You have also calculated the number of patients. According to different sub-grades, there are different numbers in the room, and the location is not fixed. There may be none in a room, or five patients may rush out at once, but the number of patients who come out first is almost the same every time they enter the deputy, and there will not be much difference.

"Go ahead and there will be a strange thing. Everyone is ready." Yang Ye still chose to wake up.
Several people have pulled out their knowing weapons, and now they are having a difficult time-a nightmare! Although some teams have passed, it may be a bit difficult for them not to know the specific situation for the first time
This team’s occupation is still good. There are 44 heavy archers, 43 holy priests, 44 crazy fighters and 43 hidden occupations. The magician has already Yang Ye, who is not a warrior.
It is considered to be partial violence. A team is unusual, but no team dares to do this. Nightmare-level difficulty is not like a king’s leisure. Usually, it is necessary to equip two priests to reduce an output profession to slowly wear it off.
There are both good and poor equipment in Yang Ye, so good that there is a difference of 45 cents to a level 3 gold, which is simply messy. Although the overall attribute exceeds Li Yanxin, the abyss abnormal state resistance value is worse than 30.
In the end, Yang Ye took M himself. Although the resistance value was quite different, his blood volume was still much higher than that of Li Yanxin’s double-edged sword.
"The state is good!" Yang Ye waved his hand and took the lead in moving forward.
The aisle is fairly large, and five people can walk side by side along the aisle. Every door is extremely attractive for no other reason, because almost all the doors will make a sound, and it seems that something will break out at any time, but if you walk over, you will find that the sound is getting smaller and smaller, and finally nothing appears, which will make you feel relieved.
But just before you breathe …
"bang! !”
A door on the side of Yang Ye was directly smashed by Juli and a figure flashed out …
Yang Ye, however, as if prepared, took his time and gently put his hand through Xia Ge? Eddie sword in front of a young heavily drew a semicircle, wrapped in a whirlwind shock wave against the figure-
"Cut the emperor type? Break! "
Whistling in the surging shock wave, it rushed out of the extremely close range and directly cut across the figure. The violent impact force directly hit the figure and flew out and fell back into the room again …
Yang Ye can react so quickly?
It’s not a miner’s hat, although it creates a kind of "every room is weird and will rush out!" Feeling, but it can also deceive those normal and ordinary players, such as Yang Ye, who has abnormal and unusual tools. Can you hide it from the past?
When a miner’s hat is swept away, there will be a red figure swimming in a room, which is a bit like a real person’s thermal imaging. According to these red shadows, Yang Ye can easily judge which room is strange, but it is not strange. It is purely scary.
But in order not to worry a few people behind him, Yang Ye deliberately went to the outside of the room and waited for the monster to blow out, showing a "quick response"
This kind of speed response is also immediately when several peach people coo-
"You can do this if you lie in the trough!" "This reaction speed is amazing!" ……
Yang Ye smiled and said nothing.
"I said wild …" Cheng Jun suddenly said that he would move from Yang Ye to the ground in the future, and his eyes attracted him again. "Your weapon …"
The other three looked at Yang Ye, the weapon …
It’s incredibly thorough! !
Think before don’t didn’t find Yang Ye weapons! ! Boy, stealth weapon!
"I’m going to say I haven’t noticed the wild you this weapon how to return a responsibility invisible? Mom egg orange don’t say I haven’t noticed "Li Yanxin call face straight to Xia Ge? Eddie sword together
Yang Ye lifted the sword and dumped it with a smile. "Nothing penetrates the weapon. The special power hides the shape of the sword, but the essence is still invisible if you don’t look carefully."
"This is not the fairy weapon’ Xia Ge? Eddie sword’? " Wu Di laughed.
Yang Ye nodded.
Affirmative answer has made several people envy the immortal level. Now few people have it, and there is one in front of them that is still the most expensive weapon!
"I’m still a 4-level golden staff wild fairy weapon …" Wu Di’s words are not sour. It’s just about Yang Ye’s ability to use this weapon. He is also very happy.
Hearing Wu Di say his weapon, Yang Ye suddenly smiled at him mysteriously and said, "Don’t worry, the horse can be changed."
"Don’t buy it. It’s boring to buy it." Wu Di, when Yang Ye has more money now, is afraid that he will buy it directly.
"Don’t buy at ease" Yang Ye patted his chest and answered.
The team refocused on rushing out of the mobster and continuing the raiders. This deputy Yang Ye also pointed the miner’s hat at the humanoid mobster and read his attributes-