Seeing my face clearly in the mirror, I can see my body clearly in the mirror, which is normal, but one thing he never thought of.

At this time, the brilliance of the celestial mirror is gradually strengthening, but in the mirror, I have shown a different situation at the moment. My clothes are like seeing through the meridians and qi and blood in the whole body. Although it surprised him, it surprised me even more.
As the brilliance of the celestial mirror became stronger and stronger, Lu Yun’s figure in the mirror became clearer and clearer. Slowly, I suddenly saw a light and shadow in the mirror. At the same time, a body flashing with black brilliance and a strange spell knife all over the body, and a small sword with colorful brilliance clearly appeared in the mirror.
In the mirror, the knife and sword of my light and shadow are staggered, overlapped and scattered from time to time, which is quite mysterious. I look at myself in the mirror and my eyes are full of horror. He never thought that this mysterious mirror could hide himself from the east and the west.
Just as I was shocked, a row of fonts suddenly appeared on the mirror, which was very strange and shocking. At this moment, I was already surprised by this mysterious celestial mirror, so I couldn’t help but watch it carefully when I saw this strange font appear.
A serious look at Lu Yun’s face suddenly turned into Guanghua, which suddenly broke out ten times. However, the Guanghua issued by the Xuantian mirror forced Lu Yun’s whole body to be strong and strong.
My face was pale and my body was firmly fixed in place. It was hard to move. Looking at the words displayed in the mirror, Lu Yun was filled with anger and unwilling to fight against the light emitted by this celestial mirror. At this moment, although I could not move, my eyes showed a firm and unyielding look. The whole person looked very tenacious
"people go against the sky and go against the sky"
At this time, the whole ancient cave is bright and colorful, showing beautiful and mysterious scenes in succession.
In front of the stone wall, I was covered by the light from the celestial mirror, and I couldn’t move at all. The original dazzling dark blue light was so thin that I couldn’t resist the attack of that powerful light and felt the danger getting closer and closer. My eyes were so angry that I suddenly cast a tactic of "freezing into one" in the ghost world.
Suddenly, I saw a red light exploding, and its powerful force instantly pushed back the light of the black sky mirror, which made me move a little. However, just for a moment, the light of the black sky mirror broke out ten times as powerful as it was, forcing me to press the red light all over.
As soon as my body trembled and opened my mouth, I spit out a blood, and immediately disappeared in a blood fog. At this time, my face was very pale and I was seriously injured by this powerful light, and I had to resist its erosion, which made his body lose rapidly.
I looked at this strange mirror and was more angry than I was. He never thought that this mirror was so hateful that he was forcibly trapped in it and devoured his body at an amazing speed, which would kill him.
I feel that my real body is gradually losing, and the hateful light has the terrible power to devour everything. My heart is anxious than at this time, when I am almost desperate, I can’t move, let alone want to escape.
I think of the previous sentence, and I am angry and unwilling to be so easily defeated by fate. At this moment, I really understand the meaning. I didn’t think that I crossed and stole the art world. No, this time I finally met a curse. I think the posterior path is not easy.
Chapter DiYiQiQi curse (3)
At this time, although I was angry, I was unyielding at all, and I still struggled with the mysterious celestial mirror against my drinking dove and sword column. At the most dangerous moment, I tried my best to think of any way to get rid of all this. I knew clearly that I would support it soon.
This mysterious celestial mirror is terrible, and the mysterious heavenly sword can devour all living things. At this time, I have only one chance left. My body is consumed by the mysterious celestial mirror. At this time, the only thing left is whether I can survive or not.
Angrily looking at the sky mirror, I kept my body skills and gathered together to make a bright brilliance. At the last moment, I chose the most explosive method of "freezing the dust" in the ghost world to carry out the last fight.
See my whole body Xuan cyan Guanghua suddenly broke out one hundred times, and a ball of Xuan cyan Guanghua formed outside me, forcibly shaking the light emitted by the Xuantian mirror one foot away, only one foot away, and the whole mirror of the Xuantian mirror exploded, squeezing the light emitted by my whole body again.
At this moment, a foot distance is enough for me, and I know in my heart that my strength is the way to get rid of this mysterious mirror attack, and I am seriously injured again, that is, I want this one foot distance to be enough for him to fulfill his wish.
During the whole process, my body was still there, and the only change was that his left hand moved to his chest and his palm was facing the sky mirror.
The powerful light approached the power that could devour all living things, and instantly broke through my weak protective qi hood and directly hit his body. The crazy power devoured me crazily, and Yuan Shen obviously wanted to devour me. However, my body was more painful than mine, but my eyes were angry and unyielding, and my eyes glared at the mysterious mirror.
My face twisted, my eyes instantly exploded and shot at the palm of my left hand. Suddenly, the ancient word "Lock the Soul" appeared clearly in my palm. Seeing that the word "Lock the Soul" suddenly exploded from my palm and became two feet-sized fonts flashing with silver brilliance, I instantly turned the brilliance emitted by the Xuantian mirror into a colorful Excalibur, and the soul charm issued by Lu Yun’s left palm was a powerful spell with two different properties.
