"No way!" Zhang Long really can’t believe this bag is too strong! Actually, just because the king was robbed by Murphy, he followed Murphy’s guild battle. Zhang Long continued, "Line battle! What’s the situation now? Which of them has the wind? "

"Who knows" Heaven "is a mess in Cangyue village now, and both of them are killing at random! Who dares to watch the fun! "
See the words Zhang Long mouth muttered "well! The battle must be very lively! It’s better to join in the fun yourself! " Thought this dragon and said, "why don’t we all go and see the excitement?" We are in the security zone, and they can’t attack anyway. "
"Good!" A large part of the loyal players are violent. When I heard that Cang Yue was fighting, my heart was already active. Maybe I could earn some experience, but if I hinder a person from going to someone else’s site, I must be looking for death to resist the initiative of my boss. What is there to worry about? So I agreed.
There are a group of players outside the Guoan District of Cangyue. Just look at their names in different colors after the guild war. They are divided into two teams. Two teams of players are opposed. At this time, the leader of the "Day One" guild first said, "Are you good?" At the beginning, you were an ordinary younger brother in our guild and photographed so many old horses. Now you are awesome! I can also create my own guild and dare to press on my head! " There is a strong ridicule in the tone.
On the other hand, is it plain to say, "That’s what you asked for!"
"Ok!" Bao said angrily, "then there is nothing to say!" " Speaking first, a savage collision rushed to Murphy, unhurriedly hiding and angrily rushing to his bag backhand. A red beating immediately dyed the bag red in the bag body, and then the beast shrank at the sole of his foot. The beast also quickly became bigger and bigger, and rushed to his mouth. A group of flaming fire was sprayed on the bag body, and a group of white light was emitted from the center of the bag body. It’s a pity that the lion roar of the bag was probably due to the fact that the level was too low and Murphy’s beast was still alive and kicking, and the beast was no longer hard to abandon the beast and chase it towards Murphy.
The bosses of both sides moved their hands, and the younger brother had nothing to be polite about, so they chose their opponents to launch an attack. At that time, the scene was really a mess. Many players were crowded together, and the ice roared, red, green and poisonous, flying around the sky. The samurai drank the Taoist priest and the beast roared and reflected each other. From time to time, players issued the "Ah!" before they died Bellow is also fortunate that the names of the two sides are different in color, and everyone is attacked by the guild, so it will not hurt one of their own.
Just as the two sides were at loggerheads, the white light in the security zone kept flashing, and a group of players appeared in front of the huddled people …
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Chapter 60 melee warehouse month
The white light in Cang Yue ‘an area is still flashing, and the players are constantly sending it to Cang Yue to see this scene. During the battle, both sides can’t help but stop attacking and look at the security area doubtfully to see who will choose to come to Cang Yue at this time. At this time, some people have already seen it clearly. These people are Cang Yue’s sworn enemies and allies. The players’ hearts are suddenly tense at this moment. Are people friends or enemies? What is their purpose? Bao Murphy naturally noticed that it was too conspicuous to kill the dragon in the hands of Zhang Long Zhang Long, the most marginal part of the security zone. Now the area is estimated to be the one in Zhang Long’s hands. Seeing that Zhang Long was uncertain about Zhang Long’s trip, they stopped the attack field in unison and strangely quieted down for a while.
It’s been a long time since King Cangyue first said, "Dragon, what are you doing here this time?"
Looking at Murphy’s almost timid question, Zhang Long smiled and then typed and said, "Hehe, nothing. I’m here to watch the fun."
Watch the fun! Could it be that Bao was stupefied at the same time or could it be that he said, "Watch the fun and watch the fun. You have to bring so many people!"
Bao also said, "I think you’d better go back to your own country to watch the fun!" " Just now, they also made great moves. Facing the outsiders, Zhang Long joined forces strangely.
Looking at the line above their heads, Zhang Long said, "Come on, I want to sneak in and have a look, but my brother also wants to see the results of the battle between the two largest guilds in Cangyue. I didn’t expect so many people to come."
"That is, we are here to see!"
"We will never shoot you if you hit you!"
Other players see that the boss will choke the leader of Cang Yue, and they can’t say anything. They also say in an almost teasing tone that the scene is lively again.
When I saw the players of Allies playing a few lines of words, the players became angry. They came to watch the fun and jokes, so they greeted the players of Allies with all kinds of extremely nasty and ugly language. Naturally, the players of Allies did not want to be outdone. The players of Allies scolded each other. Did they have a heart to remember that on the national channel, Bao said to Bao, "Brother Bao, this dragon is too little, and he brought so many people to see our jokes. Why don’t we teach him a lesson? We are good bullies!"
