"Oh, still dare to threaten me." Flying in the sky is even more angry. According to Bai Qianqiu, someone slapped Bai Qianqiu’s charming buttocks for several times, and Bai Qianqiu was beaten with pain and repeatedly lived for 30 years. Where did Bai Qianqiu suffer from this humiliation and suddenly cried and lost her mind? What fairy manners severely bit Feiyang’s thigh.

"Uh-huh, still dare to bite me." The bite of Bai Qianqiu made Feiyang lose his mind, and his right hand was severely fanned in Bai Qianqiu’s ass. A scratching vent made Bai Qianqiu throw it to the ground and cried without Bai Qianqiu falling to the ground, becoming a crybaby. The sword quickly fled towards the wellhead.
It was after venting some kind of anger that Feiyang’s brain woke up and thought that the female identity in front of him could not help but broke out in a cold sweat. Now he is powerful, but he can feel his physical strength and some feelings, and he is slowly disappearing. I am afraid that I can’t get out of this lock Longjing in my life if I don’t leave. I quickly started to flee to the wellhead with a long sword.
"What happened to the big miss?" See Feiyang jump out of the wellhead and Bai Jingxuan four hands slightly one leng and then quickly surround him.
"She’s fine. Don’t believe you go and see it yourself." Flying for your life now is too lazy to pay attention to the four people in front of you, and then you have to fly away.
"Master Xiao Bai, let’s take your life. You’d better be a darling." Flying can escape. It makes no sense. Bai Qianqiu can’t escape. Maybe it’s because of what benefits he met inside that he handed Feiyang to his four people to deal with the four people’s hearts. A loose previous Bai Jingxuan entrustment also reappeared in his mind, grinning grimly and moving towards Feiyang.
"Noisy" float in the sky with a cold hum for Bai Jingxuan hand, but he has always had a bad feeling. He directly chopped his sword at the chase for four people and then flew away without looking back.
Bai Jingxuan four hands saw the flying sword cut to four people, and they were just ready to defend themselves. Then they were passed by the golden sword light, and the four people’s bodies were instantly stagnant in the middle, and then they slammed two pieces in the middle, and generate gave out four blood fogs.
"Wow, it’s so strong" Feiyang heard the noise behind him and couldn’t help looking back at the scene behind him. He cried dumbfounded and couldn’t believe it. Looking at his right hand with a sword, he was stunned and thought of Jing Baiqianqiu flying all over with a shiver and then fled the scene at a faster speed.
"What happened to you in red?" During the escape, Feiyang thought of coming to rescue himself. Red was hiding in his own body during the war with Bai Qianqiu, and according to the previous pursuit, it seems that even Bai Qianqiu can’t stand the red heart, so there is not much concern. Now he is out of danger and asks about red.
Flying the words sound just fell and I felt that my right hand looked at my right hand with indecision. I was surprised to find that my right hand sword turned into a golden light and got into my palm. Then I heard the crisp sound in red from my mind. "Brother, let’s go home first. Sister Mei is looking for you, too."
"Sister Mei is also looking for me, so let’s go back first." Flying in the sky, a little bit of guilt sprang up in my heart, flying high, finding a road, quickly dropping off at the side of the road and stopping a taxi.
"Who are you? What are you going to do?" The taxi driver stopped the car only to find that Feiyang was covered in blood and couldn’t help but ask with trepidation. If Feiyang hadn’t stepped in first, he wouldn’t pick up the guest.
"Master, don’t be afraid. I’m a national and I’m carrying out a secret." Feiyang said with a smile and took out his own certificate from his pocket and showed it to the driver, then told him the location of Laojiu.
"Scared me to death" The driver was very relieved and flew back to the nine doors in shock.
"Thank you, master." Feiyang paid the fare, surprised the driver with a standard military salute, and then quickly walked into the Laojiu Courtyard.
"Hey, hey, this and the brothers have blown away." Looking at the flying into a place, it is obvious that the driver of the National Machinery Institute is still sitting in the car. wait for a while smirked for a long time before starting the car to leave:
Chapter 7 Sword Spirit
Feiyang walked into the courtyard of Laojiu and looked up at the sky. At this time, the sky was slightly bright. Feiyang quickly walked into the research center and found that Chu Xueqing was sitting on the sofa in the hall with a pair of panda eyes and her eyes were red and she cried. Her heart was full of guilt. She went forward and wanted to hold her in her arms and comfort her, but she was stopped by Xiaobai.
"It’s so good that you’re back" Although Xiaobai stopped Feiyang, it didn’t stop Chuxueqing from crying when he saw Feiyang.
