Three people quickly boarded the jeep and wanted to escape, while waiting for the true mood. They also shot a giant pliers mantis and rushed to the jeep.

Chapter 11 poaching gangs
When Junsha and others acted, Nazi and Longye were also not idle. The poachers had Junsha and Zhenwu to deal with Longye, but they focused their attention on the armored rhinos.
"Longye, the armored rhinoceros that fell into the water is very dangerous. Please do something quickly."
"Go, Moor King, bring the armored rhinoceros in the water." Longye immediately took out the elf ball and said.
As soon as he heard Longye’s command, the moor king got into the water. As soon as he entered the water, he found himself struggling and holding his breath. Although he hated water, the unlucky rhinoceros held his breath at the end, otherwise he would have drunk enough water when the moor king came.
The moor king came to the armored rhinoceros and wanted to take it with him, but the weight of the armored rhinoceros made it difficult to do so. Seeing that the armored rhinoceros was about to hold its breath, the moor king made a direct water cannon to hit the armored rhinoceros out of the water.
The armored rhinoceros drew an arc off the water and hit the grass directly. Finally, it was terrible that the armored rhinoceros gulped air before leaving the water. It was a pity that the armored rhinoceros came to the moor king and looked at the moor king with gratitude and some dissatisfaction. It was just them who squeezed it into the river.
Seeing that the armored rhinoceros was saved, Lainoye and Nazi breathed a sigh of relief. When they settled down these armored rhinoceros, their attention shifted to Zhenwu and Junsha.
Just now, those three poachers immediately tried to escape when they saw the sudden appearance of Zhenxu and Junsha. Just when they started the jeep, Zhenxu’s giant pincers mantis had already rushed to the poachers. Seeing that the giant pincers mantis was moving at a very high speed, Longye appreciated it and nodded secretly. Zhenxu’s elf cultivation was really good. It seems that she can become an alliance search officer. There are indeed some means.
The giant pliers mantis waved the pliers and cut the jeep tires in half in the blink of an eye. The jeep lost all the tires and ground in situ. At this time, Zhenxu and Junsha had already caught up with the crowd.
"Go to hell, you nosy bitches." When the boss of poachers saw approaching Junsha, they roared and took out the rocket launcher from the jeep. "Try the old rocket!"
The poachers did not hesitate to press the launch button, and a rocket rushed to Zhenxu and Junsha, and they flew past.
"Wind speed dogs spray flames" Junsha hurriedly shouted. She didn’t expect poachers to be so rampant this time. After being discovered, she directly attacked herself and others.
They are too close to each other, so that even if the wind dog intercepts the rocket and causes an explosion, it will hurt them. Officer Jenny has already prepared for protection, but the wind dog’s fire did not hit the rocket.
There was a loud noise in the distance and a big pit suddenly appeared on the ground.
It turned out that just before the other side launched the rocket, the giant tongs mantis had already flashed to the front of the real thread, and when the wind speed dog sprayed the flame to hit the rocket, the giant tongs mantis changed the flight direction of the rocket without detonating the rocket.
"Thank you, Praying Mantis," I said gratefully.
"Damn it, it’s not over yet!" The boss of the poacher shouted and raised the rocket launcher again and again. At this time, the giant pliers mantis turned into a flash and rushed to the poacher Lao Dalian to cut the rocket launcher into pieces immediately.
The giant pliers mantis stared at the three poachers in front of the jeep to prevent them from doing anything dangerous again. When they saw this situation, the poachers broke out in cold sweat. But they knew the punishment of the league for the crime of poaching elves. If they were caught this time, the consequences would be unimaginable.
"Boss fights with them. I don’t want to stay in prison for more than ten years." Sitting in the back of the car, a poacher suddenly shouted. As he moved a pair of bombs, gas appeared in front of everyone. As soon as the double bombs came out, it was a smoke screen. Although the environment here was bleak, the smoke screen still covered everyone’s vision.
"Don’t let them get away. The giant tongs, mantis scissors, and cross fists attack the smoke screen." True mood was calm and ordered.
Just as the giant tongs mantis rushed into the smoke, a vicious sound came out of the smoke, and "double bombs made the gas explode"
Powerful air billow rushed out of the smoke screen and just flew in. The giant pliers mantis flew out faster and spread. air billow knocked Zhenxu and Miss Junsha back several steps. When air billow passed, the original smoke screen disappeared and disappeared at the same time. The three poachers left a double bomb gas and a jeep that was blown beyond recognition after the explosion.
