Ji Hantian held her breath and suddenly heard the crowd in the east stand suddenly burst into earth-shattering cries.
Each of them blushed and shouted MVP.
Ji Hantian’s eyes swept a little cold and took a deep breath. Come on, MVP!
Par? ? ?
The first quarter left hand ()
(Ogawa’s previous chapter, some people say that procrastination has redone the head, asking for tickets and collecting)
At the end of July, a sunset gradually receded into the distance, and the tall buildings shone faintly.
"Is anyone in Wu Yue today?" At the entrance of Wuyue Stadium, several tall youths penetrated and led the way, glanced at the whole lively stadium and shouted at the venue closest to the entrance.
People do, but it’s obvious that he means that there are no resident experts asking, so naturally he is here to pick a venue.
Wuyue Stadium, the ranked stadium in Nanyun District, has never lacked challengers.
It is also the most famous streetball venue occupied by high school students in the southern district-no one has taken the stadium away from the teenagers in Yunshan High School, the basketball overlord of the southern district, for two years.
Today, this batch is no different from the usual ones in Han Zheng’s view
He smiled and looked at the boy next to his eyes. "Xiaotian, you have always gone out to pick a game recently, so keep a round today."
The boy called Xiaotian got up carelessly. He rested beside him for a long time. The weather was too hot, especially after being exposed to the sun in the afternoon, and he lost his temper. Most experts came here late, which made him uninterested.
Zhang Tian looked at this young boy who was coming towards him. His appearance was not very good, and he looked a little weak. He was 100 centimeters tall and well-proportioned, and he was a little thin.
This is Zhang Tian’s first impression of him.
Zhang Tian is a member of the school team of Nanchuan Normal University. He has just entered the school for one year and his height is 190 cm, which makes him comfortable at the back line. After the adjustment of the team this summer, he can directly enter the main force and will play CUBA as the main back of the team in the new year.
"I’m left-handed. What do you call me?" It seems quite naive for Zhang Tian to hold out his hand in the previous step.
"There’s no need. I’m here to pick this one. Will you keep it?" When Zhang Tian said the last sentence, he deliberately looked at the tall boy who was watching from the sidelines-he seemed to be a little taller than himself, and he looked like he was playing a line.
Han Zheng looked at the bearer and looked at himself. It was not funny. It seems that the appearance of Ji Han is not shocking. Even his speaking style is so gentle and easy to be ignored by others.
On the other hand, if he really ignores today, he will be embarrassed here.
"Ok, you can play the ball." Ji Hantian frowned and seemed to have some dissatisfaction with this tall young man’s arrogance.
One-on-one five-ball challenger first change system, which is the rule of general pick-and-play in Nanchuan city in the whole Nanyun district
Zhang Tian still doesn’t feel that this seemingly weak teenager in front of him is worth paying attention to. He has picked several venues these days, and it seems that they are not as sharp as they smell. Wu Yue, a famous high school student stadium, is even more unnerved for him.
Zhang Tian took over the teenager and still came to basketball. It was a professional basketball that felt very good. He nodded with satisfaction.
"Ba" Ji Han Tian Shen way
At that moment, some illusions were created in Zhang Tian’s mind, that is, in the moment when this self-proclaimed’ left-handed’ teenager sank, his whole temperament changed dramatically, and the feeling of weakness disappeared and was replaced by a sharp momentum.
He was a little surprised by this change, but soon he put these messy thoughts out of his mind. He never believed those empty feelings, except that he could say that the other party was serious, but the age gap between high school students and high school students was difficult to make up.
"Come on, Brother Tian!" Following Zhang Tianlai, some bad friends met Zhang Tian, and it seemed that Zhang Tian was going to abuse the children again. They all shouted for fear of playing in other venues. People found that someone had come to pick a game, so there was no reason not to join in the fun. The surrounding area of this venue was quickly surrounded by onlookers.
Zhang Tian waved them to be quiet. He dribbled.
