"Yes, it’s over." Hu Mei said with a wink and a smile.

"You haven’t said the last thing? How to deal with the Wangs after Mei’s sister? You haven’t said anything after Bai Qianqiu went back." Chuxueqing said some unwilling.
"After the amount, those people left in the Wangs were driven out of China. This is to give compensation to the White House. Then Bai Qianqiu returned to the White House and all his relatives, and then he lived here. Later, he accepted an apprentice in Bai Jiadi, and that apprentice was Bai Jingxuan." Hu Mei frowned and said lightly
"Bai Qianqiu is so powerful, how can a person accept such an apprentice?" Chu Xueqing said with some regret that it was like a piece of glittering and translucent jade that suddenly had some tiny flaws, but it was always very regrettable.
"Bai Jingxuan’s talent is really excellent except that he can’t do it. When Bai Qianqiu accepted his apprentice, he was seventeen years old. At that time, Bai Jingxuan was still an ordinary person because of Zhao Lao. I don’t know how Bai Qianqiu took a fancy to him at first sight. After only three years in Bai Qianqiu’s training, Bai Jingxuan had an A-level strength, and then when he was twenty years old, he replaced the position of general and took on the position of dragon group leader. Even I had to admire him." Hu Mei sighed and said.
"Mei Jie, what kind of person do you think Bai Qianqiu is?" Feiyang asked curiously. After all, it is possible that she may have some difficulties in trying to beat her. It depends on whether she can be said.
"I don’t know what kind of person she is, because I just met her once. It was that day’s event, but according to Fang Wen, she should take her family very seriously, or she wouldn’t be in the White House. She was so angry that she almost destroyed the whole Wang family." Hu Mei frowned and pondered for a long time and then expressed her views
"That’s too bad. A Bai Jingxuan is enough for me, and now I have to add an unfathomable Bai Qianqiu. I think I’d better find a place to hide." Feiyang said with a bitter face.
"Don’t worry, you need to face Bai Jingxuan now. Don’t worry for a while." Hu Mei said with a smile.
"Oh, what? Is that Bai Qianqiu out of town?" Feiyang asked curiously.
"Not years ago, the White House fought against Wang Jiayi and Bai Qianqiu was also punished. She was ordered by her elder dugu not to leave the house for ten years because of too many crimes." Hu Mei replied with a smile.
"Ten years, that is to say, I still have two years." Feiyang sighed with a sigh of relief and patted his chest.
"What’s good? That Bai Jingxuan is also a big boo. His strength is much stronger than mine. If he is really desperate to kill you, it’s really hard for you to escape. After two years, you will have the confidence to defeat Bai Qianqiu." Hu Mei took a white look at Fei Yang and didn’t good the spirit.
"It’s not that two years later, I guess I can’t beat that Bai Qianqiu, but I think I can’t run away from that Bai Jingxuan. I think that kind of person is reluctant to give up his potential, money and color. He will definitely not dare to recklessly trip me up with me. I won’t be afraid of him. Two years later, it’s really possible that he and I will die." Feiyang smiled and shook his head and denied it and said confidently
"You be careful to capsize in the gutter." Hu Mei took a white look at the sky and got up and took out his mobile phone. He said softly, "It’s getting late. Let’s go out for lunch first."
"Yeah, let’s go to dinner." Chuxueqing heart cheered. Three people got up from the sofa and sat on the ladder to the ground.
"Little feeling like ah" saw the three of them flying to sit at the door and Zhao Lao asked with a smile.
"Zhao Lao, thank you for not feeling anything but a little tired now." Feiyang replied truthfully.
"Oh, well, let’s play again tonight." Zhao Lao frowned and thought about it and decided to fly tonight.
"Yes" flying bitter face nodded.
"Why don’t you want to practice with the old man?" Zhao Lao asked softly when he saw the bitter face flying.
"No nothing" flying hurriedly motioning with his hand denied.
"Oh, that’s good. I still have many new things that I haven’t shown. I haven’t exercised my muscles so much for a long time. It’s quite pleasant to play once." Zhao Lao whispered that seeing the sample was the end of flying as an experiment.
Fly in the sky very carefully will this income ears is not a full face of black line but also can default to this kind of treatment who call themselves now is wearing a sin?