Did Bao Bao call Brother Bao flattered in front of so many people, oblivious to the fact that both of them are still fighting at the moment, and quickly said, "OK, but how can I teach him a lesson?"
"I’ll draw him out!" Murphy said, "You took the national mage to smash him to death while he was out of the security zone."
"good!" Bao also feels that this is indeed a good method. He quickly agreed to get the mage’s order to prepare for the attack on the national channel at the same time. Although Bao is no longer the king of Cangyue, after all, he has been accumulating power in Cangyue for a long time, and Murphy also agrees that both Bao Guild and Murphy Guild have agreed to prepare the attack skills.
At the same time, didn’t you say in the previous step, "How did you learn to hide in the security zone? Is it a waste for the pavilion?"
"Shit!" We get angry. It’s too ugly to talk. What do you mean, it’s also a consumption? But how did Zhang Long feel so familiar when he heard this? It suddenly occurred to him that just yesterday, he brought his loyal players to play Cang Yue. At last, Cang Yue people all shrank in the security zone and didn’t come out. That’s what he said. I didn’t expect this to be returned to myself so soon. The more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I felt. We get rid of it. "What happened when I came out?" Say that finish the mouse forward a finger out of the zone, just at the moment when Zhang Long stepped out of the zone, the number of ice roared mixed with lightning. What struck Zhang Long? Zhang Long was frightened and quickly retreated back to the zone. Looking at his blood, there were only a few dozen drops left, and we got angry. Isn’t this really despicable to induce himself to leave the zone and then try to send himself back to China in a sea of people? Fortunately, Zhang Long barely escaped this robbery with a quick response and high defense, but in a state of poisoning, Zhang Long’s blood continued to fall, and at this moment there were only a dozen drops of blood left. Zhang Long hurriedly drank a few bottles of powerful
Look at the poison has dropped blood has also returned to the full value of Zhang Long that just suddenly jump tight heart this just put to at the same time, a surge of anger in my heart quickly shout people in the national channel, then draw with these people behind them and rushed to the front warehouse month players warehouse month players naturally can’t be willing to slaughter by allied players and not to be outdone rushed to the allied players, and at that time it became completely chaotic. Many warehouse month allied players crowded together and attacked at random.
Zhang Long was angry just now. Murphy lured himself out. Plus, he poisoned himself first. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lost so much blood as soon as he got together. So he crossed the crowded players and rushed to see Zhang Long. He glared angrily at himself. Murphy’s heart was also terrible. He never thought that Zhang Long could attack so many players at the same time and could resist seeing Zhang Long rushing towards himself. He knew that he would definitely fight by himself, but he hurriedly manipulated the characters to retreat and mixed in the crowd. Murphy is about to disappear in his sight, but he is surrounded by many players around him, and he can’t help but pursue Murphy with great anger. He directly waved his hand to slay the dragon, and the fire swordsmanship slammed into a warrior in front of him. The samurai was being chased by a Taoist priest, but he couldn’t chase it. He thought that a fire was just thrown at himself to avoid it, and he was forced to suffer from this fire poisoning state. If he added blood, he would be played by the Taoist priest. Not much was so "ah!" The ground fell to the ground.
"No way!" Zhang Long looked at himself and smashed the warrior to death with a fire. He was still wondering when his attack became so high. Look at his experience value, which didn’t even increase by 1%. I couldn’t help secretly scolding him. How many levels did you dare to mess around here? P People died and didn’t lose money. I was thinking of suddenly seeing a familiar red poison and hitting myself. Suddenly, the whole person turned red. Zhang Long was suddenly attacked by this attack, but it was not a thief’s heart. I still wanted to earn my 3% experience. But when I looked around, I was wondering if there was a figure that was another green poison moving towards
"Shit!" Zhang Long didn’t notice that the root of the attack on himself was not what he thought, but a male Taoist with a silver snake in his hand and a soul. Just look at the glistening bone Lou followed by him and you will know that the Taoist level is at most about 30. Zhang Long couldn’t help cursing: Is he so good at bullying now? Even the Taoist with a very low level wants to earn his own experience. Thinking that the Taoist looked at Zhang Long for so long and didn’t attack himself, Zhang Long probably dropped the line. What actually attacked the soul fire in his hand? Operator seems to be frantically smashing towards Zhang Long without money. At the same time, the skeleton around him also started to run towards Zhang Long with a small axe and looked at his blood. Every time, he only dropped ten drops. Zhang Long not only wanted to ask the Taoist ya if he was not tired of beating himself with ten drops of blood every time. Look at this skull in front of you. The small axe in his hand is constantly chopping at Zhang Long. Zhang Long has stored a fire and smashed it. That skull, which was alive and kicking a second ago, immediately turned into a pile of bones. Zhang Long stepped on the pile of bones with disdain and rushed towards the Taoist who dared to attack himself. When the Taoist saw a fire in Zhang Long, he killed his baby and knew that Zhang Long was not easy to provoke and immediately retreated and fled.