Seeing that the brilliance of the mysterious Excalibur is dazzling, the circulation of the brilliance is struggling to move forward, but the silver flashing soul-locking symbol is not full of brilliance, but it contains the breath of suppressing all souls in the world. After the encounter between the mysterious Excalibur and the mysterious Excalibur for three times, the brilliance of the mysterious Excalibur is dim and slowly recedes. When the mysterious Excalibur retreats into the mysterious mirror, it suddenly launches a storm again, and suddenly the half-soul symbol collides.
There was a loud noise, and Guanghua was scattered and broken, and the colors were very beautiful. My body was directly shocked and crashed into the stone wall behind me. The whole person was pale, his eyes were dim, and his mouth was full of blood. After the strongest blow from the celestial mirror, Guanghua was dim and instantly restored to calm, as if nothing had ever happened.
My body fell to the ground as if it were falling apart, and I didn’t have any strength to look up at the sky mirror. I had an angry expression in my eyes. Although I didn’t have any strength at this time, he vowed in his heart to destroy this plane, which almost killed me. If the sky mirror is going to destroy me, I will destroy it. I won’t bend easily.
I struggled to sit up with my teeth clenched. I held back my pain and sat on the ground, exercising and healing, swinging around without a trace of qi fluctuation, which made me in trouble. However, I did not give up my perseverance and gathered my true strength bit by bit.
When my body was strong, I didn’t know how long it took me to turn around with my eyes open, and I glanced around. My eyes stayed at the gale sword not far away. My sword broke into a harsh red light and automatically flew to my head. I gently rotated and moved forward two steps. I tilted at the sky mirror and showed a cruel look in my eyes.
I looked somberly at the mirror and said, "If you want to destroy me, I will destroy you. It’s a pity that you were almost there just now. Now you are ready to be punished. If I don’t destroy you, I won’t be Liu Yong. Since the sky is going to curse me, Lu Yun, I’ll fight for it as soon as possible. If you want to destroy me, I’ll destroy you now." Say that finish drinking and drinking, the gale sword on the top of your head is stronger than the red light, turning it into a fire dragon and shooting directly at the mysterious god mirror.
When the fire dragon was about to hit the sky mirror, suddenly the mirror flashed brilliance and a dazzling light came out of the mirror and hit the fire dragon. Two powerful forces met in the middle, and suddenly the bright light was dazzling and the shocking noise shook the whole cave. It is strange that there was no gravel falling on the ground, and the powerful explosive force knocked me back three steps, then hit the boundary around me and came back to shake my body again.
Lu Yun surly corners of the mouth slightly revealed a trace of blood, glanced at the gale sword and saw that its brilliance was dim. Obviously, this blow also had a great influence on it.
Take a step forward and hold the gale sword in your hand with a stroke of your right hand. The cold light in your eyes explodes, and your right hand is waving rapidly in the middle. As I waved a dazzling blue light, it appeared in the ancient cave. For the first time, my gale sword cast out the ghost world "frozen soul".
There is a faint purple brilliance in my whole body, which is very mysterious. At this time, my eyes are flashing with two strange brilliance, one green and one purple, which is both mysterious and terrible. I glanced at the mysterious celestial mirror with a sword in my right hand, and suddenly in the middle, a dragon opened its mouth and cracked its teeth, and its claws danced wildly and rushed to the mirror.
The celestial mirror seems to feel the threat, and the circulation of the mirror Guanghua suddenly becomes clear. A colorful Excalibur clearly appears in my sight. A thundering sword sings that Excalibur with a strong Guanghua automatically greets me. This powerful blow has met again and again, and the sword Yi Long meets in an instant and then meets together. The thunderbolt explosion is endless, and the strong airflow shocks the whole cave, making the whole mountain tremble.
Light and shadow destroyed two dazzling brilliance, and then everything was shattered, and then it was calm again. My eyes were cold and I looked at the Xuantian mirror. The two attacks did not destroy this mirror, which made my heart extremely angry. Once I vowed to do something, he would do it. With a wave of my hand, I moved the gale sword aside and my eyes became cold in an instant.
My hands are slowly buttoned and printed on my chest. My gesture is very strange. At this moment, I feel a strange smell permeating the whole ancient cave, which is extremely ghastly. A strong smell with destructive power suddenly permeates the ancient cave, which makes the ancient cave instantly darker than the rock wall full of strange smell. At this time, the Xuantian mirror also perceives the danger. The whole mirror Guanghua suddenly erupts ten times, and a colorful streamer goes away, which will illuminate the dark ancient cave again.
The black brilliance of my body is flashing, and the destructive power is getting stronger and stronger in the ancient cave. A number of strange pattern spells appear around me and surround me firmly. The strange pattern spells are all emitted from my body and then form a strange around me. Soon after these patterns appear, my body is black and radiant, and the whole person slowly rises to the half-length and is full of destructive breath.