When Ye Zhang returned to the Babel of Bimini, he found that the fighting was over here.

No, we must find gatling and them.
Ye Zhang is looking for two gods in Bimini, but there is no clue to the root. Ye Zhang is confused
I don’t know when I got rid of the two pursuers behind me. Ye Zhang walked aimlessly on the map with the remains of the gods. Now it seems that he can’t go. Who knows how many pursuers Poseidon has led, and Clive’s aisle is two dead ends. Ye Zhang doesn’t want to die
After thinking about it from beginning to end, Ye Zhang found that he actually had a few places to go now. He suddenly thought of the habitat state of the demons of the Galactica Knights.
By the way, you can’t go into combat in that place, and there is also a place where you can be safe.
Ye Zhang decided to move in the direction of the Galactica Knights. When he came to the periphery of the Knights, he felt an unusual atmosphere.
It’s depressing and heavy, and this feeling is a complete difference, and there seems to be a little sadness.
Ye Zhang stepped into this sleeping land again, but when he walked to the main entrance of the Knights Order, he accidentally heard the dialogue inside.
"Do you still want to find any clues when gatling returns here?"
This sound shocked Ye Zhang that Vulcan gatling and Thor were in a place like this.
It seems that gatling, the Vulcan, has been searching for the real cause of death of Degas, but what he has gained is that the scene of Degas’ suicide clearly appeared in front of Ye Zhang.
Is this a plot?
Ye Zhang listened with bated breath. The two gods had a fierce quarrel. When the recklessness of Vulcan gatling broke out, it was impossible to understand what others were saying.
Thor, on the other hand, seems unwilling to argue with gatling about the fact that this artistic conception has become an established fact. His words are very deep and obscure, and he can’t hear what he really wants to express.
And at this time, Ye Zhang felt the huge breath and the two gods actually fought here.
Ye Zhang suddenly wondered if there was a habitat effect of demons here. Two gods could fight, but at this time, Ye Zhang couldn’t control so much.
Because he thought of that three years later.
Vulcan died in the hands of Raytheon, although the location may be different. According to the Delaney people of the shadow tribe, two people were present in the wilderness for lore.
Ye Zhang thought about it, maybe it hasn’t reached that point yet, but it is likely to be the fuse of contradiction.
The two gods really broke out without the effect of death arrival. It was terrible to suppress that power. Even though Ye Zhang was far away, he felt the extraordinary collision of two forces.
The two gods didn’t fight. For a long time, it seemed that it was difficult for gatling to express his depression and Thor was only passive.
Ye Zhang gradually widened his heart, but at the same time, a few strands of unidentified breath entered the knights of the Diga.
Is the god of death Anubis isis, the mother of the earth, and they have come together?
Ye Zhang had a headache. He hid his figure and immediately realized that something very important might happen.
Thor’s face darkened when he saw death. He didn’t fight death, but he also knew that his opponent was different. ? ? The passive effect and field of level BOSS are particularly important, and obviously Thor does not have the super array effect of falling into the abyss underworld.
When the four gods met, they didn’t fight, but death asked a question.
"Where are the remains of the gods?"
Ye Zhang wanted to say on the big map, but he didn’t dare to speak at this time. He heard gatling growl and replied.
"You’ll never find Osiris!"
Osiris, the keeper of the gods, is in the ruins of the gods?
Ye Zhang immediately got a clue that death came to this continent, and it was Osiris. At this time, Thor uttered an amazing sentence.
"Let me leave me alone!"
Even Ye Zhang couldn’t have imagined that Thor was so spineless. It seems that not every god is proud and cherishes life.
Thor left gatling, the Vulcan. Ye Zhang suddenly had a very ominous feeling in his heart. He knew that it was absolutely impossible to leave this place if gatling didn’t bow his head.
But it is impossible for Ye Zhang to let gatling bow his head and withdraw from this war
Sure enough, gatling shot again, and this time isis was as indifferent as if he had lost his soul
"To win the favor of Vulcan gatling!"
Ye Zhang paused and immediately reacted. Come and die. He rushed out to meet Anubis and entered the battle without knowing how many times he had experienced.
Anubis seems that this time the target is not him, and Ye Zhang’s attack department loses his fara to hatred.
Gatling’s blood loss is very serious. Anubis did not degenerate into the abyss underworld, but the passive effect of that percentage of blood loss alone is not that Ye Zhang’s current holy light can be recovered
Gatling’s blood volume dropped to 2%.
Ye Zhang’s anxiety is not about gatling’s life and death, but about that. Each of these has a rich return, just like when he was approved by Princess Murphy, he could build the Red Chamber Guild Camp in a sacred valley.
Hope is a good thing. Poseidon gave him 50,000 points before, and now he also wants to get the same reward from gatling. These will be his chips after returning to China for three years.
However, he still underestimated that gatling’s total blood loss was not directly proportional to his thousands of points of recovery. Even if Ye Zhang now has the most flashy recovery skills, it is absolutely impossible for gatling to live more than one second.
Gatling fell down in Ye Zhang’s eyes, and his body disappeared little by little.
Ye Zhang was shocked. Is Vulcan gatling dead?
"Achieve the recognition of Vulcan gatling and get the 50,000-point reward of Yantian City."
While Ye Zhang was there, he suddenly remembered the prophecy.
The first one escapes, the second one stays away from the third, and one of the four people will be happy.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Changes
Poseidon fled, Thor left Zhang Ye to stay, but it was isis who got happiness because the Osiris seal had appeared.
Vulcan did not die at the hands of Thor, but it was also caused by inducement.
This is flashy history. Is this all over?
Ye Zhang was puzzled, but when Vulcan disappeared from the earth and turned to dust, he got another message.