"Yeah, brother, let’s get going." Chen Xiao clapped his hands in excitement and kissed the flying face, then took the flying arm and urged it urgently.

"Well, let’s go." Feiyang nodded to let Chen Xiao have a rest at noon. However, this little girl seems to be full of energy, so the nap was cancelled and she went out with Chen Xiao and set off for the West Lake.
Chen Xiao now lives in the West Lake, which is not far away. There is a direct bus there not far from the door. The bus flying and Chen Xiao disappeared for about half a day, and the bus was a bus next to the West Lake.
The two got off the bus and walked towards the ticket office of the West Lake. Although it was not a holiday at this time, tourists coming to the West Lake were still flying in an endless stream, and it took half an hour to queue up to buy tickets.
After buying the ticket, Feiyang took Chen Xiao to the West Lake Pier and generously chartered a West Lake dragon boat. In addition to the boatman, Feiyang and Chen Xiao, although they are not meals, the dragon boat still has all kinds of refreshments for two people to enjoy at will. Of course, this charter boat is also quite expensive.
The two played until sunset, and then they returned to the shore. Then they left the West Lake and took a taxi again and returned to Chen Xiao’s home in Hangzhou.
"Smile and give your mother a message. Let her come back for dinner. Remember not to tell her that I’m coming." Feiyang took Chen Xiaoxiao into the house and they sat on the sofa in the living room. Then Feiyang suddenly whispered in Chen Xiaoxiao’s ear.
"Okay, no problem." Chen Xiao made an ok gesture, laughing like a mouse stealing lamp oil. Then he took out his mobile phone and called Chen Yun, while Feiyang personally prepared dinner.
"Hey, smile, why are you calling me now?" Chen Yun quickly picked up the words and asked doubtfully.
"Mom, did you have dinner?" Chen asked with a smile.
"Not yet. Why?" Chen Yun replied lightly.
"Mom, can you go home to accompany me after dinner?" Chen Xiao paused slightly in a sweet and greasy tone and sprinkled jiao on Chen Yun.
"Sure, but you have to wait. I may be a little late," Chen Yun replied with a smile.
"Great, mom, I’ll wait for you at home." Chen Xiao said with joy and talked with Chen Yun briefly, then hung up and went to the kitchen to make an ok gesture to the busy flying in the kitchen.
Flying nature is heard mother and daughter smiled and nodded and continued to be busy in the kitchen:
Chapter 724 Chen Yun Surprise
After a busy day, Chen Yun came home by car. Although Li Siqi once asked her to arrange a driver, she was still used to driving by herself.
I heard Chen Yun sitting in the car in my garage and had a stretch. I feel a little uncomfortable sitting around my waist all day. Fortunately, I am flying in the sky to cultivate my body. Otherwise, I really can’t help but think of flying in the sky every day. Chen Yun’s face can’t help but smile happily. This little friend doesn’t know where to be with which woman. I think Chen Yun’s heart is vaguely resentful and sighs. Who makes himself like this playboy?
I stayed in the car for a while, only to remember that my daughter Chen Xiao was still at home waiting for her to go back for dinner, so she quickly hit the door and came from the car to put the bag in the center console in her hand and walked quickly towards home with the door.
"Mom" took out the key from her bag and hit the door. She changed her slippers at the entrance. She just went to the living room and saw Chen Xiao cheering and threw herself into her arms.
"Why are you so happy today?" It seems unusual to see my daughter today. Chen Yun hugged Chen Xiaoshen and patted her. She was quite warped. little ass asked with a smile.
"Hee hee secret" Chen smiled mysteriously and winked at Chen Yun.
"Even my mother has to hide anything." Chen Yun couldn’t help but shake his head and say with a smile, "Well, come from my mother and be such an adult, just like a child."
"I’m not like a child." From Chen Yun’s body, Chen smiled and pouted, dissatisfied with Jiaochen’s way.
"Well, how can you take the initiative to let mom come back for dinner today? What special day is it today?" Asked Chen Yun, who was pulled arm in arm by her daughter to sit on the sofa and put her bag on the tea table and looked at her in doubt.
"You’ll know later." Chen Xiao still made a mystery and didn’t tell Chen Yun the truth.
"Pretending to be mysterious" Chen Yun pretended to be angry and squeezed a handful of Chen Xiaoxiao’s face, then got up and walked towards the restaurant and asked curiously, "Xiaoxiao, how did you prepare so many dishes today? How can we both eat it?"
Chen Yun just walked into the restaurant and was suddenly attacked by someone and hugged his waist from behind. He just wanted to struggle. Suddenly, he felt that his arms behind him were more familiar than before. Suddenly, his body was slightly sluggish. I couldn’t believe it. I turned around and saw the smiling face that I missed so much. Tears suddenly gathered in my eyes and pattered off.
"Non-success elder sister how to cry" float in the sky face smile a folding of the gently loose Chen Yun waist looked at her and asked some consternation.
"I killed you, a heartless little villain." Chen Yun turned around and suddenly burst into tears. The powder fist smashed up towards Feiyang, and the load caught Chen Yun. A pair of powder fists leaned away and blocked her lips. Chen Yun suddenly leaned against Feiyang’s arms, closed his eyes and responded enthusiastically to Feiyang.
"Come and eat quickly, you two. If you don’t eat food, it will get cold." Chen smiled and looked at the two people kissing passionately and pouting at the table.
Chen Yun remembered that his daughter was around and quickly pushed the flying away from him. His face was red and he took a charming white flying look.
"Well, let’s have a dinner." Feiyang took Chen Yun to sit beside Feiyang, mother and daughter, at the table, talking and laughing soon.
"Brother, how long are you going to live here this time?" Chen Xiao came directly and asked the mother and daughter two most heart problems.
"Well, three days" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Ah, it’s only been three days," Chen smiled and pouted.
"I’m going to Yanjing in a few days, and I’ll be back in about three months." Feiyang said with a smile that although he was chatting with Chen Xiao, Feiyang mostly said this to Chen Yun.
"Does Siqi know that you are coming?" Chen Yun asked lightly.
"Yes, I called her during the day." Feiyang nodded with a smile.
"What did you come over during the day? Don’t come to me." Chen Yun took a charming white look at Feiyang and felt a little unhappy.
"I’m not afraid of delaying your work. Besides, I laughed during the day and there was no one to accompany me. So I went to play with a smile." Feiyang explained with a smile.
Chen Yun’s lips mumbled something, but in the end she didn’t say anything. A little unhappiness in her heart eliminated most of it.
After dinner, Chen Xiao was well-advised and ran to the living room to watch and float in the sky, while Chen Yun was washing dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen. From time to time, they made eyes or kissed each other mouth to mouth with a faint smile on their faces.
Wash the dishes and chopsticks, and sit in the living room and watch. This time, Chen Xiao did not sit on the flying leg, but sat on the side holding his arm and gave this position to Chen Yun to let her rest on the flying leg and watch.
"I’m so sleepy, I went to bed." Just after a little Chen Xiao, I covered my mouth and yawned and went back to my room. I gave the rest to Feiyang and Chen Yun, a man and a woman.
"Wife, let’s go to sleep." When Chen Xiaolou went back to the bedroom, he gently fiddled with Chen Yun’s hair and said softly in her ear.
"Well" Chen Yun face slightly reddish nodded and then got up and walked towards the floor.
"I’ll carry you" float in the sky followed by up in Chen Yun exclaimed will she picked up and then walked towards the floor.
"The lights haven’t yet," said Chen Yun, blushing and leaning against the flying arms.