My body turns faster and faster, and gradually a green and red light forms a ribbon in the cave. I feel the mysterious man’s powerful true airflow attacking me. I am very surprised that the true airflow speed has reached 1000 times per second. That is really shocking.

I know in my heart that this kind of self-cultivation qi is different from that of drinking the spirit wave of the dove sword net. It is a strange and illusory attack, which belongs to the aspect of spiritual power, while the mysterious man’s real true airflow is real qi. This kind of attack is like a real sword, and once it is hit, its power is poor. This is not the idea, but it is not that drinking the spirit wave of the dove sword net is not as good as this true airflow, but these two concepts are completely different in nature.
Just when the mysterious man attacked everyone, the time suddenly flashed in the cave and several figures appeared.
Carefully count five people, that is, Mu Yanrui, road flyover Ziyun, Shen Meng, Qixian and Fochen. As soon as they entered the cave, they were attacked by the mysterious man’s powerful pole. When they saw five people’s bodies shaking and five figures moving at high speed, they kept dodging the real airflow attack.
MuYanRui glanced at the mysterious man’s eyes and glanced at the strange flower. His face suddenly changed and he glanced quietly at the rest of the flash, forcing several people to see the exotic three demons. She was obviously thinking about something very important.
Here, when five people appeared in that moment, my mind clearly showed the situation of five people. At this time, I saw that Shen Meng was trying to dodge the strange true airflow attack. The figure was as fast as a flash point, which made people unable to see clearly. The white figure was analyzed as soon as my sword net moved, and the route that I wanted to dodge was seen as soon as I moved quickly. My body flashed silver and appeared next to Shen Meng’s body. At the same time, a powerful red brilliance enveloped her inside to protect her from the true airflow attack.
Shen Meng reacted very quickly, Excalibur instantly burst into a bright brilliance, and kept himself firmly inside. At the same time, his eyes carefully looked at this sudden red light, and Shen Meng looked amazed. "Liu Yong is you, what’s wrong with you and her?" Say that finish, his eyes looked slightly unnatural and looked at my arms, and the fundus of the badminton piano flashed with a strange look.
Badminton suddenly appeared in front of Shen Meng’s eyes, and his charming body trembled inadvertently. Looking at Shen Meng’s eyes, Badminton’s face gave me a shy look, and her eyes were very strange. It seemed that she was watching the change of proud snow’s look. Two people’s eyes touched each other and their hearts rose at the same time, and an unspeakable feeling seemed to be vaguely aware of what each other was trying to hide.
I took a look at Shen Meng and looked down at the harpsichord and looked up slightly. "The elder sister of the harpsichord was hit hard by the magic fairy sneak attack. Since you’re here, I’ll leave it to you to take care of it. I’ll pay attention to the magical colorful flowers." Then I gently handed the harpsichord to Shen Meng and moved her body in a flash.
Shen Meng glanced at his arms and said softly, "It doesn’t matter. What’s going on now?"
Badminton’s look has returned to normal at this time. She smiled indifferently. "Thank you for your heart. I’m out of the way. You’d better be careful what happens around you. The mysterious man is very powerful, and these monsters are all coming for the magical flower. Now that the exotic five-color flower has changed, there will be some movement. Then I’m afraid the war will be." Then I looked at the magical flower.
Here, I came to Ziyun Road and whispered, "Uncle, what are we going to do now? The strange flower looks different. I don’t know what magic thing it is. If it changes, shall we stop the black lotus fairy or take the initiative to rob the strange flower?"
Road flyover Ziyun glanced at the mysterious man and asked me in a low voice, "When did you come in? Do you know who the mysterious man is? When did the black lotus and the magic fairy come in?"
My body moves rapidly with the road flyover Ziyun, and I whispered, "When I came, the mysterious man was fighting a ghost fairy in another cave, but this black lotus fairy had already arrived here first. I came in with the badminton piano, and as soon as I entered the hole, I was attacked by the black lotus, but she was hit hard by the magic fairy when she was unprepared. He came in and attacked the black lotus fairy as soon as he came in. He hurt the black lotus fairy badly. Listen to the black soul in the black lotus, and the magic fairy said that this mysterious man has cultivated a method called shadow.
Road flyover Ziyun looked horrified at the mysterious man in the middle school. At this time, Mu Yanrui said to the mysterious man, "God, stop it. Why do you even attack us? What’s going on here? Why didn’t you know that this monster was trying to rob this strange flower before? We must try our best to stop this from being Huashan. Since such gods appear in our Huashan, we should try our best to protect it and never let the strange flower be taken away by monsters."