I don’t know if he unconsciously underestimated Ji’s ability in cold weather or deliberately raised such a question when Ji found Zhang Tian dribbling so openly.
He is just facing Ji Han Tian with the ball. It seems that his thoughts are still erratic. It is this that captures Ji Han Tian’s determination to make a move.
It’s like the moment when the beast is ready to pounce on its prey, and it’s full of explosive power from the beginning, and it doesn’t leave any way out. Such a beast-like pouncing on food is suspected to be a movement with extremely visual impact.
From static to dynamic, he almost reached an extreme speed in an instant and leaned out of his left hand. In fact, the significance of being called "left hand" lies in the fact that among his left hands, he has been left-handed since he was a child, and his left hand is more proficient than his right hand. Generally, players are used to dribbling with the right hand, and the defender’s left hand is naturally very close to the ball, while the characteristics of cold weather are displayed at this point. His theory of defense or attack can make opponents pay a great price first.
At this time, his left hand is like a sharp claw of a beast. It takes less than a second from starting to touching the ball. When he feels the touch of fingertip basketball, he walks in front, his left leg rubs to the ground and moves the ball to the other side. At the same time, his shoulders and elbows block Zhang Tian stiffly behind him. Street basketball one-on-one combat art is far less limited than in the competition.
This is also an excellent platform for a player to show his personal ability. At this time, Zhang Tian has lost control of basketball. At this time, physical contact will not be considered a foul-there will be few fouls unless it is too obvious to destroy the balance of skills and tactics.
Zhang Tian was still thinking about how to attack the root, but he didn’t focus on defending Ji Hantian. When he felt that something was wrong with Ji Hantian, it was too late for Zhang Tian to try to pull the ball back to his control. He was horrified to find that basketball was out of his control.
Ji Hantian has controlled the basketball in his own hands almost at the touch of the ball for an instant. It seems hard to believe that this arrogant young man should be so careless.
"The left hand is awesome!" There are supporters next to me who can’t help but admire.
Stealing like this, to tell the truth, can be picky and wonderful. Everyone saw Zhang Tianyun’s several goals. In the cold weather, it suddenly seemed like a split flash, and the basketball was controlled in the hands of everyone when they were still not surprised.
Ji Hantian waited for two seconds outside the three-point line until Zhang Tian came to his senses and was ready to defend. He never forced him to break through-in fact, he didn’t have to wait for the ball to be pulled outside the three-point line to attack.
However, it seems that there is no difference between waiting and waiting for Ji Hantian. Zhang Tian has rushed to defend, and there is no obstacle except the attack in Ji Hantian.
Ji Hantian’s hip dribble was so smooth that Zhang Tian couldn’t catch the direction. The last basketball was pulled to the right by Ji Hantian. Zhang Tian Yixi felt that hope was coming. Who knows, just moving to the left (on the contrary) in Ji Hantian’s day, the left movement made Zhang Tian have an impulse to slap himself to death.
It’s so simple that people often make a false move to change direction. At this moment, Zhang Tian has no ability to distinguish himself. He can walk across the past three baskets from his side in a cold day.
Ji Hantian picked up the basketball and threw it to Zhang Tian.
Zhang Tian put away his disdain and arrogance and got serious.
After just a short fight, Zhang Tian has felt that this opponent is absolutely no worse than his own level. Now high school students are really so strong, which makes Zhang Tian feel a lot of pressure. I don’t know if the team will have a new player to grab his position.
Grasping basketball Zhang Tian’s mind and body are condensed in Ji Han’s body.
In fact, there is no difference between him and Zhang Tian, but this time Zhang Tian has treated him as an opponent at the same level, and Ji Hantian will face a natural opportunity that will not be like just now.
Korea is watching this one-on-one hit, and the odds are already very high from the cold weather just now. Whether it is a steal or a breakthrough in disguise, Zhang Tian’s carelessness is certainly part of the reason, but the real core reason in Han Zheng’s view is that Zhang Tian’s reaction is with the speed of cold weather.