Boots, face instantly changed!

The DV in the hand behind the giver faithfully recorded all this.
In the camera, Boots Cox angrily stuffed something back into the arms of the fan and then left without even thinking about signing autographs for other fans!
While the bad comedian laughs outside the camera.
It didn’t take long for this video to appear on youube. Everyone in the world can see the whole process from surprise to anger in Boots.
This video quickly appeared on the homepage of youube.
Many people left messages calling Boots Cox "the film emperor" and even China fans climbed over the wall to join in the fun …
The ball dealer is very high. Boots Cox rarely does stupid things, but this time he won the game and made him lose face.
No matter how he turned over a new leaf, everyone will remember his diving against Lazio in the semi-final of the Champions League in 1921 …
Even if he doesn’t fall again, in the eyes of many fans, he will always be the image of the referee-winning actor with his hands over his face.
The referee will blacklist him, and even if he really falls, he will be sentenced to diving.
He transcended human cognition, and the great performance will go down in history, and he will … go down in history!
This is a completely different result from that time.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five unbeaten season
The semi-final with Barcelona has been completely over, Lazio left Barcelona with chicken feathers and turned away.
What happens in Barcelona is their business.
Anyway, Changsheng has said everything he should say.
If Barcelona does fire Guardiola in the end, he will also like it.
Because it means that Barcelona is not his opponent. No, he will not regard such a team as his opponent …
Lazio have three games left.
The final round of the league and the Italian Cup final and the Champions League final.
Inter Milan went back to home and beat Bayern Munich 1-0, but the total score was still 23 out.
After the elimination of Inter Milan, Inter Milan announced that Mourinho would not continue to be the coach of Inter Milan after the game.
After not winning a championship for two consecutive seasons, Moratti was forced to fire Mourinho under pressure.
Changsheng is really not surprised by this news.
Because he has changed a lot, Mourinho has also won two Champions League titles in two different teams.
Now I can leave Italy despondently.
But I don’t feel guilty about winning.
Although I like Mourinho’s personality coach very much when I am a fan.
But when he crossed into this world, he gradually abandoned the mentality of fans.
No matter how much you like him before, you will die if you want him to stand in your way!
Lazio have won the league title now, and they can fight for two more titles.
Now they have a chance to become the first triple crown team in Apennine Peninsula.
He once created such a miracle in Spain, and now he has the same opportunity in Italy.
But it’s not easy
Otherwise, Juventus and AC Milan have been in the big international era for such a long time. What did Inter Milan do? They are not weaker than Lazio today.
Because the triple crown depends not only on strength but also on luck.