Ling Feiyang broke into the Garden of Eden, facing Hawthorne with 10% skill left, but he was still beaten by Hawthorne!

This time, however, Ling Feiyang was in the peak state, and his skill did not damage Hawthorne!
However, Ling Feiyang’s heart did not appear again. The reason for that fear is very simple, because Ling Feiyang has got the "ripple" power!
Ling Feiyang knows that he can finally show Hawthorne this last battle!
"Ling float in the sky even if you break through the dreamland nine bullet will also die in my hand! This time, I will beat you to death and never live! " Hawthorne corners of the mouth emerge a sneer at slowly out of the pavilion step by step to ling float in the sky!
In the face of this life’s biggest enemy, Ling Feiyang, I don’t want to say a word!
Dragon 20 palms Luohan dragon!
Ling Feiyang suddenly stepped forward with his left leg slightly bent, his right arm bent and his right palm drawn a circle and pushed it out!
However, Ling Feiyang suddenly saw another Ling Feiyang appear opposite him, and also used the same trick: the right palm of Luohan Dragon-lowering Dragon greeted Ling Feiyang’s palm!
He Tao also gives him a copy of the humanoid unreal entity! This is the top "glass body"!
Bang! Two Ling Feiyang palms intersect. This fake Ling Feiyang was shocked by the real Ling Feiyang palm and then dissipated!
Hawthorne’s "glass body" supported by a strong enough energy field has failed, and the humanoid entity has been shattered by Ling Feiyang!
Six-pulse Excalibur Less Shang Jian!
Ling Feiyang stepped forward again, and his right thumb thrust forward!
Another fake Ling Feiyang entity appeared in front of the real Ling Feiyang, and it was also a trick to use a little Shangjian to greet Ling Feiyang! And the fake Ling Feiyang refers to the wind power that has reached twice that of the real Ling Feiyang!
Save energy to draw the true qi and rebound, and the attack power doubles! This is the top "Gankun Great Move"!
At the moment when the two fingers collided, the real Ling Feiyang suddenly poured the energy field into his finger wind. With the "stabbing", the real Ling Feiyang finger wind actually tore the fake Ling Feiyang finger wind with a strong breeze and stabbed it forward, hitting the fake Ling Feiyang’s left shoulder! False ling Feiyang fell to the ground and then disappeared again!
Hawthorne’s "Great Move of Gankun" has also failed, and Ling Feiyang has once again broken the humanoid entity!
Although Hawthorne knew that Ling Feiyang had become powerful, he didn’t expect that he was so powerful that he could seize the opportunity when he just met!
Hawthorne eyebrows a wrinkly suddenly stretched out his right hand palm slowly to ling float in the sky!
Big nine days hand!
For ling Feiyang’s amazing martial arts, Hawthorne has never dared to neglect this palm and has accumulated Hawthorne’s ten successes!
Dragon 20 palms Luohan dragon! Ling Feiyang once again used this palm!
Bang! With an earth-shattering noise, the two men stepped back and removed their strength and palm power, which turned out to be evenly matched!
However, the sound of the collision between the two palms actually made the whole Alamut Mountain tremble! The ground of two people’s feet shook violently, and then a long and narrow crack appeared. Ling Feiyang and Hawthorne were separated on both sides of the crack!
Hawthorne’s body suddenly whirled up on the north side of the crack and turned out to be nine members at the same time, taking a right palm at Ling Feiyang!
Hawthorne’s nine doppelgangers shot nine palms at the same time, so this is the true meaning of the nine hands!
Ling float in the sky in the crack on the south side of the body also immediately spin up unexpectedly also turned into nine busy is the highest realm spiral nine shadow!
Although one of the two martial arts, the Nine Heavenly Hands and the Spiral Nine Shadows, originated from Persia and the other from the court of the Song Dynasty, their highest realm is exactly the same!
Ling Feiyang’s nine busy members each used the dragon’s twenty palms to greet Hawthorne’s nine palms. With nine loud noises, two people and ten figures fell back to the ground at the same time, but it was still close!
"crunch!" With the sound of rock cracking, the cracks between the two people continue to expand, and the length has run through the whole Garden of Eden, and the width has reached five or six feet!
Ling Feiyang and Hawthorne took back their two places at once and leaned over to see that the crack was dark and bottomless!
"Ling Feiyang, do you dare to respect World War I in this mountain crack?" Hawthorne suddenly said
"Dare!" Ling Feiyang gave birth to a heroic Hawthorne and jumped into the big crack at the same time!
Two people’s bodies fell at the same time in the process of falling, and they have fought against each other for more than 100 strokes. The clods and rubble on the top of their heads kept hitting them, but they couldn’t protect themselves from congenital vigorous qi!
For a moment, the two men have fallen 700 feet, but they have not reached the bottom of the big crack. They know that they must have fallen to the foot of Alamut Mountain by now!
Although a beam of sunshine shoots from the slit above their heads, as they keep falling, the scene before them gradually darkens and they can no longer see the enemy’s position clearly!
However, when two people perceive each other, they don’t need to rely on vision, but can rely on the energy field!
Two people in the struggle at the same time continue to fall and fall hundreds of zhangs this big crack is still not bottomed out!
At this moment, Ling Feiyang and Hawthorne finally realized an unusually horrible fact at the same time! It turned out that this big crack formed by the two men’s palms actually triggered the Alamut Mountain earthquake. This crack not only reached the foot of the mountain, but also led to the depths of the earth’s crust!
Although Hawthorne has the magic power of God, he also has some fears in his heart, so he forced Ling Feiyang to use his hand to teach the town to teach flying skills and stop his body from falling!
Hawthorne’s body was about to soar to the sky, but he had stabilized his body in the energy field. His right hand used a trick to stab the sword less and thrust it three feet away.
Hawthorne hurriedly flicker to avoid Ling Feiyang’s finger, but it has already continued to fall with Ling Feiyang.
"Ling Feiyang, do you want to die with me?" Hawthorne said as he fell
"Didn’t you just say you want to fight in this mountain crack? Are you afraid? Do you regret it? " Ling flying slightly sneer at Hawthorne asks.
"You will be timid regret? This is really a big joke! " Hawthorne suddenly laughed and shouted, "In that case, that statue is deep in this stratum. Fight for it!" to be continued