Qiao Yun that embarrassed to pick up words simply pulled stranger but collar shaking hard.

"Then why didn’t you reply to my message? Why didn’t you arrive on time and let me wait so long! !” Relief Qiao Yun took advantage of the head all blame going to throw it at the stranger.
To cover up embarrassment
Mo ran was rocked by him.
Suddenly he stopped shaking his hands and grabbed Qiao Yun’s shoulder to force Qiao Yun to stop, too.
Looking at each other’s tearful eyes, I replied in a strange way, "Because I want to surprise you, because my mobile phone is gone, because I am waiting for dark, and it will be more conspicuous in the dark because of light, understand?"
Qiao Yun leng again. He looked at the stranger but there was something in his throat to be sour and sweet.
Suddenly he cried again.
Is the private dining room reserved before Liu Xing or do they often gather in the private dining room? Before entering the private dining room, Qiao Yun went to the shopping mall to buy a box of concealer and put it on his eyelids.
But after so much painting, my eyes are red, but I still can’t hide it.
Strangely poked his dimple position. "Don’t pout and expose your vulnerability. Smile and show your handsome face."
Qiao Yun mood has been much better "who said I was weak who said I beat you? !”
The fist was pinched in a false manner.
Strange but he who sees through does not say anything. After all, crying red-eyed Qiao Yun, he can probably see this time in his life.
Get ready. Qiao Yun pushed open the door of Tianzi Bao.
Suddenly, with a bang, his light blond hair was covered with ribbons.
“happybirhday!” Liu Xing and Chen Feng each took a spray bottle. "What’s the surprise?"
Qiao Yun just had her hair done today and just applied concealer to her face. Suddenly, these ribbons have lost color.
"Surprise, especially surprise. Thanks to you two, my hair has to be redone again." Qiao Yun’s heart thumped wildly
Master scared me to death, his heart way
"It’s a good sign to hang some color on your birthday." Ivan got up and looked at the door, Qiao Yun and Mo Ran smiled slightly.
I don’t know if it’s Qiao Yun’s illusion. Today, Sister Ai Yun looks different from usual. She doesn’t have a fierce attitude and a smile, which also gives people a very polite and official feeling.
Seeing Qiao Yun motionless, Ivan woke up with a smile. "Why didn’t Qiao Yun ask his classmates to sit down? You are the protagonist today."
Eyebrows puckered slightly. Well, it’s his fault that Sister Ai Yunjie, the manager, came back.
Qiao Yun called everyone to sit in a strange place and pulled him "and so on" and then raised my hand to clean up the residual ribbons on his head.
It is such a normal and natural move for Qiao Yun. Ivan is stiff again.
That is, just when everyone was waiting for Qiao Yun in the private room, Ivan went out to meet Qiao Yun in high spirits.
She saw the rising at the gate of the restaurant. "Happy birthday to Qiao Yun! "I also saw the tears on my sleeve. Qiao Yun also saw the sweet smile on Qiao Yun and the spoil of rubbing Qiao Yun’s head.
Chapter 33 Chapter 33
All kinds of Ivan witnessed.
She still sipped the most elegant and smiling smile for Qiao Yun, the protagonist, to greet everyone to sit down.
A big round table with six people sitting around.
Qiao Yun pulled open the chair beside Ivan. He winked and motioned for Mo Ran to sit here.
Mo ran hesitated for a moment and then went to the other side to sit.
It’s very simple. He sits between Qiao Yun and Ivan, and on the other side, between Qiao Yun and Xiao Nan.
Ai Yun is more dangerous than Xiao Nan.
But it is this choice that makes Xiao Nan, who has been calm, ripple.
"Senior" he called in a low voice.
Stranger but ignored before "well".
He can’t spoil Qiao Yun’s birthday.
Liu Xing Baba ran to Ivan and Qiao Yunyun, and the chair butt was caught by Ivan and brought a look to the left.
"You can’t sit next to Qiao Yun, he will get drunk." Ivan gave herself a legitimate reason. She wanted to try Qiao Yun and Mo Ran to verify her guess that it was convenient to observe at close range.
Liu Xing quickly glanced around and smelled something wrong. "OK, I’m not so close to filling him."
He is referring to Qiao Yun Qiao Yun’s protagonist who can’t get by without a drink.
"Come on, let’s wish our protagonist Qiao Yun a happy birthday."
Liu Xing is the leader of this field, six bottles of cocktails and six people, and he has to drive the atmosphere.
"The first bottle of wine at the opening must be finished by the Ministry. This is Qiao Yunding’s rule."
"Don’t drink a drop."