I was surprised and looked at the front. How is it possible that the three poachers dared to let the double-bomb gas make the explosive skills a little farther away at such a close distance? Both I and Jun Sha were in the center of the explosion. The three poachers should be more seriously injured. How could they disappear directly?
"Don’t be in a daze. The three men had fled to the ground before the explosion." Nazi shouted to Zhenzu.
Just when the double bombs were used to make the smoke screen, Nazi had already used her super power to observe the actions of the three poachers. Before the smoke screen appeared, the poacher who had been silent had secretly released a mountain-piercing king. After the smoke screen appeared, the mountain-piercing king quickly dug a tunnel and three people quickly hid in the tunnel.
At the last moment, they ordered the double bomb gas to explode. When they won, the double bomb gas explosion not only delayed Officer Jenny and them, but also diverted their attention. The most important thing is that the impact brought by the explosion perfectly covered up the traces of the tunnel that had just been dug.
If you don’t know the situation, you can’t imagine where these three poachers are.
After listening to Nazi’s true feelings, her eyes lit up, and she immediately cast a look at the giant pliers mantis. The giant pliers mantis came near the jeep and slammed the chopping skills on the ground. A huge crack appeared and extended to the former poachers. They were digging tunnels and were affected by this trick, and immediately collapsed.
As the giant tongs mantis kept knocking on the ground, the poachers finally couldn’t stand it. Then a small earthen bag appeared on the ground, and then a mountain king took the lead in drilling out. Then three disappeared poachers climbed out of the ground in a mess to see that they were covered in dust and wanted to suffer a lot.
This time, Zhenxu and Junsha didn’t give these poachers another chance. After the wind speed dog and the giant pliers mantis controlled the three poachers, they were handcuffed. The three-person elf ball was also taken by Officer Jenny.
"You three bad guys are waiting to go to prison to reflect," Officer Jenny said angrily.
Zhenzu came to Nazi and sincerely said, "Thank you, Nazi. If it weren’t for you, it would probably fail this time. If these three poachers get away, I don’t know how many elves will be hurt."
Nazi waved her hand. "It’s nothing. I hate these bad guys, too. You didn’t find these three guys in the ground before because you haven’t encountered similar things. You can judge this situation immediately after you have experience."
"Anyway, thank you. Is your armored rhinoceros in the water okay?"
"There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just scared."
After catching these three poachers, Zhenzhen went back to the headquarters of the League for delivery, so after expressing her gratitude to Nazi and Longye, she hurried away and looked at each other in a hurry. Nazi couldn’t figure out why a girl would choose the position of League Search Officer.
After True Mood left, Officer Jenny wanted to invite Longye to dinner, but Longye was still thinking about the Vortex Islands Competition. Soon after, he went to Tianlong for catching poachers, and they were in a hurry to hurry.
After this incident, the group of armored rhinos who used to live near the lake all felt uneasy when they came here. No matter how delicious it is, it is not as important as being safe. Quiet again, and the armored rhinos quietly moved.
There is nothing wrong with this ability to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, but one special armored rhinoceros did not follow the footsteps of the big army
This armored rhinoceros is the armored rhinoceros rescued from the water by Longye. It was angry with its partners for squeezing itself into the river when it came, and now it has to stay away from its favorite food. This is the experience of falling into the water before it was approved by other laws. Although this accident frightened this armored rhinoceros, it also reduced its fear of water. It is said that the armored rhinoceros is afraid of water, but didn’t it walk around the water and return to the shore safely?
The armored rhinoceros has completely ignored the help of the moor king, and it is now proud. After such a large fruit forest, it will be an elf, and you can eat as many fruits as you want.
If Longye knew about this armored rhinoceros, the situation would be even more surprised. After it evolved into armored Tyrannosaurus rex, its physical flexibility was greatly improved. This armored Tyrannosaurus rex actually overcame its fear of water and learned the skill of surfing, becoming a rare swimming armored Tyrannosaurus rex.
Longye and Nazi, who are on their way, of course won’t think about the real rhinoceros any more. At this time, there is not much left when they are on their way to Asakusa City Road. Get the Asakusa Dojo badge and go to the Vortex Islands to participate in the Vortex Islands Competition.
Chapter 111 Nazi is angry