The undead ruling aura undead conversion in the face of the same level 7 Horry, even if it can’t be converted by 1%, the success rate will be quite high, and it will not be so hard for everyone to reduce Horry’s ability
"I think we still need to practice one!"
It’s obvious that when Ye Zhang panics, even if you let him know his skills, he won’t come out. Obviously, this group of people don’t think much of the equipment’s ability to improvise.
They came to the deep blue overseas circle. At this time, they are all 71-level Shen Cenhe. When they still go back, they will continue to train with the group of people who are prosperous in the blue night.
"Go and fetch the monster!"
The remnant blood gave Ye Zhang an order. The fallen wizard in the abyss is level 5 and there are 14 levels. It is no less difficult to suppress it than Holly.
Ye Zhang is still familiar with this. After all, he has done it many times. When Ye Zhang easily pulled a fallen wizard over, he found that the remnant blood and others were not prepared in twos and threes.
"You fight with him!"
Ye Zhang was dumbfounded by the words of the remnant blood. One-on-one hit by yourself?
Ye Zhang crustily skin of head fought with the fallen wizard. The fallen wizard hit Zhang Ye with a dark finger, and an 11-point injury broke out. Ye Zhang was numb. He quickly gave himself a sacred blessing.
However, when he hit the opponent hard, the damage did not exceed 3.4 seconds. After the end, the blood limit of the fallen wizard was reduced to 95%
Ye Zhang suddenly panicked and couldn’t beat it. At this moment, the veteran and the residual blood came. Ye Zhang shared the damage and the veteran also brought Ye Zhang’s blood.
Ye Zhang quickly opened the aura of the judgment of the undead. At this moment, the wizard’s body fell in the abyss and gave off a dazzling sacred breath, and its look became sluggish while his soul sublimated
It was Ye Zhang who turned him into a divine attribute monster.
The residual blood attack just now was around a few o’clock, and suddenly it rose to more than 22, and Ye Zhang’s damage also rose. He worked hard to spell 33,532, and the numbers were beating with divine blessing, and at the same time the aura of undead judgment was like an angel demon.
And just then a strange thing happened.
The Abyss Fallen Wizard made a death to Ye Zhang, which means that Ye Zhang was accidentally killed once when he first arrived in the deep blue sea. At that time, he was directly killed. This skill is very powerful and it is estimated that he can directly kill a level 6 player.
At this time, Ye Zhang did not lose blood. He received a unified indication
"Your Divine Blessing has risen to level 7, and the radius has increased by 5, and the damage has decreased by 7 points, and the ability of the undead has decreased by 35%."