This kind of elf can attack with three attributes: epidemic, fighting and ground. It is also in the forefront of all elves. However, although they are physically strong, their double defense is weak. They already have the night giant Longye and are not prepared to accept these fluttering balls.

Although these fluttering balls don’t meet the needs of Longye, Longye is still very interested in this hair. According to his previous experience, every hair will attract many small faerie dragon wild people. I wonder how many magical elves I can meet around here.
Looking for a circle around the hair, Longye really made some discoveries. In addition to Luck cat, there are also some elves like Pachirisu who are like squirrels. They can definitely deserve the word cute. Their furry big tails make people feel it.
"Pachirisu? Do you want to accept it?"
Longye is very entangled now. Pachirisu, an elf, gives people an impression that has absolutely nothing to do with fighting. Most people come to participate in the gorgeous competition even if they accept this elf. Pachirisu’s gorgeous appearance naturally occupies an advantage in the performance of the gorgeous competition.
Come on, Ryuno thinks the same way as everyone else, but a game has made him see something different, Pachirisu.
It was in the Pokemon World Championship in 2014 that a South Korean player Park Sung-joon asked Pachirisu to compete for the championship and runner-up in the master group. In that competition, Park Sung-joon asked Pachirisu to come with me. This trick dominated the whole game. The situation of losing an elf first in the game turned itself into victory, and Park Sung-joon won the title of "White Devil" and set off a wave of Pachirisu.
To tell the truth, Longye admired those tactical masters. They understood the elves and wanted to get rid of Longye for several blocks. Before Longye crossed, he always played Pokemon through the simulator, which means that he has always been a stand-alone party and has never played against other players. This is why Longye has always advocated strength and speed to crush opponents since he came to the elf world.
Moreover, Pachirisu’s famous competition is a doubles competition, which is also a decisive reason for coming with me. Will it have such an effect in one-on-one combat? The most important thing is that games are different from reality.
"Luck Cat, try Pachirisu’s strength."
Luck Cat heard the news and looked at Pachirisu Pachirisu with watery eyes. Luck Cat also had no fighting idea in Pachirisu, but Luck Cat’s reaction told Longye how wrong he was.
This Pachirisu interest played a coquetry trick on Luck Cat, and Luck Cat’s attack power was directly weakened.
Being blindsided, Luck Cat rushed to his opponent’s body and was wrapped in a stream. Luck Cat was hit by Pachirisu, and Pachirisu was hit and flew. At the same time, Luck Cat was kissed by an angel, and Luck Cat immediately fell into a state of chaos.
To Longye’s surprise, Pachirisu didn’t seem to be hurt after landing. Although he was also an elf, Luck Cat’s just move was very powerful.
"Is it a storage characteristic?" Longye’s eyes lit up.
You know, the storage characteristics of Pachirisu are extremely rare, and this characteristic is also the biggest for Pachirisu liters
Pachirisu’s short hand rubbed his cheek, and a magnetic wave hit Luck’s cat, which was paralyzed and chaotic at the same time. Luck’s cat is in a really miserable situation now
This Pachirisu representation makes Longye interested and makes it a good role in the team, which is mainly responsible for outputting abnormal state.
Just as Longye was thinking about it, Luck Cat got a roaring trick in the chaos. Pachirisu, opposite, seemed to be shocked. The squirrel ran away with his companions and disappeared.
When Longye came to his senses, Luck Cat roared to the ground there.
Depressed and slapped his forehead, I should have let the night giant play.
Chapter 26 Rotom
It is rare to see such a mistake in Longye, and Nazi and Meow Meow are so happy.
"Stop laughing, OK?" Longye said, taking Luck Cat back.
"Okay, okay, we’ll stop laughing." Even so, they couldn’t help laughing.
Longye turned around and came to the hair door. He asked the staff here if there was any sudden stop during this period.
Those elves outside are just passing by. The real goal of Longye is Rotom, an elf whose Rotom is+ghost, but when it is combined with different devices, its own attributes will change.
For example, when it is combined with a microwave oven to become a heating Rotom, the Rotom property will become a+inflammation property. If it is combined with a washing machine, it will become a washing Rotom property and a corresponding+water-water combination.