"Well, don’t cry, Xueqing. I’m not coming back." Feiyang patted Chuxueqing, who was buried in his chest, with a soft comfort on his back.
"Where did you get so much blood flying? Let me have a look." Chuxueqing finally stopped crying and looked up from Feiyang’s arms to see him covered in blood and asked nervously.
"It’s okay, I didn’t hurt anywhere." Feiyang smiled and shook his head. Since he was in a coma behind the red coat, he woke up and the injury was in good condition and didn’t even leave a scar.
"Oh, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s
"See the red dress, you can now ask Mei Jie to come back" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Oh, I’ll go to Lian She, and you can also take a bath and change clothes quickly." Chuxueqing was a little embarrassed to say with smile and went to Lian Hu Mei and Feiyang also took a change of clothes to take a bath.
"flying mei elder sister has been back to the route" see flying out ChuXueQing with com said with a smile.
"Well, I know if Xue Qing didn’t sleep all night. Go to sleep quickly." Feiyang said with a smile.
"Well, I went to bed.
"See flying safely ill back ChuXueQing a hanging heart also completely put back to the room with a yawn, small white followed her back to the room.
Just as Hu Mei rushed back to Jiuchu Road, Bai Qianqiu finally cried out and got up from the ground with a sob. His eyes were full of hatred. This generation has never suffered such humiliation, so Bai Qianqiu can’t wait to fly to pieces now.
Flying back to the ground along the wellhead, Bai Qianqiu saw the flying sword cut into four bodies, bowed their heads and carefully studied some kind of breath, and took several deep breaths before rolling hatred in their hearts and staring at their red eyes and returning to the White House. The maid rushed to her hospital and waved back. She threw herself on the bed and cried for a while and then fell asleep.
While Bai Jingxuan was hugging the scorpion, sleeping soundly, with a satisfied smile at the corner of his mouth, while the scorpion looked at Bai Jingxuan’s eyes with your eyes open and never knew what was going on.
Hu Mei drove back to nine places from the car, with tears in her eyes, sitting on the ladder to the research center, looking at and smiling, welcoming Feiyang, suddenly slapping him hard and then throwing himself in his arms, crying bitterly.
"I’m sorry mei elder sister frightened you" float in the sky tightly hug hu mei soft apology in her ear.
"You bastard, why don’t you listen to me? Do you know how worried I am about you?" Hu Mei buried her head in Feiyang’s arms and sobbed. Tears stained Feiyang’s chest and skirt.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry" float in the sky gently hug hu mei soft comfort mouth repeated sorry.
"Red? Have you seen her?" Hu Mei cried enough in Feiyang’s arms and suddenly thought of going out with herself to look for Feiyang in red. She looked up and asked Feiyang lightly.
"Sister Mei, I’m here." At this moment, the red dress flew out of the flying body and looked at it and clung to the flying arms. Hu Mei said with a smile
"Ah, why are you in red?" Hu Mei was unhappy but found a strange sight. At this time, the body in red seems to have become no longer transparent, as if it were different from normal people
"hee hee mei elder sister you found" red jiao said with a smile.
"How did you become like this in red? By the way, you haven’t told me what happened in the end. Where did the long sword go?" I was surprised to see the red dress flying at this time, and suddenly remembered that when I fled, the long sword couldn’t help but raise my right hand and looked at my palm, but I found nothing.
"Brother, look," a mysterious smile in red suddenly turned out to be a simple sword on one side of his body.
"This" float in the sky and hu mei surprised inexplicably looked at each other with a full face of shock at the sword in red.
"How did this happen in red? How did you become a sword?" Feiyang asked with a frown.
"The elder brother is like this." The red dress once again turned into a human form, and it was described in detail after the coma. He always said that he controlled the sword and killed the possessed monster. After that, things flew and he knew what he had not said.
"How do you know how to control this sword in red?" Flying after hearing the story in red, there are still some places that are not too white.
"Brother, do you remember when Ye Chen blew himself up and sent something to my body?" Red smiles and nods.
"You mean this method is granted to you by Ye Chen" said Feiyang in surprise. I didn’t expect this Ye Chen to do a good thing before he died.
"Yes," red nodded and replied.
"What will become of you in red?" Hu Mei said with some doubts.
"Because I became the spirit of this sword," Red replied with a smile.
"What do you become a sword spirit?" Feiyang said in surprise.
"Yes" red nodded with a smile.
"Is this red dress bad for you?" Feiyang asked with a frown.
"No, it’s that I have the entity, but I can’t be invisible and blurred anymore." Red shook his head, and after a little struggle, I can’t be invisible and peek at my beloved brother taking a bath. Of course, this is impossible to tell others.