At this moment, he has her in his eyes, making her feel that he is the only one for him.

However, just when Jane thought of the picture so beautifully, she heard Qin Yue’s magnetic and sexy voice, "What did you just say, don’t be here?"
Jane stretched out her hand and grabbed pieces of snacks and stuffed them into Qin Yue’s mouth, struggling to escape from his arms and looking at him with sad little eyes.
Can’t he see that she doesn’t want to answer this question?
In order not to answer this question, she even got a honey trap. Why does this man keep asking questions?
I was just about to say that I should make up my mind to take the initiative to live a good life with him, but can I live with such a stupid man?
Chapter calling other people’s names
Qin Yue laughed in a low voice when he saw Jane’s irate look.
Simple "…"
Is this man laughing at her?
Although she is a little angry with him, she still has to admit that this man looks good when he smiles, so that she can’t take her eyes off him and doesn’t want others to see him.
Just when Jane was thinking again, Qin Yue had the opportunity to go to her side and raise her hand and rubbed her head. "Can we go home then?"
What the hell does this man mean?
If you listen to him alone, the meaning of this sentence is simple, which means literally that two people go home together.
If you associate it with the sentence "Don’t be here", then the meaning is very vague.
Give him an angry stare. "If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t always make it so ambiguous and let people guess."
Qin Yue frowned and said, "What is ambiguous?"
Seeing him simply made her feel that he simply said that she was thinking too much about going home again.
"Nothing." She blushed again. It seems that her brain is too big to think too much. She took the initiative to hold his arm. "Go home."
Go home!
Go back to their common home!
At the same time, Gu Nanjing also received the news from the Ministry. Shengtian bought innovation as early as six months ago.
Shengtian bought innovation, but not long ago he announced that Guggenheim would never innovate again, which means that he ruined the opportunity to cooperate with Shengtian himself.
Yip’s Ye Gucheng is not afraid to offend Guggenheim, but also wants to cooperate with innovation. It seems that Yip’s got the news early.
Hong Linjiang looked at Gu Nanjing and worried that "Gu Shao, let’s go back to Beijing first. Let Gu always let him deal with this matter."
I’m afraid you have no ability to handle it.
This word Hong Linjiang suppressed in my heart and didn’t say it.
Gu Na boom amplification roar "back? Back to what? "
Before he came to Jiangbei, he vowed to tell those shareholders that Jiangbei Bank must get a close relationship with Sheng Tianhe this time.
Now, not only has leoqin not seen it, but he has fallen so hard because of innovation and technology. How dare he go back?
If you want to get back to Kyoto, you must make another effort, and you must find a way to meet leoqin, even if you beg, you will ask for a chance.
And the way to get close to leoqin Gu Nanjing is a honey trap. Li Gang, the man who has nothing, not only didn’t find it, but also played himself in prison.
Gu Nanjing added, "If you think of some way again, you must get Li Gang out for me."
Looking for a woman, Gu Nanjing still believes in Li Gang around him more, and his father seconded him to Hong Linjiang, and he dare not easily.
"I’ll do something." Hong Linjiang was ordered to leave.
Hong Linjiang a walk Gu Na boom to punch on the table "damn it! Why didn’t you find out that the forces behind Qin turned out to be Sheng Tian? "
All this can be understood in vain.
Qin Yue is a prosperous man, and Chen Sheng, director of Jiangbei Public Security Bureau, will definitely give him a face. Qin Yue is a prosperous man, so leoqin held a charity dinner with him.
Qin Yue is where the heaven and man are, and it will be so calm when Guggenheim no longer fits in with innovation.
If I had known that Qin was a prosperous man, he would not have made such a reckless decision, but now he has tripped himself up.
"Jing …" Jian Xin walked behind Gu Nanjing and raised his hand to help him knead his back and said, "Don’t be angry. It’s not good to be angry with yourself."
"How did you get along with Ran Ran?" Gu Nanjing is angry with Jianxin, and his tone of voice is not so good.
Jianxin doesn’t mind still smiling softly. "Ah Jing is natural, and you know that no one can force her if she doesn’t want to do something."
"I just told you to persuade her because I knew her temper. You told me you were sure, and now you tell me that there is nothing …" Gu Najing turned to scold but scolded and suddenly an idea flashed through his heart.
Isn’t he looking for a beauty? Isn’t this woman a vivid beauty?
Although Jianxin’s appearance is not as amazing as Jane’s, I have to admit that she is also a beautiful woman.
Especially every time he put him under pressure to do that, Jianxin’s performance can be described as a total flattery.
In Gu Nanjing, it is very important to think that sometimes men like women to look at not only their faces but also their sex skills.
Thinking of this, Gu Nanjing immediately changed his attitude, took up Jianxin’s face and said, "Xin Xin, I have encountered too many things these days. Will you understand me when I have an emotional outburst?"
Jianxin smiled. "I’m your fiancee. I don’t understand you. Then who will understand you?"
"I have a very difficult thing now. Would you like to help me?" Gu Nanjing’s eyes are shining. If leoqin can see Jane Xin, then things will be hopeful.
Jianxin nodded. "You said I would try my best to do it."
"Xin Xin, let me taste you again first." Gu Najing grabbed Jianxin and strode to the room. Soon the room came out with mixed heavy breathing.
From time to time, I heard Gu Nanjing shouting the word "Ran Ran", but his body was covered with his eyes and he couldn’t see him. At this time, he could hear him calling other people’s names again and again
Every time they do it from the first time to today, Gu Nanjing will cover her eyes or he will cover his eyes and shout that it will always be someone else’s name.
Just Jianxin didn’t mind that because this man came, she snatched it from Jane’s hand, and then she cared for a while, but now it’s called again.
No matter who Gu Nanjing is calling, what he really wants is her.
And over the years, there have been her. Jian Xin is Gu Jiagong’s admission that his future daughter-in-law Gu Nanjing has admitted his fiancee. Who can rob her?
Ha ha…
Jianxin laughed and wept. I’m afraid there will be no more Jane’s place in Jiangbei after tonight.
She doesn’t want to do this. After all, Jane is her own sister.
However, Jane is stubborn and unwilling to leave by herself, so she has to be forced to leave awkwardly by the same trick.
Chapter 1 He is my husband
Before going home, Qin Yue accompanied Jane to the supermarket and bought meat and vegetables for lunch.