Watching the Taoist priest try to run to Zhang Long can spare him, speed up the pace and quickly catch up with the Taoist priest who is struggling because of too many people. A fire smashed his blood to double digits, and at the same time, he took a step back and killed the shock wave, which made the Taoist priest lose his precious 5% experience.
Get rid of this annoying Taoist Zhang Long. Look at the crowds around him. Players have positions and alliances. They don’t want to break this demon mage shield in front of them for a month and a half. Then there is a lux fire, which makes the mage lie on the ground and watch the black and white shadow. After killing this mage, Zhang Long squeezes into the crowd like a tiger into a flock, killing one life after another quickly.
The battle is getting fiercer and fiercer. Seeing that your experience rises sharply with each killing of an enemy player, players become crazy at this moment, and each attack takes away a lot of opponents’ health. At the same time, the white light in Cang Yue’ an District is still flashing, and some players are playing equipment outside the training level. However, a larger number of people are still loyal players, and they are heard that their boss has brought people to help in the Cang Yue people’s war. With the increasing number of loyal players, the balance of victory gradually moves towards Zhang Long.
Chapter sixty-nine Win warehouse month again
With more and more players from the countries with strong alliances sending over, the situation has completely changed to Zhang Long’s advantage. It is often that two or three players with strong alliances cut the number of senior players around a warehouse month, which makes a large number of players in the warehouse month die. At first glance, almost all of them are players from the countries with strong alliances.
Zhang Long mouse randomly around a little bit to see a lot of players are watching it with allies. Zhang Long suddenly found an assassination shock wave coming towards him and directly removed his 50′ s and 60′ s blood. Zhang Long found that it was Bao who didn’t know when he actually ran to his side, but he never noticed that he saw Bao take the initiative to send the door to Zhang Long, and he did not want to supplement his blood lost due to the attack. The same assassination shock wave hit him in the package. 24 It seems that the package level is only level 45. No matter how you practice it, you will always see that the package level is not as high as your own. Zhang Long hit the package with a brutal collision in the previous step. Fortunately, the venue where a large number of players in Cang Yue died is still quite open before you can knock the package away. Zhang Long quickly followed up and took advantage of the package to stun. In a few minutes, his fingers quickly pressed F1 key to successfully summon the fire elves to come to the package, and slew a dragon with a fire elf to smash it in the package. At the same time, the paralyzing ring took effect. On the spot, the bag was paralyzed. Seeing that the bag had been paralyzed by itself, Zhang Long accelerated the attack speed. The butcher in his hand kept greeting the bag body, and only a few attacks in a row hit the bag blood to only about 5, but then the bag blood increased slowly, and the bag drank powerful gold sore medicine. At the same time, another warrior came to Zhang Long and waved the heavy and simple ruling in his hand to greet the bag body. The attack was also endless. Every attack can remove the bag of forty or fifty blood. Zhang Long hurriedly looked that it was the Oriental sword that the bag was paralyzed and actually came to pick cheap.
Looking at Bao Zhang Long, he has been paralyzed and can barely add a little blood by powerful medicine for golden sore. Dongfang Sword quickly stepped back and started the assassination fencing. After being attacked by two people, he immediately wrapped blood like running water. Seeing this scene, Bao accelerated the speed of drinking blood. The question is, can powerful medicine for golden sore resist two senior warriors attacking at the same time? The answer is naturally no! Seeing that Bao’s blood dropped by two, there was more than one pity left. Zhang Long Oriental Sword was overjoyed and the attack was even harder. At this moment, Bao recovered from paralysis. The characters quickly retreated and hid two warriors who were eyeing themselves. Seeing that their experience was about to fly, Zhang Long Oriental Sword was willing to look at Bao’s blood. Zhang Longke was sure that he was going to have another fire and a normal attack, but he could kill Bao. So he took the lead and crossed the Oriental Sword and chased after Bao to see Zhang Long, who was the most threatening to himself. That could wait there to fight, but could he not allow me? Hurriedly squeezed into the crowd around to see that the bag was out of his sight. Zhang Long Oriental Sword couldn’t help sighing for a bag at the same time, leaving more than 1 blood! You can get that 3% experience and 3% experience by killing more than 100 blood. How many hours does it take you to hit it? Just when they were upset, they roared several times and hit the bag, and then the bag directly let out a scream and fell to the ground.