The worker thought, "there will be a short pause during this period, but the reason is still unknown."
"really?" Hearing this answer, Longye shines at the moment. This situation is most likely caused by Rotom’s use of field force. "Maybe I know what the reason is," Longye said to the immediate workers.
"Do you know the reason? Please help us solve this problem. Always stopping like this has a great impact on nearby residents. "The worker immediately said that it is not to say that the worker casually believes that others have stopped many times, which has had a great impact on them. This hair is not only for the residents of Yuanyuan Town, but also for some elves.
The previous stops have caused great trouble to the elf center workers. Miss Joey complained several times, which made all the workers depressed. The technicians checked all the equipment, but found nothing unusual.
"Nazi Meow Meow, come here quickly" Long Ye shouted.
Wait until everyone is here, Longye, and they meet the person in charge with the workers.
I heard that Longye could solve the problem of hair, and the person in charge immediately agreed to Longye’s request to enter the hair department for exploration, but a worker must follow them and they damaged the hair equipment.
For such surveillance, Nagano doesn’t care if he can find Rotom.
The worker took Longye and them to the engine room. He also whispered that there have been some strange things happening here recently, and some workers put food on the table and it will disappear.
This wake-up made Longye more sure that all this was Rotom’s mischief.
"Come out, Night Giant". This time, Longye won’t make a mistake like before.
"Make a black eye on the whole room"
When the night giant heard Longye’s words, he immediately gave a black eye. The whole machine room seemed to be shrouded in a layer of dim light. If there is Rotom in this room, there must be a way to escape.
Some elves have escape characteristics, and the escape effect will be successful if they are blocked by their opponents. Some Pachirisu have such attributes, and this skill of black eyes has not been completed for them. However, Rotom’s body is floating, and this characteristic will not change when diving into something.
Black eyes to stop Rotom from escaping is the first step, because Rotom can hide in the device or cable, and finding Rotom is the most crucial step without destroying these devices.
"Night giants see through"
He who sees through can make it ineffective for ghosts and elves, and he can also see through the ghosts and elves’ camouflage of Longye. At this time, he feels very lucky. You know, he who sees through this trick is aimed at ghosts and elves and can learn this trick. Ghosts and elves can’t spend a few nights. The giant is one of these few.
Although Rotom is hiding in the device, its own ghost attribute will not change. In the night, the giant sees through the trick, Rotom soon showed his prototype.
"Is there really an elf?" The workers who followed Longye were surprised. He didn’t have much hope for Longye, but the young man really found the reason.
Seeing Rotom’s appearance in Longye is also very heart-warming. After all, the former ones are all guesses. If you really see Rotom, it will be reassuring.
Seeing Rotom appear, the night giant hit the past with a strange light, and Rotom was taken in.
In order to avoid chaos, Rotom randomly attacked and destroyed the surrounding equipment, and Longye immediately released Darkrai. As soon as the black hole in Darkrai, Rotom fell into a deep sleep.
"Go, elf ball."
Longye quickly throws an elf ball.
Although entering the sleep state, the elf will still break free after entering the elf ball. It is possible to see Longye throw out the elf ball and flash one by one. After flashing for three times, Rotom broke free from the elf ball.
"I don’t believe this." Longye threw the former elf ball out again. Anyway, with Darkrai at the side, Rotom Genfa was out of sleep
After three attempts, Rotom was finally accepted into the elf ball.
Now there are six elf balls in Longye’s hand, and Rotom was sent back to Zhenxin Town by Longye.
The reason for stopping was to find the person in charge of the hair and thank Longye for waving his hand again and again. All he could do was help himself.
Li Fa Long Ye made a message to his family. Although this Rotom was accepted, it would still be very troublesome to string around after it came out. Long Ye had to explain it carefully.
After talking with his family, Longye sent another message to the source manufacturing company. Longye ordered that scientific research and attack be carried out to develop equipment that can give full play to Rotom’s ability. According to Longye’s idea, since Rotom can change its own attributes according to different possession devices, it is certain that a device can be developed so that Rotom can have more attribute changes, and it is best that these attributes can be converted to each other.
If Rotom can be converted into all elf attributes, then Longye will be heartbroken.
With joy, Longye finally arrived at Yuanzhen.