Jane is angry and angry from the heart.

Not long ago, she thought he was a gentleman. How could she do such a thing to her now?
Doesn’t he love his wife deeply? Do men like to eat in a bowl and think in a pot?
Just as Jane can endure, Qin Yue finally let her go
Chapter 22 Lonely figure
But Jane hasn’t got a breath yet. Qin Yue once again rubbed her into his arms as if to embed her in his body. "Jane, I won’t let you leave me again."
He spoke very softly, like a gibberish, more like a thousand times of repeated practice, and his words naturally came from his heart.
Jane suddenly stopped all struggle trance seems to understand why Qin Yue would be so out of control.
It was a long time before she sighed in a low voice and whispered, "Mr. Qin, is your wife … also called Jane?"
Qin Yue really doesn’t act like he just met her. He looked at her very differently from the first time he met her, but he was so dull that he didn’t realize it until now.
Perhaps it is because she has the same name as his wife and her figure is somewhat similar that he mistook her for his wife. Even Xiaoran can rely on her so much, which is probably the reason.
Section 13
So all the irrationality can be explained.
They all took her as another person, another Jane, and they … didn’t see her.
Although she doesn’t have anything with them, being regarded as a body double is still extremely uncomfortable.
Her voice fell simply and she felt that Qin Yue’s body was slightly stiff and her arm strength was loose
"It’s my wife. Her name is Jane. She looks exactly like you. I lost her three years ago. When I met her again, she was with her foster father like that animal."
This is what Qin Yue wants to talk to her in his heart, but he knows too well that he can’t say this to Jane. Let’s not say whether Jane will believe it or not, it is all adding salt to her wound.
If Jane believes her and can’t get back her former memory, it will drive her crazy. If Jane doesn’t believe it, she will be far away from him and won’t even want to see him again.
So Qin Yue can push this woman who has been longing for three years away from her arms inch by inch and watch her get farther and farther away from herself.
Qin Yue doesn’t know what she can say, but now she looks like a frightened little beast, full of fear and alert. Even when she first met her many years ago, she never looked at him like this, even worse than a stranger.
When you think about it, it’s like a long and cruel time for Qin Yue to come back briefly. It’s just a fine line between losing and getting back, and losing joy and despair, heaven and hell.
But even so sad, he was glad that he met her again.
Unforgettable, but that’s it
Jane, Jane, do you know how much I miss you?
Although you are right in front of me, I miss you more than ever.
Qin Yue completely let go of Jane’s smile on his lips. Jane’s smile on his lips can be seen spreading to Qin Yue. It’s like a smile in Xinghai’s eyes. It’s more like a moth throwing herself into the fire.
"I’m sorry," Qin Yue said with a trembling voice, but he still insisted on some gentleness. "I was rude."
Jane suddenly couldn’t speak, and there was a sound in my heart that was noisy and noisy. Anything that I wanted to break free could be pulled back to my heart and fell silent.
She should be angry. She should be angry because she was kissed by body double for no reason.
But what can’t get angry?
"You have a good rest," Qin Yue said as he slowly walked out of the room. "Don’t worry, I will never be so rude again."
He promised at the door that he didn’t look back at Jane, but then he left.
The loneliness of the back makes people want to hold on to it.
Jane looked at it for a long time and could not move.
The face so gloomy at breakfast table Qin Yue not only ignored Qin Xiaobao, but also ignored Xiao Ran.
It doesn’t look right. Qin Xiaobao isn’t going to have breakfast either. He got up and said, "Baby, my aunt is going to be busy and come back to see you in two days, okay?"
"Little aunt ran ran with big sister ran." In the past, when Qin Xiaobao left, Xiao Ran ran with a thousand reluctant hands, but he waved his little hands happily today.
"If you have a mother, you don’t want me as a little aunt." Qin Xiaobao couldn’t help muttering and running away quickly.
Run so fast because Qin Xiaobao is afraid to see Qin Yue this gloomy face.
Fear is due to guilt.