At this moment, a delicate and delicate woman came forward and crossed her hands in front of Ye Fengfeng.

It is Gu Youlan.
For five years, Gu Youlanji has also stayed in the small world to do chores around Ye Fengfeng.
But the main thing is cooking.
Every few days, Yuhong and Xiaoxiao will send new ingredients to Gu Youlan for development.
Of course, Ye Fengfeng acts as a cooking referee.
A few years ago, all kinds of high-end ingredients made Gu Youlan’s cooking reach its peak.
And she has been staying with Ye Fengfeng, and she has made great progress and successfully broke through to the realm of deification.
Single-handedly using saber is even admired by Yuhong.
Maybe this is what Gu Wanxin thought when she was stuffed in.
Ye turned around with the wind and came to a short but dense bush.
That pile of tower similar to the origin of construction waste is still striking.
However, it does not affect the vigorous growth of enlightenment tree species at all.
Ten thousand seedlings have already broken out of the ground and exude an unusual charm in this world.
Ye Feng has long discovered that the enlightenment tree has the magic to change the environment and touch everything.
If the world hadn’t suffered that great robbery, I’m afraid it would have evolved to an incredible level in the Enlightenment Tree.
Maybe it’s another celestial world.
But now they mainly purify the remnants of ghosts and gods that do not belong to this world.
The leaves have been checked with the wind-their growth condition should not be long before they develop into a real individual and can be transplanted to all parts of the world.
"What about Xiaoxiao?"
Ye asked with the wind.
"Miss went to the dark realm today and should have come back by now," Gu Youlan said.
"I’m here!"
Suddenly a sound came.
Then Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly emerged from the void and fell beside Ye Feng.
Now that she’s in and out of the dream world, there’s no need to open the door again.
"Hee hee"
She smiled and then looked at the lush enlightenment saplings and said, "Uncle, can we go back?"
"homesick?" Ye Suifeng Dao
Ye Xiaoxiao nodded his head.
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
"I’ve never been away from home for so long and I don’t know what happened to my parents."
"And sisters, they don’t know what they’ve become."
Ye smiled with the wind and said, "Aren’t you afraid of being abused by them when you go back?"
"No way."
Ye Xiaoxiao held the leaf in his arms and stretched out another finger with the wind to draw a colorful bubble in the water and then "poof" it.
"I am very confident in my current strength."
Ye paused with the wind and asked, "Finished?"
Ye Xiaoxiao made a snap of his fingers.
"Easy to get"
"Brother Yuhong is no longer my opponent."
Leaf picked his eyebrows with the wind.
This Xiao Ni worked hard for five years and finally defeated the goal he set at that time.
I didn’t show off in front of him for the first time after I came back.
It seems that although her appearance has not changed much, her heart has grown up after all.
"Your fairy will do well and have color," Ye said with the wind.
"Just having fun" Ye Xiaoxiao bowed his head and kicked Xiaoshi.
Ye smiled and rubbed her head with the wind and said, "Go and settle down and take it with you as soon as you can. Let’s go back to Yunxiao City together in a few days."
Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly looked up in surprise and asked, "Really?"
Leaf nodded with the wind.
"Uncle, that’s very kind of you!" Ye Xiaoxiao stretched out his arm and hugged Ye Feng tightly.
A moment later, she released her hand and jumped back and disappeared into the void.
Left her voice echoing in the small world.