Shit! Ya who will take advantage of that? Zhang Long and his two men quickly looked along the attack direction and saw the mage Zhentian who had been with them. He said, "Hey, hey, I’m sorry, I earned the two bosses!" Then he said, "Wow! My experience has directly increased by more than 2%! "
Two people worked hard for half a year and were actually taken advantage of by this mage. Zhang Long wrote "Jealousy" in his left eye and "Jealousy" in his right eye. He was angry with Oriental Sword and suddenly shouted, "Damn it, hurry up! Macangyue people were all killed by these animals! " Zhang Long discovered that there were dozens of warehouse players at the scene. Many warehouse players were surrounded by several people. Shit! That’s all experience! Without thinking, Zhang Long waved his hand and slew a dragon and quickly rushed into the crowd.
A savage collision killed Zhang Long, who was only in the single-digit mage in front of him, and cast his eyes on Cang Yue drugstore, where several loyal players next to the drugstore owner were besieging a Cang Yue Taoist priest. Zhang Long put the mouse on the Taoist priest to display a name-Murphy Zhang Longyuan was still wondering who was so awesome that he could resist the attacks of several other professional players without falling into the wind. I didn’t expect it to be Murphy, who was trapped in the siege of several players and kept away from the law. It’s that his operation is very poisonous, plus his three babies are not inferior to several people’s attacks. Ten points of blood supplement is absolutely not possible to be spiked by people, and his high attack plus god beast baby has made several players who have been taken care of by Murphy. Seeing this scene, Zhang Long wants to or doesn’t want to give up others around him waving their hands and killing dragons, so he rushes towards Murphy and just takes away the experience from him by that town. So this Murphy experience must be obtained by himself.
Over a few players around Murphy ran to the hands of Murphy and slew a dragon, holding high a fire and hitting it accurately and mistakenly. Suddenly Murphy’s original 3-year-old blood immediately became more than 2. More often, Zhang Long came to his side and just hit his own blood with a fire. Murphy’s heart quickly pressed a few keys and put it on the shortcut key. Ten thousand years of frost suddenly fell into the cordon and the blood was immediately filled up.
Shit! Seeing that Murphy doesn’t have much blood, he actually gave blood to fill Zhang Long’s heart in a flash. Ya, if you just cut a few more hands, wouldn’t you gain experience? Looking at Murphy, who was already full of blood, several other people took the lead in attacking Murphy. After a roar of ice and several samurai fires, Murphy’s blood fell to the warning line again. Seeing that his experience was about to be taken away by people, Zhang Long was willing to desperately squeeze through the surrounding crowd and come to Murphy’s side. A sword attack and killing split in Murphy’s body removed Murphy’s 30-40 blood. At the same time, Murphy quickly drank and wrote several trees for ten thousand years. At this time, Zhang Long and others finally knocked out the blood and immediately filled it up. At this time, Murphy, the most annoying baby beast also came to A big mouth around me was hit by a ball of blazing fire, and Zhang Long quickly launched a lion’s roar skill. After a ball of white light, Murphy’s beast was solved by petrochemical on the spot. Murphy’s beast was hit by another fire. Murphy’s paralyzed ring was lucky to play on the spot. Seeing this situation, everyone around him became crazy. Then there are people there who let themselves cut things so comfortably. The number of skill attacks were also hit at Murphy’s body and heard "Ah!" After a scream, Murphy directly fell to the ground.
Hey, hey, Zhang Long’s mouth will be twisted with joy when he looks at his experience. If you let yourself practice alone, it will take a few hours at least! Now it’s only one person to kill, so it seems that killing is the fastest escalation! After seeing that Bao Murphy died, the players in the remaining dozens of warehouses collapsed completely, and there was no fighting mind anymore, so they fled in succession in an attempt to reunite with other players after the battle, which allowed them to experience flying again, so they each tried their best to chase these straggling players.
Looking at the whole Cangyue village, there is no other Cangyue player except a large number of loyal players. Zhang Long couldn’t help laughing. What could be better than this? It would be better to kill a country and never dare to go online again.