In the cave, when Guanghua was dark, the mysterious man suddenly put away the real air flow and the attack stopped instantly.
Glancing at the crowd coldly, the man’s heart is indifferent. "I don’t know that I am chasing a ghost fairy to get here. Everything is full of mystery. I don’t know what this strange flower is and what it will emit colorful brilliance."
As soon as this statement came out, I stopped my body slowly. Road flyover Ziyun, I, Shen Mengyu, Buddha dust and Qi Xuan all showed a trace of doubt in their eyes, obviously doubting the mysterious man’s heart.
Glancing at Mu Yanrui, Qi Xuan asked softly, "Mu Zhangjiao doesn’t know what this is in your Huashan Sword Academy. Can you tell me?"
Mu Yanrui’s eyes passed with a cold light, and his face smiled. "Say, brother, don’t laugh. This is our big brother at the gate of Huashan Sword Academy, but the name of the big brother is Tianlai. Huashan Sword Academy has been practicing and guarding the whole Taixuan Mountain in the back for many years. It’s a pity that he has been guarding the back for many years."
Seven Xuan smell speech took a look at the day with a skeptical look in his eyes. Road flyover Ziyun exchanged a look and nodded slightly to each other.
Eyes moved to the radiant flower seven xuan reality asked "MuXiong can know the origin of this flower?" Say that finish glanced at the opposite black lotus and other three things looked at MuYanRui quietly.
The colorful brilliance in the cave is getting more and more prosperous, and the whole cave is slowly changing. Everyone, such as the black lotus and other three different spirits, are nervously watching the strange flowers, and the atmosphere around them is very dull.
Mu Yanrui looked at the magical colorful flowers lightly and said, "To tell the truth, I’m not sure about it when I first saw it, but as far as I’m concerned, this magical flower in Huashan Sword Academy is very likely, that is to say, Brother Xianlan, who ranks second among the three most magical flowers."
Seven Xuan nodded slightly. "What Mu Yanrui said is true. I also think that this is the magic colorful fairy orchid. It is said that this fairy orchid is of great benefit to fix true people. Whoever can get it can avoid the apocalypse and directly cross the fairy world into the mysterious cloud. I don’t know if this is true."
Road flyover Ziyun took the words and said, "I’ve heard of this, but this is the first time that this magical fairy orchid has ever worked like that. No one knows what will happen this time. I’m afraid these monsters will not let go so easily when they come. And this magical array here can be seen by two people."
MuYanRui seven xuan are looking at the pattern of meditation in the eyes looked up at all seven xuan mouth way "this pattern is very strange to look at this half of the beast I guess this law is probably the ancient beast hunting fairy array don’t know what do you think?"
At road flyover Ziyun, Mu Yanrui nodded slightly. "It’s really like the beast hunting fairy array. It is said that this array is very powerful, but it can trap all gods and immortals in it and prevent all foreign objects from entering into it. Now this five-color fairy orchid has this strange array guardian, but these monsters and monsters are our own hands, I’m afraid." Then I sighed slightly.
Chapter DiYiWuWu sudden change ()
In the cave, I, Shen Meng, Yuqin and Fochen all have no mouths, but they are staring at the mysterious colorful fairy orchid, thinking about how to break this magical array to get the fairy orchid inside.
Everyone in the quiet cave is silent, and the five-color Guanghua around it is undergoing incredible variation unconsciously.
In the cave, I saw the milky white liquid in the mysterious pool gently fluctuating. The five-color brilliance kept spinning around the pool flashing colorful fairy orchids. The five-color brilliance has turned faster and faster, and a strong and dazzling glow has appeared in the whole cave. The mysterious "Beast Hunting Fairy Array" by the pool also automatically runs around the pool. With the speed increasing, the beast god beast quickly formed a mask and disappeared, and the five-color brilliance gave off a dazzling light.
Outside the array, several groups of people gathered together and carefully looked at the mysterious fairy orchid’s strange array.
Seven XuanDao population way "MuZhang teach can have any way to crack the beast hunting fairy array if we can’t break this magic array, I’m afraid we can watch the strange Hua Xian orchid also get it."
Mu Yanrui’s face slightly changed and he took a look at the heart around him. He said, "Now, when encountering this strange array, the urgent root method analyzes its characteristics in a short time. At that time, there is no way for me not to know what my brother can do." Then he took a look at the seven Xuan.