In the next day, Feiyang fully enjoyed the treatment of active sandbags. Zhao Lao, the general manager, was constantly demanding all kinds of exotic arts in the western regions, which made Feiyang complain and be abused to death. He was just able to be crazy and then fought with Zhao Lao for a while, but later he couldn’t even be crazy. He was directly stunned by Zhao Lao and woke up in the Chuxueqing Research Center the next day
I wake up every day enjoying Chu Xueqing’s little hand touch and float in the sky, and I quickly adapt to this kind of life. Even if I react, I won’t jump with enthusiasm. I accepted Chu Xueqing’s weak bones and little hand touch indifferently, and sometimes I looked at Hu Mei with provocative eyes, and I groaned and teased her face.
Although every time I was teased by Feiyang, I was red-faced, but every time Hu Mei appeared in the research center on time, watching Chuxueqing release Feiyang from the real cover, and sometimes I was harassed by Feiyang salty pig hands, but I also secretly pinched a few Feiyang loins while Chuxueqing did not pay attention, and then I was red-faced and silently endured Feiyang harassment as if I were about to drop water in my eyes.
Later, I still took the initiative to stop the harassment. I can’t go there like this. I really will explode. Every time I get to the key moment, Hu Mei will always leave at the right time, leaving her eyes a little red and flying. Therefore, Feiyang took the initiative to stop making people jealous, teasing and training honestly every day.
After half a month, Feiyang has never been crazy, and after one month, Feiyang’s strength has risen again, and it is faint to move towards A-level.
Chapter 294 Industry is just around the corner
While flying in the sky, the strength of Zhao Lao’s practice is improving, and at the same time, the flying green security group in China Sea is also preparing in an orderly way. After the attack, the place is quiet. It seems that they have a little fear of flying in the sky, perhaps because they are really unsure of flying, and their strength may be brewing bigger events.
The two-month summer vacation ended, and Chen Xiao also entered junior high school, while Jiang Xiaohua once again entered China Shipping No.1 Middle School to repeat his senior year, while Li Siqi entered China Shipping University’s financial management and became Feiyang Younger. However, Li Siqi spent most of his time in the Qing ‘an Youth League except for school hours. Although Luo Bing helped the pheasant in the company, he also slowly topped the field, but Li Siqi was still somewhat relieved that he did not often work in the Qing ‘an Youth League until late at night.
Chen Yun, on the other hand, is doing everything at home. Since she resigned from China Shipping Hotel, she has been idle at home, taking care of her home. However, after the Green Security Group was formally established, she also had to work and everyone in the family was busy again.
At this time, there is still one day before the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the establishment of the Youth League. On this day, the employees of the Youth League are busy in an orderly way, and Li Siqi is also sitting in his chairman’s office at this time. Before flying to Yanjing, he completely handed over the position of chairman of the Youth League to her, which has also been unanimously agreed by the company. Therefore, now Li Siqi has truly become the boss of the Youth League.
Orders came from Li Siqi to people to do, and finally I was able to have a little leisure time. While Li Siqi was holding his hands on his desk and staring blankly, the office doorbell rang.
"Come in," Li Siqi said with some strength.
"How come Siqi is not happy to see me?" She walked in the door but didn’t see Hu Mei for more than a month. She walked in the door and looked at Li Siqi sitting at her desk and asked with a smile.
"Mei Jie, how can it be you? When will you come back?" Li Siqi raised his head with joy when he heard the teasing words from the bearer, and then got up from his desk and asked the visitor for a surprise.
While sitting at the desk reading a magazine, Hua Xuan was also very happy to let go of the impurities. He came up and took Hu Mei’s arm and said with joy, "Sister Mei, why are you back? Why didn’t you see anyone?"
"Ouch, I didn’t see anyone’s real girlfriend asking, but you are so impatient." Hu Mei winked at Hua Xuan.
"Which have that bastard didn’t come back?" Hua Xuan said with a slight red face and gnashing her teeth.
"Sister Xuan somehow flies in the sky is also my boyfriend. Please give me some noodles, ok?" Li Siqi took Hua Xuan’s arm and asked lightly.
"Well, I’ll give you a face and let him go," Hua Xuan said when he saw Nai.