Seeing that there is really no one to kill, many players are shouting that they didn’t kill the cool class. Seeing this, Zhang Long had a brainwave and said, "Brothers, why don’t we fight another national war?"
National war is good! All the players in the Allies remembered that they even went up several levels, and they disagreed. However, in the end, the players had a disagreement about which country to fight. It was said that they also killed Cangyue. However, more players suggested that the map of the Allies should be bigger first, which is more suitable for many players to play. Secondly, there were more players in Beechcraft than Cangyue, so that some players could kill without experience. Pay attention. Zhang Long decided to launch a national war against Beechcraft. After paying 10,000 gold coins for the war against Beechcraft, he made a unified statement: "The Allies launched a comparison with the
Looking at this line of information, many players cheered and thought of the rich experience and rewards of killing people in the national war. At the same time, Zhang Long also received the demon message "Why did Long Shaoping fight the national war with us?"
"No what?" Zhang Long said flatly, "It was my brother who decided to fight a national war because he thought it was too slow to upgrade."
"Ok," the demon said with a deep resentment in his tone, "Then you just wait!"
Zhang Long naturally shrugged off this. I’ll just call you and see what you can do to me!
PS; Well, I’ve written too much PK in recent days. I believe everyone is tired of reading it. Tomorrow, I’ll write something like upgrading my equipment and making friends. If you have any interesting things to play strange games or have any suggestions, please leave a message in the discussion forum, regardless of whether it’s good or not. I’ll make a unified refinement in the first chapter of the day!
Chapter seventy Dreamland three layers
Zhang Long got up and pushed the window in front of him, and a heat wave rolled in. Although it is already four or five o’clock in the afternoon, the industrious sun is still emitting its own light in an attempt to turn the whole world into a big stove and look around the courtyard. The patrolling bodyguards Zhang Long not only admire these people’s willpower, but also feel so energetic in such a hot day. Zhang Long quickly closed the window and came to the bottom to meet a burst of cool air, feeling that the whole person was suddenly refreshed until he felt a sense. A chill gushed from the bottom of my heart before I returned to my seat and looked at the two positions next to Kuang. Zhang Long couldn’t help secretly shaking his head with a wry smile. Isn’t it just a shopping mall that invited several minor celebrity stars to entertain? They are so crazy that they are willing to go to the show at the risk of being tanned. If they really like it, they can invite those so-called stars to their own homes to give them a special performance.
Put the line of sight back to his brain screen. Zhang Long didn’t notice that the automatic pathfinding stopped. I don’t know when it stopped. My character was already at the gate of the third floor of the dreamland of the king’s special map. A black boar was waving his weapon and kept attacking Zhang Long. Looking at his character, he lost about 20 blood every time he was attacked. Zhang Long not only humorously paralyzed the black boar with a fire, but then another assassination, firm but gentle attack and killing ended the black boar’s weak life and turned it into a corpse.
Picked up a few bottles of potions and looked at the black hole leading to the third floor in front of him. Zhang Long hesitated and put his finger on his quick cut key. God knows if he will be attacked by a large number of monsters as soon as he goes, and then he can look at the black and white shadow dimly.
Then Zhang Long mouse moved forward a little, and the characters moved forward into the third floor of the dreamland. Without waiting for Zhang Long to see the three floors clearly, his finger reflexively pressed a bottle of powerful gold sore medicine. After the map jumped over, Zhang Long was surprised to find that there was no monster swinging on the third floor of the dreamland. He wondered that Zhang Long had not come to brush off the monster’s body, and he took a few steps forward. Looking around, there were monsters piled up everywhere. Occasionally, a few residual monsters didn’t take a few steps forward, and Zhang Long heard a strange sound. A bunch of dense little red dot, a little yellow and a little Zhang Long moved forward a few steps to get a clear view of the present situation. If you don’t go to see the player’s name, you will know that he is the only mage among the four kings in the district-Cao Fei is also the only ally of Zhang Long Meng Chong.
Probably also noticed that Zhang Long Caofei, who came to his side, eliminated the dense monster group around him, and instead of looking for monsters deliberately, he ran straight to Zhang Long and said, "How did Long Shao come here?"
Zhang Long ha ha a smile "nothing is a day to beach, the national war to train! By the way, will you come to the magic valley in the battle of heaven? "
Cao Fei probably pondered for a long time before saying, "Forget it. Let’s take the initiative to fight Beechcraft this time, so we won’t go. One more hostile country is not good for our professional players. Besides, even if we don’t go to the magic, can you still get him a Beechcraft?"
When Zhang Long came here, he felt very sorry about not participating in the magic ginseng. How can he beat him by a country? So he said understandably, "Well, I won’t force you."
Probably grateful to Zhang Long for understanding Cao Fei, and then said, "Anyway, Long Shao, you are here to practice. Why don’t you join us!"
With yourself, it’s obvious that you took advantage of this mage. Zhang Long said shyly, "Forget it, I’ll practice alone! Practice with you and it’s done. You took me. "
"Well, when did Long Shao become such a mother-in-law!" After Cao Fei finished this sentence, it was accompanied by a team request to hold the idea that it is king’s egg to take advantage of it. Zhang Long hurriedly clicked to make sure that it is much faster for a mage to take himself than for himself! After the two formed a team, they just brushed the blame on Zhang Long Caofei, who led a group of monsters respectively, and then Zhang Long made a machete in his own monster for half a month. From time to time, he came back to assassinate the monsters, almost all of which died in pieces. It’s not too slow to see his leveling speed! Zhang Long proudly thought, then he cast his eyes on another group of monsters beside him, grass flies and sees grass fly. In the same monster, Lei Guang in hell keeps sending out, and the monsters around him are attacked by the method of Leiguangzhen, Ang Yang Gen, and grass flies. It seems that it is still a mage to train quickly! Zhang Long enviously looked at the way and looked at his experience in the speech column. He kept brushing the frequency and risked the speed. Although it was only a few packages at a time, it was much faster than his own training.
After clearing this group of monsters, Zhang Long manipulated the characters to move around and attracted a group of monsters. The experience value of the same half a month increased suddenly and kept staring at his speech column. Pay attention to the experience. Zhang Long found that a line of unified Woma leader appeared in the speech column at coordinates 212147, and then he was immediately rushed to the top of the experience.
Zhang Long, the leader of Wal-Mart, can’t remember when he hit the leader of Wal-Mart once. Seeing this line, he felt very kind. He quickly wiped out this group of monsters in front of himself and ran to the unified location to meet the familiar leader of Wal-Mart. He was patrolling his site triumphantly and found Zhang Long, an intruder, and quickly ran towards Zhang Long and came to Zhang Long. After that, the leader of Wal-Mart sent out a gorgeous Lei Guang and hit Zhang Longshen. Zhang Long looked at his blood, but it was only 50 or 60, which made him feel funny. Zhang Long hurriedly waved his hand to slay the dragon mixed with a fiery sword and hit the Woma leader’s body. This attack alone removed nearly 100 blood of the Woma leader. At this time, Cao Fei also cleaned up the monsters around him. Seeing that the monsters around him had been cleaned up by two people, there were a few attacks on the Woma leader by two kings in the area. The blood of the Woma leader quickly fell to 1,000. At the same time, the Woma leader used his unique skill to save his life. Looking at the original attack by two people, the
It seems that the Woma leader didn’t fly far. They didn’t walk a few steps before they found out that the Woma leader was about to die. The grass flew quickly and an ice growl hit the Woma leader’s head, which alarmed several small monsters next to it. At the same time, Zhang Long also waved a dragon and ran to the Woma leader’s side. After a fire, the Woma leader was paralyzed on the spot. It depends on how you can run! See Woma hierarch paralyzed Zhang Long exultation weapons dancing seems to be faster, and the grass fly without a few flame Woma monsters around her to do entanglement lightning quickly split to Woma hierarch.
After the two men joined forces to crack down on the Woma leader, they fell to the ground and turned into a corpse. There were still a few bottles of potions, a Woma horn and a few gold bars. These things were naturally garbage dumps for Zhang Long. Zhang Long didn’t even move. Seeing that Zhang Long didn’t pick up the ground features, Cao Fei quickly picked up a few things a few steps ago.
After the grass flies and picks up the equipment, both of them notice that a small yellow spot on the map is moving quickly towards where it is. Who is it? Zhang Long wondered to think of a way to come over, whether it was diabolical or not. Zhang Long, his enemy, quietly stored the fire and prepared to let people taste his own fiery offensive as soon as he came. In a few seconds, the player appeared in front of them. It was King Beechcraft who was diabolical when he saw the bearer. Instead, he hesitated. If anyone in the area let himself care about it, then this person must be diabolical. He not only has PK technology, but his equipment is also top-notch. Although he practiced the lion’s roar and can numb his baby beast, he can’t numb his ring and he can grind himself to